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Cisco introduces new IoT Edge routers in the IR1800 series! Click now to read about it




Heard about the recent introduction of new IOT driven industrial routers by Cisco?

Want to know about the futuristic vision behind the introduction of the industrial router?

In either case, make sure to stick throughout the entire article and read about the new industrial router.

Cisco has announced a new range of catalyst industrial routers from its Catalyst line to expand the networking to the edge with the agility, privacy, and flexibility required for the internet of things (IoT) success.

According to the corporation, the majority of its clients benefit from the possibility to enhance efficiency, consumer experience, and business performance through data collected at the edge. Cisco used Gartner’s research to support its assertion, estimating that 75% of information will be created outside of the data centre in these edge settings.

However, the business cautioned that enterprises often link these ecosystems independently, leading to disjointed system architecture, greater security risks, and isolated data. This implies that as businesses accelerate their digital transformation, they will want a solution to simplify networking and edge device administration along with security.

Furthermore, as the demand for data grows, organizations will expand the number of connected devices and apps supported, and when 5G , Wi-Fi 6, and other new technologies become available, the edge should be able to adapt rapidly.

Connect your edge with Cisco Catalyst industrial routers

Typically, businesses link these edge devices and ecosystems in isolation. Each use scenario, whether linking point-of-sale kiosks or a distant piece of technology, has unique needs that vary from company or branch needs. As a result, the core network becomes fractured, increasing security risks, and isolated data becomes inaccessible.

As organizations speed their digitization efforts at the edge, the networking and edge devices must become integrated into the overall picture of the operation to eliminate digital blind spots. The integrated and comprehensive solutions will enable them to expand the corporate network to connect, grow, and protect the edge.

Cisco’s innovative Catalyst industrial routers range offers edge innovation for any use scenario, with built-in edge computing and cognitive resources for developing business apps and driving edge choices. New inventions in Catalyst industrial routers include the following:


  • 3 new Catalyst industrial routers (5G) for secure mobile and stationary asset connectivity: These routers, which accompany the Cisco Catalyst IR1101, are built on Cisco IOS XE and are designed to expand the IoT system and SD-WAN from the enterprise to the edge. This unified architecture provides uniform tools for IT teams, minimizes the need for new device and technology training, and enhances security.


  • Cisco’s new IoT Gateway Series provides critical interior and external connectivity on a large scale: These cloud-simple access points, which include Cisco’s cloud-based IoT Operational Dashboard, are cost-effective and easy to install; simply plug it in and switch it on to link previously disconnected assets.

Unparalleled flexibility and scalability to support 5G and beyond

Businesses must be agile and data-driven in response to a change in the fierce competition, increase efficiency, and manage the epidemic. Due to the increasing need for data, organizations will continue to expand the number of connected devices and apps supported. As 5G, Wi-Fi 6, and other new technologies become more prevalent, the number of users globally will explode, so the time has come to prepare the edge for the future for which these new Catalyst industrial routers serve the best purpose.

The new capability of these Catalyst industrial routers contains the scalability, versatility, and security necessary to evolve as technology advances and new applications interconnect. When consumers are willing, they can simply upgrade to a new module – minimizing and removing the need for a tear and replacement cycle to take full advantage of 5G and then whatever follows next.

The range includes components for public and private mobile networks, public health and safety applications such as  DSL, FirstNet, and Wi-SUN, and even the memory is upgradeable. Furthermore, consumers have the option of upgrading the CPU and battery.

A security that is built-in and provides visibility into business environments

As business and industrial networks converge and more assets are interconnected at the edge, the risk of exposure from an expanding attack surface grows, posing additional security concerns. Organizations require a comprehensive cybersecurity method to address IT security without establishing distinct silos, which restricts the ability of IT security teams to safeguard OT assets.

Catalyst industrial routers are based on Cisco’s industry-leading security framework, which enables comprehensive visibility, rules, and operations from the enterprise to the edge. Cisco Cyber Vision is integrated into the range, providing complete insight into control systems linked at the edge.

Cyber Vision integrates cybersecurity into corporate systems, enabling security teams to identify attacks to industrial settings with operational context.



This enables organizations to develop a genuinely fully integrated IT threat management action plan – without any need for additional boxes or manufacturers. Catalyst Industrial Routers will be available in June for sales in the market.

Reaction of the industry

Kevin Prouty, global vice chairman of IDC Energy and Manufacturing Insights, said in the report –

“Handling the industrial edge’s complexity is difficult. Apart from the numerous use cases, each of which has a unique set of protocols, connection needs, operating systems, and security.

As a result, several suppliers are frequently engaged, resulting in segmented networks, higher maintenance time, and higher cyber-attacks. Consolidating this untamed edge can serve as a springboard for true transformation. This new range of Catalyst Industrial Routers can simplify the administration of this complexity safely and at scale.”

“With the introduction of the new range of cellular access points, Cisco is prepared to provide the most comprehensive IoT ecosystem for industrialized market sectors,” said Mike Finley, Founder, and CEO of INS.


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