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Bhoomika Mirchandani to play the female lead in ‘Pinjara Khubsurati Ka’ in 2021, Click now to read the whole story!



Bhoomika Mirchandani

Did you know that Bhoomika Mirchandani is set to play the the female lead in the hit show, Pinjara Khubsurati Ka?
To read more about this recent news, make sure to stick throughout the entire article.
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Television productions have restarted following a lengthy hiatus caused by the worldwide epidemic. The producers will soon premiere new episodes of their series, and they are working hard to offer viewers with new twists and turns and a healthy dose of drama and excitement. Furthermore, numerous new series with compelling storylines will be available to fans.
Also, the media has stated that Saurabh Tiwari’s Parin Multimedia is in the process of developing another intriguing show of the Colors television program titled Pinjara Khoobsurti Ka.

According to the recent claims from Tellychakkar, actress Bhoomika Mirchandani would appear in the program. She has captivated fans with her performances in series such as Krishna Chali London. Bhoomika Mirchandani would be casted in a pivotal part of the program, which will be her second collaboration with Saurabh Tiwari.
Apart from this, numerous actors from the Tellyworld, such as Jaya Bhattacharya and Sahil Uppal, were previously rumored to be a part of this upcoming television show.

Bhoomika Mirchandani Bio:

Bhoomika Mirchandani was born in Delhi on 14th December 1993 and works as an actor and model. She attended school in Mumbai and has been interested in performing since she was a youngster. She began acting in late adolescence, playing various parts in school and college festivals. She began her professional career as a model and has worked with a variety of brands and enterprises.

Bhoomika Mirchandani worked in a lot of advertising and marketing campaigns for many firms, showcasing designs and other items on the ramps. While she was modeling, she received an invitation from a television director to appear in his upcoming television program Krishna Chali London. She portrayed a negative character in the television program, which aired on Star Plus. 

Bhoomika Mirchandani’s portrayal was acclaimed for the childlike purity shown on her face. She is anticipated to portray a range of characters. While maintaining her modeling profession, she was also allowed to participate in a few music videos.

Pinjara Khubsurati Ka Plot

The narrative centers on a stunning young lady named Mayura Dubey who despises how others regard her just for her appearance and not for her abilities or accomplishments. Mayura’s main ambition in life is to get freed from the confines of her beauty and get accepted for who she truly is.

Pinjara Khubsurati Ka

Omkar a.k.a. “Omi” Shukla is the undisputed king of the limestone business. For him, attractiveness remains paramount. He desires a lovely wife, but his destiny is to be unable to win her affection. Omkaar, who can script his fate and obtain everything he desires, decides to gain his wife’s attractiveness and affection. That is when he meets Mayura and falls in love with her. He has a regressive and disturbing mindset that elegance should be safeguarded.

Mayura is adamant about not marrying Omkar. He creates complications for Mayura’s family to coerce her into marrying him, but her mom is blamed for all the complications. Mayura discovers Piyush, who is the complete opposite of Omkar, and admires her for her inner beauty rather than her outward appearance.

Mayura and Omkar tie the knot. Mayura aspires to be a doctor, and Omkaar establishes a clinic for her, but with the stipulation that it treats only women. This infuriates Mayura, and she begins looking for work in hospitals. Omkaar contacts the hospitals and requests that they refuse her. Mayura attempts to flee Omkaar, but he imprisons her in a gilded cage.

Mayura flees with the assistance of Piyush. Omkar spreads the fabricated story that Mayura’s father has died to reclaim her. Mayura returns home and discovers that this was all part of Omkar’s plan to locate and return her. Omkar smears a stone over Mayura’s face and accuses her of inciting him to do so. Mayura returns to her parent’s house, surprised, terrified, and in agony, where everyone is astounded to see her face. Mayura conceals her scar with a veil. 

Omkar assassinates Piyush for assisting her. Later on, Mayura seeks vengeance on Omkar for murdering her best friend, Piyush. Mayura assumes the garb of Omkar’s bride. She shows her marble face, shocking everyone. Omkar marries Aishwarya over Mayura. Aishwarya and her lover Manish are always plotting to assassinate Omkar. However, each time Aishwarya attempts to murder Omkar, Mayura intervenes to save him. Aishwarya intends to murder Omkar with a molten disco ball during a party. However, Omkar intervenes to save Mayura from the collapsing disco ball. Mayura tries to convince Omkar that he is in trouble. Omkar attempts to locate Manish, but Manjari forbids her from accompanying him and confines her in a bedroom. 

Aishwarya knocks Manish senseless, abducts Omkar, and flees in her car. Omkar acknowledges Mayura’s affection for him and acknowledges his thanks for her presence in his life. Mayura, however, falls down the cliff. 

Omkar, distraught at Mayura’s tragic demise, comes to terms with his error and crimes against her. In keeping with the promise Mayura made to him during her dying moments, Omkar astounds his family when he confesses his affection for her and declares himself a changed person for the better. Mayura is killed after she falls from a mountain and loses her memories.


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