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Finally! PUBG makes a comeback as Battlegrounds Mobile India. Pre-registration opens on 18th May, 2021.



Battlegrounds Mobile India

Did you know that PUBG MOBILE INDIA is set to come back in the Indian gaming ecosystem as Battlegrounds Mobile India? Do you want to know the details regarding the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch, pre-registration & privacy policies? In either case, ensure to read the blog carefully to thread out essential updates about the PUBG MOBILE INDIA’s substitute. Finally, after making PUBG MOBILE INDIA fans wait for nearly eight months, Krafton announced the comeback of the Battle-Royale giant in the Indian subcontinent.

On 6th May, Krafton Inc., the developers of PUBG, unveiled a ten-second teaser of Battlegrounds Mobile India on the official YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel that was previously named PUBG MOBILE INDIA got renamed ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India.’

Furthermore, an official website went live on Thursday that consisted of the official announcement, privacy policies, and logo of the upcoming game.

Although the news, ‘PUBG BACK IN INDIA’ got an official status after the announcement of 6th May, the buzz broke out a week ago.

Various YouTube channels and Gaming News websites speculated the announcement a week before when PUBG MOBILE INDIA’s YouTube channel uploaded and removed two videos regarding the game.

However, the reason behind the activity remains a mystery. People in the gaming community consider it an act of hype-creation for the announcement that finally got made on 6th May.

Among several news websites, GemWire, an ESports News platform, was the first to reveal the renaming of PUBG to Battlegrounds Mobile India on 1st May.

The news of the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch comes one month after it got announced that players outside Japan & Korea would not be able to play the game.

Also, it would be interesting to observe the effect of Battlegrounds Mobile India launch on the probability of the coming of PUBG: NEW STATE in the Indian subcontinent.

Talking specifically about Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton has considered the factors that led to PUBG BAN in India while drafting the privacy and underage policies.

Read the section below to know more details regarding the pre-registration, policies, and ties with Tencent.

The blog would also make you aware of the significance of the game for the Indian ESports community.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Data Policy

While discussing PUBG & its comeback in India, the discussion of data policies is of paramount importance.

It is so because the threat to users’ privacy was the primary reason that led to PUBG BAN in India last September.

Authorities believed that the privacy of millions was at stake because of the ties of PUBG Mobile with Tencent.

We have discussed the reason behind the banning of the game in one of our Articles, do check it out.

Therefore, considering the possible obstacles, it seems that Krafton Inc. has broken its tie with Tencent while developing Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Furthermore, the company has cleared the issues related to foreign servers of the game.

The critical points of the amendments made in the data policies are discussed below:

  • In-game information and details would get handled on the servers located in India & Singapore only.

If the information gets transferred to servers other than the countries mentioned, data security will get assured.

  • Data of users below the age of 18 would not get collected without verification of parental consent.

That would involve providing the phone number of guardians to authenticate the consent.

Limitations for Underage Players in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Although everyone in the gaming community and India seems excited about the Battlegrounds Mobile India launch, the underage policies are no less than a shocker.

According to the Battlegrounds Mobile India underage policy, Krafton would impose several restrictions such as a price cap on per day in-game purchase, time limit & parental permission on underage players.

As of now, ONLY the users below the age of 18 would be required to adhere to the regulations.

Three limitations that would get imposed on the players below the age of 18 are as follows-

  • They would NOT be able to spend more than 7000 rupees a day for in-game purchases.
  • Underage players can play the game for a maximum of 3 hours per day.
  • Parental consent would be necessary for data collection, in short for playing the game.

In 2020, during the lockdown, the user base of PUBG Mobile India increased exponentially, especially among underage players.

Given the urge to be on the top and peer pressure, incidents of underage players maxing out their parents’ credit cards increased rapidly.

Also, many guardians protested against PUBG while elaborating their concerns regarding poor academic performance & growing addiction of students because of the game.

Besides academics and addiction, some incidents such as suicides due to losing a PUBG Mobile match also came to light.

Owing to such implications, some states such as Gujarat banned the game, much before the PUBG ban in India.

Thus, people in the ESports community believe that such incidents prompted Krafton Inc. to make amendments in their policies for underage users.

Features, Significance & Updates

Although no official announcements have been made, the playing interface is expected to be the same as PUBG Mobile.

Furthermore, according to the information available on the website, we can expect India-centric outfits, ecosystems, and modes.

There are also some unofficial reports that the in-game audio (not of the players) would be of Indian origin.

If everything pans out well then, Battlegrounds Mobile India would be a turning point in the ecosystem of Asian ESports.

It is mainly because of the Indian-centric features that have not been observed in any other Battle-Royale game other than FAU-G.

Therefore, it would also be interesting to observe the competition between Battlegrounds Mobile India & FAU-G.

The good news for game lovers arrived on 14th May, the pre-registrations are set to begin from 18th May 2021. Don’t miss the opportunity to pre-register.

Many of you would have a question in mind on, how to pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India? or what is the pre-registration process for the game Battlegrounds Mobile India? Well, The pre-registration process is very simple. All you need to do is visit the Google Play Store and click on the “Pre-Register” button.

The rewards will automatically be available to claim on the game launch. The news is, makers of the game, Krafton is launching this game as a free-to-play experience on mobile devices for all the subscribers of the game.

Although Krafton Inc. has not announced the release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India, there are reports that it would be available on Play-Store by June 2021.

We at Robust Story are as excited as our readers for the comeback of the game in India.

Make sure to express your excitement in the comment section below.

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