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Amazon’s 2020 guide tells overburdened employees to consider themselves as an ‘Industrial Athlete’: Read Full Story




Heard about the leaked documentation of Amazon that concerned warehouse employees?
Did you know that the document actually surfaced in November 2020?
In either case, stick throughout the article to read about the entire matter that has captivated attention of the masses.

Amazon has given a controversial statement on their warehouse worker in a leaked pamphlet.
Recently a statement was given by Amazon, which is in itself remains dubious, that their warehouse employees should not think of themselves as overworked cogs in an enormous or soul-crushing machine. But instead, think of as “industrial athletes” who practice preparing and maintaining their body for upcoming sporting competitions, according to a pamphlet obtained by Motherboard.

Although the document was taken down within moments of its release, it surfaced on social media sites such as Twitter and received criticism because of its inability to distinguish between hard work and smart work

The comparison statement is troubling in itself because Amazon company workers recorded double the amount of severe injuries than the worker in the warehousing industry. The matter becomes even more severe when it is found that the amazon workers are unable to take a bathroom break.  

The pamphlet reveals that many of the workers walked up to 13 miles during the course of the day and burned an aggregate of 400 calories an hour. It suggests many sorts of ways to aid workers to prepare for their athlete life that includes a change of diet, sleeping pattern, staying hydrated during the day by checking the colours of their urine. Also, buy shoes and wear them so that feet will not appear swollen at the end of the day and remain protected from tightness and blisters.

Amazon didn’t bring up the key point that athletes get trained for a particular event that happens on a definite date. An athlete doesn’t strive for a whole day in and day out, and they get time in between to rest and recover from the fatigue.

This comparison seems even more half-baked when you get to know what the routine of pro athletes looks like: considerable time is spent in the warm-up to avoid injuries, and practice session is only a few hours a day, not eight to ten-hour shift. Atheists even got time to sleep, and much effort has been put into nutrition. 

Whereas, it is more likely to say that the Amazon warehouse worker doesn’t have a professional chef and nutritionist who keeps an eye on workers’ dietary and physical wellbeing. Although an employee wants to survive on a 10-hour mega work cycle, they must have to produce calories and expect to burn in a given shift. The warehouse workers must consume almost forty apples or more than 1,000 carrots.  

Many Amazon warehouse workers have no physical background and work. In contrast, an actual athlete possesses a lifetime of physical experience that lets them train and fulfil at a high workout level. 

It is not astounding to figure out that the worker reports recorded high injury rates. Amazon warehouse workers recorded double the number of severe injuries compared to other company workers in 2020, which is even a refinement compared to 2017, 2018, and 2019 injury reports. 

Amazon told Motherboard it had immediately put down the pamphlet after it was published, but the worker who rendered it stated it had been since November.

If Amazon wants their work to consider themselves as an athlete, then the solution is not the wellness program or compelling employee to check their urine colour. Instead, it should allow the worker to work at their reasonable pace and provide them with all the necessary support to keep them healthy. 

In the matter of a worker who conversed to Motherboard, though, he said out of all the Amazon employees he had to interview during the process of recuperating from a workplace trauma, only one person even questioned how he was feeling.



Injury Rate of Amazon Warehouse Worker

Considering the year 2020, a report issued from Amazon stated that the company’s warehouse worker registered  6.5 accidents of every full-hour employees. After the analysis of the report, it got discovered that the stats are higher than fifty per cent than the stats issued by the U.S company’s warehouse workers. The stats issued in the U.S reports is 4 per 100 full-hour working employees. 

The SOC declared that the injury rate for Amazon workers lessens in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and ordered the company to relax its robust productiveness metrics and send their employee back. However, workers get much time to wash and sanitise their warehouse or stations. Although, In 2019, Amazon’s injury rate was recorded as  8.8 per 100 full-time employees in answer to the labour organisation.

The workers working in the Amazon warehouse should not hurt their employee and not overburden them from work; otherwise, they might get extra critically injured. It can be understood from the 90% injury stats of the worker that the worker is not satisfied with their work and are facing problems in carrying out their burdened work duty. The company must have to find out ways to tackle these severe problems. 

However, Amazon didn’t immediately reply to a question for comment from CBS MoneyWatch and take much time. Whereas, the company representative told the Washington Post that Amazon was “continuously finding out and looking for betterment through ergonomics methods, guided exercises at employees’ warehouse.”

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