Here we are back again with the utmost sensational and appalling journey of an Indian Javelin thrower- Neeraj Chopra! who won the Gold medal today in the Tokyo Olympics.

The 23 year old Neeraj surprised the whole nation through his second throw today of 87.58m and won the First Gold Medal in Athletics for India in the history of Olympics.
Besides that, with his victory at TOKYO Olympics 2020, he became the Second Indian after Abhinav Bindra in 2008 to bag the gold medal individually.

 Olympics, 2021 is live except for the fact after a certain period, it might vanish from your mind. Doesn’t it happen with most of us? During the Olympics players are celebrated at the best But what about After the Olympics ends? Well, I will leave you with that thought!

We should embrace the efforts of the players in the Olympics that bring greatness and prosperity to our nation!

You might wonder what the title to this inspirational tale of an inspiring personality depicts, right? Well, the journey is a beautiful and motivational depiction of a man, or rather a person who was not physically so fit and who entered into a world of sports just to get rid of his problem of obesity and heaviness.

Sounds surprising or shocking?
It is surprising and inspiring at the same time to know that Neeraj Chopra as a sensation, as a champion, and as a track star covered a huge distance to be India’s best javelin thrower and bring India’s first gold medal in Athletics.
Before moving on to the amazing journey of this man who was then physically unfit/obese and now a superstar, let us ponder upon something that prompts the people who lack confidence in them due to them being chubby and fat.

Problem: We all know that obesity affects the lives of people in such a manner that they either go on dieting or start cursing themselves! But have you ever tried to overcome this problem by taking it as an inspiration or an inciting factor just like India’s Javelin Thrower did?

Medicine to the Problem: Well, here the medicine is an inspiring potion that the readers will be getting after reading this encouraging story and imbibing the values within themselves.
So, let us get going!


Neeraj Chopra was born on December 24, 1997, in the village Khandra in the district Panipat, Haryana. He is a son of a farmer and does not belong to a very strong background. Everyone in his family survived on average and ordinary jobs and agriculture.

He at his young age (12 years) was very heavy and weighed around 90 kilos. So unlike others who are financially sound, Neeraj was not able to attain a basic level of fitness or go to the gym to reduce his weight.

So, the humble beginning of Neeraj Chopra into the sports world began with a motive to reduce his weight! This shows that he took his obesity problem as a motivation to do something great in his life and prove his worth to the nation.
And you might be shocked to learn that Neeraj at that time hated performing physical activities.

So, are you willing to shape your dreams by converting your weakness to your strength in such a graceful and appreciable manner?
Let us move forward to learn his humble beginning and a step towards Sports World.


As I described, the initial motivation of the star player was to reduce his weight but eventually, his ambition was to turn out to be a perfectionist in Javelin’s throw!

He had a forced morning session of jogging at Shivaji Stadium proved to be rewarding when the session made him meet a Javelin thrower namely, Jai Choudhary. This is the first and foremost point where the history of Neeraj Chopra began.

In this session, Neeraj was asked to throw a javelin which traveled about 35-40m, which is quite awe-inspiring for the beginners or first-timers. Jai Choudhary in one of the interviews stated that he liked the way Neeraj threw the javelin in the jogging session. At that time, Neeraj was overweight but his body was quite flexible.So this is how Neeraj Chopra began traveling to the road of success where at present he is a Javelin sensation.


Neeraj Chopra when entered the sports world always remained intact. The goals of people might change in the upcoming 10-12 years, but he remained intact which depicts his quality of being a good player. Being determined enough is a hallmark of a sensational player.
Neeraj won many championships during his training phase but always focused on improving his performance and aimed to share his contribution in Olympics 

During the training session at Shivaji Stadium, Panipat, Neeraj faced problems due to the lack of appropriate grass in the ground. However, Monu who trained with Neeraj took him to the Yamunanagar stadium where he was exposed to the good ground with everything available needed for his training. Both Neeraj and Monu started working on their techniques to throw a javelin. 

Afterward, both trainees parted their ways, currently, Monu is a coach to many national players in Patiala. After they both split up, Neeraj Chopra continued with his training at Patiala and then in Germany for the Olympics where he was trained by German coach- Dr. Bartonitz.

Neeraj shaped his throwing skills while jumping and standing. The most impressive thing about this sensational thrower is that he does not know the word- ‘give up.
And I must say that those who dare to challenge the entire world are historic personalities!

                                      NEERAJ CHOPRA(PHOTO COURTESY: STARS UNFOLDED)


IN 2016, Neeraj Chopra joined Indian Army as a Subedar and simultaneously prepared himself for his upcoming championships of Javelin Throw.
A few years later, Neeraj gradually started being a record-breaker. In 2016, in Poland, he broke the world record at the World U20 Championships.

In 2018, Neeraj obtained gold medals at Commonwealth Games,  and the Asian Games.
Subsequently, in March 2021, he broke his national record at the Indian Grand Prix 3, Patiala by an attempt of 88.07m.

No story is successful without setbacks and struggles. Likewise, Neeraj suffered a shoulder injury in 2019 and went under surgery. But hats off to his dedication and determination!
With the TOKYO Olympics, his dream of winning a gold medal for India came to reality with that determination.

                           OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST NEERAJ CHOPRA(Photo Courtesy: REUTERS)

On his strong comeback after 6 months due to an elbow injury, Neeraj did not waste his time. He finally made his dream come true to participate and ultimately win in the Olympics.
Yes, he qualified for Tokyo Olympics by an attempt of 87.86m in the Athletics Central North East Meet in South Africa. Besides being the first gold medallist in Athletics for India, he is the first Indian Javelin thrower in history who qualified for the finals at Olympics.


After reading this exciting story, I must say that this track star is brilliant and is most inspiring for those who are fat and fear their weakness. Neeraj Chopra’s name would surely get engraved in GOLD Letters in the Indian history.
Even after the Olympic win celebrations subside, what stays is the efforts, and the determination that he displayed in making it to Indian history.

We always heard about the fact that the rise of obesity increases the risk of physical health. But this Indian Javelin thrower proved it to be incorrect. He is a real-life example that if a person has decided to do something he/she desires, obesity does not obstruct your way.

So, are you ready to battle with your weaknesses and convert them to an opportunity? Do share your weaknesses/setbacks/comebacks with us in the comments section.

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