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Megha Arora – An Inspiring story of a 24-year-old



Megha- Arora

Here we are with another inspirational and exciting journey of Megha Arora, a daughter of the auto-rickshaw driver who himself has studied until 8th standard. She in her very first attempt cleared Indian Economic Service (IES) Examination conducted by UPSC and secured the eighth rank. I would not say that her journey is full of struggles and desolated times, but Megha Arora’s journey portrays her persistence, her patience, her hard work, and her spirit of inspiring the nation and giving a worldwide message that being a daughter of a wealthy person or a rickshaw-driver doesn’t make any difference, rather the person’s determination and willingness is enough to crack any nut which seems to be tough.

About IES Topper Megha Arora:

Megha Arora, a 24-year-old woman had always been a meritorious student in academics. She obtained 95% in her 12th standard and belonged to the PCM stream. She is a graduate of Hansraj College, Delhi University, and a postgraduate of DSE (Delhi School of Economics).Megha Arora’s father, Sunil Arora is an auto-driver who has studied till 8th standard, and her mother Savita Arora is a primary school teacher. Her father since 1987 had been ferrying and transporting school students in his auto-rickshaw.

Some of her friends suggested her to appear for this exam and being hardworking, she prepared for this and who would know that Megha Arora will not only pass this exam but she would top it. Megha’s enthusiasm led her to cloud nine on obtaining a government job after forty minutes long interview where Megha Arora tried hard to give balanced answers. Also, she was not interested in the corporate world as she considers it less productive and fruitful.

Further, Megha Arora has plans of pursuing a Ph.D. even after clearing this IES exam. She is determined enough to reach the sky because for her the sky is the limit.

Well, her story is inspiring because her aim excited her to focus and feel the power. You have always heard of the fact that behind the success of every man, there is a woman. But when it comes to the success of a woman, a woman’s strength and commitment play a vital role. Isn’t it?

Megha Arora inspires all those girls and women who think they cant succeed in their first attempt.

Megha Arora

Megha Arora – Source (Times Of India)

IES Topper’s journey from being a daughter of an auto-driver to securing a high-profile government job is fascinating and rip-roaring. Likewise, many heart-touching tales are revolving around different women and this is just one of them.

Women are not limited to only one sphere concerning their roles, but they have a prominent role in various spheres of life. Megha Arora by topping the exam made her parents proud as only she is the sole child in her family who has cleared this top-level exam.

A celebration of a woman is a celebration of her heroism, her bravery, her boldness, her spirit, her fearlessness, and of course her courage.

The inspirational people like IES Topper form a great example that the gender gap does not exist. Their motivational journey is contributory towards the myth of the society that women empowerment can be addressed at a slower pace, which is not true. Megha Arora did not take any coaching for the IES examination. Some of you might be thinking that how one can clear competitive exams without any guidance? I would like to ask, why not?

For clearing an exam, your self-motivation will drive you towards success. One does not need guidance only to crack the tough nut. Along with guidance, the spirit to achieve the desired goal is much needed. The belief that you can do anything will create a pathway to the road of success for you.

Time to Inhibit:

After having read the story of Megha Arora who has cleared IES paper conducted by UPSC and the girl who is the daughter of an auto-rickshaw driver, you must get yourself influenced that if you are dreaming of success, you need to start working on it. You are only required to chase your dreams and be honest with yourself.

To all the women out there, earlier we all were considered as shoes of man but that time has gone. Now, we are beating the game and we do not need to suppress ourselves and rather start leading the world.

A Robust Story note:

This article is to congratulate all the beautiful ladies who are growing, who are flourishing, who are prospering, and who all are blooming.

In this 21st century, women are becoming powerful and independent. To celebrate the true spirit and heroism of women, one day is not enough. Each day is a new beginning, a new rise, and new birth.

It would be appreciable if all of us will cherish and respect all the women in our lives, our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, and girlfriends. Let us celebrate Women’s day altogether to show gratitude and respect to all our struggles, rejections, imperfections, and failures. Just embrace yourself.

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