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7 Things you should know about Marketing Internship



Marketing Internship

If you are scrolling down and want to know all the nitty-gritty about how it is like to get a Marketing Internship? then this article is for you.

Are you a student who wants to do a marketing internship to Score credits on your report card?

Undergraduate or MBA Pass out looking for an opportunity to start your career in the Field of Marketing? Well then, know ins and outs of pursuing a Marketing internship here.

“The Expert in anything was an intern once” I am just motivating you to get that Internship now. but

#1. Do you know what a Marketing internship entails?

There are various roles and responsibilities when you pursue a Marketing Internship. It starts with backing the Marketing Manager in advertising and marketing efforts. This includes the exploration of marketing needs and designing marketing provisions. Keeping up with Marketing Trends across all the channels is the key factor one needs to know to grow effectively in this field.

Preparing a thoroughly researched plan to improve the company’s marketing efforts is a crucial responsibility of an intern. At the intern level, candidates need to take approvals for everything he/she plans from the marketing manager or senior manager. Their reviews or feedbacks act as a learning parameter for an intern. These are the three key factors what Marketing Internship really requires from the candidates:

  • Learning or identifying Marketing Trends.
  • Planning marketing or Advertising needs.
  • Creating content for marketing provisions.

#2. Expected salary in Marketing Internship:

Marketing Internship

Marketing Internship

Well, let’s burst the bubble here… Most of the companies don’t pay they grant you the experience letter, which obviously is very beneficial to get those credits in your report card. Utmost collages have a compulsory rule to obtain the experience certificate by accomplishing the Marketing Internship in their curriculum. Experience Certificate helps a lot for an employer to make his hiring decision in your favour.

The standard salary in marketing internship differs with regards to your Qualification, for example, an undergraduate Intern’s salary is less than an intern at a master’s degree level. Wage also differs from the selection of a company. More prominent companies with better salary brackets than small scale companies. Reportedly in the US, the standard salary for an intern is $12.68 per hour. In India, it starts at INR 8000 per month.

#3. Types of Marketing internship in Business major.

  • Internship in Advertising/ promotion jobs
  • Internship in Brand marketing jobs
  • Internship in Content Marketing jobs
  • Internship in Direct Marketing Jobs
  • Internship in eCommerce Marketing jobs
  • Internship in Market research Jobs
  • Internship in PR/ corporate communications
  • Internship in Sales Marketing jobs

For detailed job titles click,

#4. Benefits of joining Marketing Internship:

Companies expect Qualification and training. Additional certificates of special courses are the cherry on the cake. A Tip – always highlight those special courses on your resume.


Companies look forward to offering an internship to the candidate who is currently pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree. It opens the doors for young talent and fresh minds to collaborate and give their inputs. Most candidates complete their education and look forward to joining the marketing, digital, and advertising internship.

#5. Skills

Marketing Internship

Marketing Internship

Getting into a marketing internship for the beginners is all about developing their skill. There is a set of skill one can develop if they join a Marketing Internship:

Communication skills: Working as a marketing intern develops written and verbal skills. As you work with your co-worker and interact with clients, excellent and practical communication skills are required.

Creativity Flow: At times, interns are asked to help in creating marketing plans that include developing creative designs. Creative thinking is a beneficial asset to the company and for self-growth as well.

Analytics: Learning market trends, research, and developing marketing strategies. Knowing the results of the marketing strategy is vital for making further decisions.

Teamwork and organizational attributes: Teamwork is one of the key skill you develop if you work as an intern, it is essential to move further in this field. Scheduling work under deadlines is the quality you produce while doing so. Joining for Marketing Internship is beneficial in so many ways. It opens up various opportunities to join and work for different companies.

#6. Workplace Environment.

Marketing Internship

Marketing Internship

The workplace depends on companies to companies. But for an intern, the day-to-day responsibility lies in assisting the associate or manager with work. They are part of several marketing projects and Meetings. The intern doesn’t have one specific role. He/she is tested for every job in the organization.

#7. How to join a Marketing Internship?

Most probably, if you are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in marketing, you can get in campus placement for an internship. Other than that, the internet is the master of all; there are tons of platforms like LinkedIn,, Naukri, Indeed, shine, etc., where you can find a marketing internship easily. Online medium is trendy, most big or small companies prefer to post about the vacancy at their firm. Getting in touch with the vast options available online is going to help you find the right Marketing internship.

Click the link to start the search now “Marketing Internship.”

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