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Rickshaw driver’s daughter Manya Singh crowned as vlcc’s miss India 2020 Runner-up



Manya Singh

Do you belong to a poor family? Your father is a Rickshaw driver? Do you have even any dreams? What else could a daughter of a rickshaw driver Manya Singh have listened concerning her status? The women in our patriarchal society have always been discouraged to excel in their lives just by the reason that they are women and are responsible for household chores only.

Really? Who made this perception that women are duty-bound for household chores and not capable of doing great things in the industry that exists outside their homes? Or who made this rule that girls after a certain age should be married?

We are here with an inspiring and soul-stirring story of a daughter of a rickshaw driver named Manya Omprakash Singh who has been crowned as Miss India 2020 runner-up.

Who is Manya Singh?

Manya Singh was born in the Kushinagar district of Uttar Pradesh. She is from a very meek and humble background. Being the daughter of the driver, she had always faced ignorance and was neglected by her classmates. She struggled a lot from difficulty in paying her school fee, buying books to spending nights without proper food and sleep.

She is so respectful and calm towards others irrespective of their backgrounds. She was disregarded for not able to speak fluently like others and for not being good-looking. You must be wondering that how she pursued her dreams despite having so hard circumstances in her life, right?

Manya Singh

Manya Singh – Source (Dna)

The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb:

No matter whether you have a strong or poor background, what all matters is your patience, persistence, and courage to pursue your dreams ahead. Manya Singh disclosed the fact that how her parents mortgaged their jewelry just to pay an examination fee of Manya.

Despite having humble roots, she believed that education is the most robust and powerful weapon one can have with them. Manya Singh was a bright student and won the Best Student Award during her HSC.

Not only this, Manya Singh walked hours to reach places to save the fare of the rickshaw. Also, she was so hard-working that she managed to complete her studies in day time then became a dishwasher in the evening, and then at night she worked at call centers.

It sounds hard, right?
Manya Singh has proved to be an inspiration for others and has not waited for an inspiration! Gently, she has shaken the entire world and showed the world that your status is not a limit for your dreams, rather your determination and spirit of doing anything is a key path to the road to success.

The Deep Robust Story Thought:

Have you heard of “The Road Not Taken?” On hearing this, you must wonder that what this phrase has to do with this inspirational tale, right!

Well, Manya’s struggle to achieve her dreams was not an easy journey. One must develop a second thought while struggling this much. Manya Singh yearned for books as in the teenage where she was supposed to study and get herself literate; she started working all day long just because she was daring enough to fulfill her dreams.

A woman has enough strength and courage to do anything in her life if she is determined. The phrase “Road Not Taken” here in this context depicts the road to success which is not that smooth and even to walk on. It has many pits, many storms ahead as you move on.

The VLCC’s Miss India 2020 runner up who always fought with her luck for not being in her favor today finally became a runner-up and used this platform to inspire everyone. She has been an inspiration for everyone that every girl, every woman must step ahead to walk on the road that leads them to their desired ambitions. Her journey is soul-stirring because despite having a meek background and humble roots, nothing stopped her to write her destiny and be successful.

Inspirational Portion for Readers:

On the occasion of Women’s Day, this storyline is especially for all the girls and women who want to fly and create their destiny but fear society, the hardships, poverty, disregard, disappointments, and destitution.

Manya proved that everything is possible in this world if you are committed to yourself and your aspirations. Likewise, a woman, if educated, has the power to shape and change the world. Also, a woman does not need to fear her imperfections which have been pointed out by the outsiders.

She should believe in herself and that her confidence lies in her struggle. People often disregard others who are winners. We must appreciate ourselves for being a woman as we are the real winners and do not prefer quitting on ourselves.

We are empowered to turn our “cant’s” into “cans” because woman endures the most desolated and depressing times.

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