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20 Low investment Small Business ideas that can fetch you Amazing profits



Lucrative Small Business Ideas

Would you intend to launch a low investment small business startup of your own? Start right now. Do not be perplexed by the decision of which trade or market segment to pursue. Every enterprise has its strengths and weaknesses; it is all about finding the right product ideas to make profits. It all comes down to the business you have the enthusiasm and ambition to succeed in. Your skills and experience are therefore very crucial in gaining the benchmark.

You should be optimistic in your ability to put your talents to use and resolve the obstacles that lie ahead. Let’s also go through some small business ideas with low investment startup concepts that you can choose from based on your level of expertise.

Small Business Ideas with low-cost Investments in 2021

Delivery of Homemade food (Maa ke hath ka khana)

Food is among the three fundamental basics of life, so it’s no surprise that individuals want to get involved and start a company in the F&B (Food and Beverage) business. As a result, food shops can never run out of consumers as a small business idea is a concern, as long as they deliver healthy food.

Do note, a new venture would not have to start as a full-fledged hotel. Begin with just a handful of main meals, such as a hearty homemade ethnic breakfast with complimentary titbits as an add-on outside your house, or rent a mobile van.

Any juicy juice or cold shakes centre

Fresh beverages without additives are becoming a common nutritious option to cold beverages as more Indians have become health-conscious due to the current situation in the country being affected by Coronavirus. This is why the small juice bars have been included in this listing of small start-ups for India as a viable choice for a potentially profitable enterprise.

While you’re at it, diversifying into relevant beverages, particularly (perhaps less healthy) drinks like lemonade, buttermilk, and lassi, could help this small company thrive. As far as the beverages served are of top standards along with all the required licenses in place, this small business idea ought to be a hit.

Ethnic Handwork / Tailoring (High in Demand & Low investment)

As far as these small business ideas go, this is found in yet another simple human need – clothing. Because the audience size is large enough to accommodate everybody. Tailoring and material handwork have been around for generations as a kickstart industry, and the majority of them are typically home-based entities that accept and fulfil deliveries on account of small boutiques.

However, being a trial and error concept it can increase the likelihood of it being a viable future enterprise, particularly in larger urban centres where tailoring facilities are in significant need. To boost one’s chances of success in this small-scale business enterprise, one must undoubtedly complete the necessary training and, preferably, have ample experience.

Go Online or Digitalization (Small Business Ideas Trending)

Small business ideas now have the ability to expand into large enterprises over a decade, and the Internet and digital technology will certainly assist. It has been shown that smaller firms with an online presence do higher than those without. 

Surprisingly, this new market concept focuses on offering a variety of internet platforms to small and medium-sized enterprises. This is why digital marketing professionals, bloggers, web developers, and entrepreneurs are in such great demand. Simple computer networks, software, and high-speed internet access are all that is required to start such an enterprise, however, the entrepreneur must be skilled at whatever they do. 

Be a Professional Blogger/ Vlogger

If we ask anyone to pick a small business idea from home, everyone knows Blogging or Vlogging is the easiest way to earn profit. For being a blogger/Vlogger you need some kind of expertise to earn higher than the others in the market. It doesn’t mean how much one writes or creates videos for as many as it’s intriguing. Many high-profile artists, especially stand-up comedians, have considered this as a means to broaden their audience. For instance, the aim is to increase the amount of audience or followers of the vlog or blog by creating engaging content.

Some vlog channels pay depending on the number of views, whereas blogs rely on advertisement revenues provided by ad networks like Google Adsense to generate profits.

Cooking Classes (Best Low investment Startup)

Like khana Khazaana or Rasoi show, anyone with the expertise of cooking a variety of delicious food, sweets, and healthy snacks can make your small business idea successful. This is an interesting concept that is gaining upon by Indian urbanites as a way for couples to bond while creating anything tasty and nutritious. Furthermore, these courses may be held both in-person and online, or a vlog may be created to show others the intricate details of cooking ability.

Taking the upper hand of the digital path expands the ability to grow and benefit from possible business markets that one would not perhaps be able to access. You can also teach some techniques like Maa ke gharelu Nuske”. Anything that brings your cooking business ahead and in rapid growth.

If you have got the skills, you can surely grow with this small business idea. Also, the risk to start this low-cost budget startup is not too high. So you can afford to do it.

Daycare Services

The idea of office crèches for working moms is still yet to grab on in India, and as more women join and remain in the profession after childbirth, the market for daycare facilities is certain to increase in the coming years.

When parents are at work outside the home, there is a strong need for child care. However, for guardians, locating a suitable or reliable daycare may be challenging. By starting a daycare company, you can meet a need in your region. It isn’t just the best small business to launch with little capital, however, it also offers stability, recession-resistant markets, and markets that are not seasonal.

Daycare facilities and creches have been there for ages, if not decades, as a start-up sector, particularly in larger cities with a higher concentration of career moms and nuclear families. Starting an old age home with sure cost you, but this small business idea can change your life and change others’ lives.

Dance Choreographer

People of any age are becoming more interested in taking dance lessons as dance reality shows are taking on their peak. You can comfortably begin your own dance centre by renting space but if you’re a great dancer or choreographer.

The only money you’ll need to start your dance studio is for advertising. And if you can’t dance, you can still operate a dance studio by recruiting dance instructors. Nowadays YouTubers are gaining like anything, only the thing is you should have the expertise to flaunt your moves and increase your views that audience likes.

Starting a Dance Academy is the best small business idea to grow yourself and bring your best out. If you got skills, you’ll surely rock the academy with gaining huge popularity too.

Designer Boutique Apparels (Small Business Idea for Business Startup)

One of the heritage of the country small business enterprises. There are people with a keen sense of fashion, who can mix and match trends to produce exclusive looks, and who can end up making anybody classy at any event. If this sure looks like you, you must think about turning your zeal for clothing into a company.

Before establishing an apparel boutique-like any company, you’ll have to have a business plan, the right place, and well-trained employees. Create a list of vendors before organizing your boutique and begin selling your company ahead of time. Also, if you want to start first with a home, the only expenditure needed is a sewing machine with clothing to sell.

Photographer (All you need is a DSLR)

Photography isn’t just about taking images; it’s also about capturing feelings. Taking images is no longer a pastime. Now it has evolved into a market. The digital photography industry was projected to be worth $77.66 billion in 2015, and by 2021, it is predicted to be worth $110.79 billion.

The sharper the lens of the camera, the more varied the images it will take. All that remains is for you to use your accuracy and photographic ability to become a successful photographer. This style of business grows mostly by word of mouth, but you might also develop a Facebook profile, Instagram page, or some other common social media platform whereby you can mark your customers and gain attention.

Designing A Website

In today’s modern landscape, it is rare to come across a business that does not have its own website. Businesses must now have an online presence, even though it is just a one-page website. Companies constantly redesign their website architecture to seem new and attractive.

When you have all of the necessary qualifications, starting a website design business could be the right choice for you. You may have a large number of customers but only a few experts to satisfy their needs. It is another small business idea that has proven to be effective for many people.

Yoga / Fitness centre (Smart small business idea with low investment)

Today’s Yoga Studio Yoga has become well-known as research and art of well-being. Yoga asanas have piqued the attention of people all over the world who want to improve their physical and mental fitness. Starting a fitness centre can be a simple business to get into.

A healthy yoga/fitness instructor has a good understanding of yoga and the skill of self-practising all of the ‘Yoga Asanas.’ Yoga is regarded as the most effective stress reliever in the world, with proven outcomes all around the world. Fitness experts are in high demand both in India and internationally. This company does not necessitate any spending.


The agriculture business is concerned with the cultivation and selling of agricultural products such as food crops. Agriculture business would be the biggest work-at-home concept if you have barren land that is ideal for farming production.

Here is a list of agricultural small business ideas:

  1. Agribusiness Farm
  2. Manufacture of Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer
  3. A Fertilizer Supply chain Company
  4. Poultry Production
  5. The Business of Beekeeping
  6. Aquaculture (fish farming)
  7. Weaving Baskets
  8. Company of Dried Flowers
  9. Dairy farming is a form of farming that involves the production of milk.
  10. Farming of Fruits and Vegetables

Hair and Makeup stylish (Start your own Beauty Salon with a Low-cost Budget)

In metropolitan areas, running a salon is the most widespread business alternative. Young India’s youngsters are more conscious of maintaining a photogenic and coiffed appearance. As a result, every other salon regardless of place has a respectable clientele. Small business ideas like salons make a lot of money during the holiday or wedding seasons, particularly in big cities.

It is the most profitable industry because it offers versatility, is recession-proof, and has non-seasonal markets. With this small business idea, you can start your own Salon at home first with a low-cost budget then can switch to owning or renting a separate place for better returns.

Real Estate Agent (Others Investments, you book Profit)

If you are a competent dealer with solid persuasion skills, this business will help you improve your monetary situation With a thorough understanding of types of assets and paperwork systems, the only investment needed is floor space. Being a good real estate agent needs realistic community outreach and effective communication.

Event Organizing

You have had the right temperament to establish an event planning business unless you’re a strongly disciplined, detail-oriented individual who enjoys throwing parties. You can opt to specialize in a certain category of events (weddings, bachelor celebrations, business gatherings, and so on) or you can cater to a wide range of activities. Your decision would be entirely determined by your abilities or experience.

Lucrative Small Business Ideas

Lucrative Small Business Ideas

The most significant benefit of owning an event planning business is that if your clients are pleased by your work, you may be able to attract the same customers which will even assist you in attracting new ones. You’ll even have a share of the money upfront.

Art and craft Sellers (Small Business Idea with better return)

The Indian government has begun to promote the selling of arts and crafts in many states. Handicraft items are being made available to every household in India. Metalware, portraits, shawls, rugs, bamboo ware, earthenware, embroidered goods, bronze and marble statues, and on and on are only a few examples of these objects. Also if you a collector of old antique sculptures, you can even open the shop, or else you can start it from your home by selling online or through word of mouth. 

In many parts of India, ‘Karagirs are having the skills of creating handmade items. These Karagirs making the items is nothing other than a Small Business Idea.

House of Decor (Small Business Idea to design your interiors)

This can be a perfect choice for you if you intend to make your own business and are searching for innovative small business ideas. You may start a home or workplace decor business. Each has a lot of potential in today’s industry, and also in the future.

The company can be run from either an online or a physical location. The term “elegant design” is significant in this business. You have the option of creating your own creations or commissioning them from vendors to deliver via your own branding.

Tutoring through the Internet (Low-cost budget with high returns)

With the advancement of technology and the widespread use of the web, the online coaching service market is increasingly expanding. Being a tutor or an online coach can be a good small business idea. Individuals who are unable to undertake full-time courses have begun to enrol in online courses.

Simply pick an area in which you are interested to have interactive courses to assist others in learning expertise. People enjoy learning new things at all stages of their lives. As a result, online tutoring can be a lucrative venture.

Coffee House

Small business ideas like coffee have seen significant growth in recent years. People often go to coffee houses with their friends and family to spend quality time together. Today, though, people have their business meetings there. If you consider yourself a “coffeeholic,” turn your desire for the beverage into a fruitful venture.

Whenever it takes to the coffee house design concept, personalized mugs and atmosphere are extremely critical. For menu planning, seek the assistance of graphic artists. Turning your home or a shop into a coffee house is easy as it needs unique ideas and lighting making it worth sitting.

Small Business Ideas with Low-Cost Budget in 2021

Let’s look at some low-cost budget startup plans for new small businesses and start-ups:

Lucrative Small Business Ideas

Lucrative Small Business Ideas

The most famous low-cost budget company start-up concept is a business in the food business, which is already booming, particularly in metropolitan areas.

Many food start-ups are thriving thanks to the assistance and cooperation of food distribution behemoths like Swiggy, Zomato, and Ubereats.

The creation of an advertising strategy, particularly using social media and online markets, is essential for the growth of such a small-scale food setup.

The government and financing services offer all necessary financial support to new businesses, as well as convenient repayment plans

Some other profitable low-cost budget market idea for start-ups is the fashion items and garment business which has a significant possibility for high amounts of revenue thanks to its easy affordability.

If a design receives a sufficient number of feedbacks it can be produced contractually to be a worldwide sensation with the help of e-commerce behemoths like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Walmart, Myntra, and Flipkart.

An agriculture start-up, specifically the establishment of organic farms for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, is another appealing prospect from a low-cost budget, small business idea for a start-up.

Coming to a close…

Choosing a company is a completely individual choice. There are plenty of other options, but coming up with profitable small business ideas and low-cost budget ventures is a challenge. So, as mentioned earlier in this thread, grab your desire and make your dream happen.

Market dynamics, the expertise of the owner, proprietor, and other considerations all play a role in the viability of the best small business ideas or the lowest business to launch. The mentioned ideas are incomplete, and each idea holds its specific set of challenges, and every one of these small business ideas with a low-cost budget has the opportunity to become a profitable prospective business.

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