On the trip from Bara Mukhiya Village in the district Golaghat, Assam to the cornering honor and glory at the Tokyo Olympics, Lovlina Borgohain showed a fearless approach. This exciting journey is all about Lovlina, the Indian fighter in the truest sense.

What if I ask the readers whether they are willing to stay away from their families for at least two or three years and that too when your family is suffering through difficult times and hardships? Whether you will be able to fully dedicate yourself to the nation?

Well, Lovlina Borgohain is one of such great personalities who for the sake of national pride and honor, sacrificed her 8 years and she stayed away from her family when her family suffered through desolated times and when her family was running into so many difficulties.

Lovlina’s inspiring journey is proof or we can say her journey is a testament to her personality and character and also to her courage that was quite obviously displayed in her performance at the Tokyo Olympics. She ended up being the bronze medalist at the Olympics and also the only third Indian Boxer who won a medal at the Olympics after Vijender Singh (in 2008) and MC Mary Kom (2012).

Early Life of Lovlina Borgohain

Lovlina Borgohain was born on October 2 in the year 1997 in Golaghat, Assam to Tiken Borgohain (father) and Mamoni Borgohain (mother). Her father earns livelihood through a mediocre job, that is, he is a small-scale businessman. Mr. Tiken struggled financially to support the ambition of his daughter Lovlina. The bronze medalist has two elder twin sisters namely, Licha and Lima also began their career in sports and ended up competing at the national level at kickboxing. However, both the twin sisters did not pursue their dreams beyond this point.

Lovlina Borgohain began her journey by taking inspiration from her twin sisters and started playing Kickboxing. On getting an opportunity to explore the sport of boxing, Lovlina switched to that.

The trials were organized in her school Barpathar Girls High School where she did participate and who knew that her participation would turn her one day a legend!

She was noticed and recognized by Padam Boro, the famous and known coach of the state of boxing. Padam Boro recognized the talent of Lovlina and started training her. 

So, like this, her journey took a turn around the sports industry!

Lovlina’s Training Episode

 Well, I must say that champions are champions in the real sense because they have the ability to adapt themselves to any circumstance, and at the same time, they gain their skills with the passage of time through training.


Likewise, Lovlina Borgohain was trained but one thing unique about her training phase was that apart from the professional training, she had a daily inspirational potion from her inspirational sources. You know, how?

Lovlina Borgohain who is also known as a Muhammad Ali fan shaped her training taking into consideration some tricks and aspects of Ali’s game. 

Now you must be wondering that how the champion became a fan of Muhammad Ali? Actually, one day her father brought some sweets wrapped in a newspaper. Lovlina unwrapped the sweets and started reading the newspaper. While reading she got to know about Muhammad Ali and his excellency and from that moment, she developed her interest in boxing.

She used to see his videos and worked hard to follow Ali’s footwork and long punches. Furthermore, MC Mary Kom was another motivating factor for Lovlina because she saw MC Mary Kom being trained hard.

The option of failure was never an option for Indian fighters either concerning the boxing ring or the life hardships.

Subsequently, the champion started having training sessions under coach Amey Kolekar. Amey Kolekar is excellent in his strengthening and conditioning approaches and the training period of Lovlina with him was beneficial. Lovlina is quite adaptive and a keen learner concerning her boxing skills. She made a lot of changes in her training part and improved her skills to overcome her weakness of low strength and stamina.

In 2017, Lovlina Borgohain started meditating to construct herself and prepare herself for dissolving the invisible walls and excel in boxing.

Indian Boxer’s Encounter with COVID

The most important and critical phase of the fighter’s journey was when she became a victim of Coronavirus in the month of October 2020. The phase was important because in a very short span of time, that is, in around six or seven months, the Olympics were lined up.

In such a period when she was COVID positive she remained in isolation and people around her were afraid of something that might happen to her. But as I mentioned earlier, Lovlina is a fighter in the truest sense, she started with her training after a few days.

At the same time, who knew that India is about to create a new historic chapter in boxing at the Tokyo Olympics.

Life in Boxing

Lovlina won her bronze medal in the month of June 2017 at the President’s Cup which was held in Astana. Also, in 2017, Lovlina won a bronze medal at the Asian Boxing Championships held in Vietnam in the month of November.

In 2018, Lovlina Borgohain participated in the Commonwealth Games in the category of welter-weight boxing. However, at the event, she lost in the quarterfinals to Sandy Ryan who is from the United Kingdom (UK). Sandy eventually won a gold medal in the concerned event.

However, her selection in the Commonwealth Games in 2018 led her towards success at the International Championship of Boxing which was held in the month of February in 2018. In this event, she won a gold medal in the category of welter-weight boxing. 

Well, her accomplishments are never-ending. She at a later stage won a silver medal in June 2018, at the Ulaanbaatar Cup held in Mongolia, and also won a bronze medal in the event- 13th International Silesian Championship which was held in Poland in the year 2018 (September).

In 2019, Lovlina made it to the selected ones in the Women’s World Boxing Championship which was held in Russia in October without trials. She ended up being a bronze medallist when she lost to China’s boxer Yang Liu in the 69kg category of boxing.

Further in 2020, Borgohain made it to the qualified players for the Olympics. How?

She secured her berth in the Olympics in the 69kg category when she won over Maftunakhon Melieva who is from Uzbekistan. She defeated Melieva in the tournament of Asia & Oceania Boxing Olympic Qualification by 5-0. With this, she became the first sportswoman to qualify for the Olympics from Assam.

The Tokyo Olympics & The Bronze Medalist 

She is the finest sportsperson, who used to lift LPG Cylinders and used to work in paddy fields just to have a right state of fitness during the lockdown restrictions that have been imposed as a result of widespread Coronavirus. Unfortunately, the second wave drilled her Tokyo Olympics preparations. But her indomitable and unconquerable spirit landed her to a point where she was honored as a third Indian Boxer to be a medalist. 

At the Tokyo Olympics, she defeated the former World’s Champion Chen Nien Chin in the category of welter-weight boxing (69 kg). She developed a fearless, heroic, and brave attitude with the passage of time.

Lovlina in one of the interviews told that she lost to World’s Champion Chen Nien Chin four times earlier and now she wanted to prove herself her ability of fearlessness and that she is capable of defeating her.

                     Lovlina Borgohain in Tokyo Olympics(Photo Courtesy: The Indian Express)

To defeat Chen Nien Chin, Lovlina Borgohain prepared herself by watching her previous videos of boxing against China’s champion and which helped her a lot during the medal bout. So, this time she was pretty much determined and mentally & physically prepared.
However, in the quest to win a gold medal, Lovlina lost to Busenaz Surmeneli of Turkey.
Had she won her bout against Busenaz Surmeneli, she too like Neeraj Chopra would have become the first Indian to win the first Gold medal for India in Boxing.

The Irony

Now, as we know her journey is full of determination and struggling, we should also know that she not only sacrificed her 8 years by staying away from her family but also sacrificed her desires and wishes that a teenager would have. She being a teenager avoided having fast food which of course we teenagers have on a daily basis, right?

She had not taken a single leave from her training sessions just to have a better command over her game and develop a high sense of concentration in the same.

Along with 8 years, she sacrificed and gave up on her enjoyable activities, her comfort, her pleasure, her recreation, and on her relaxation. She worked hard and always tried to eliminate the failure and challenges that came her way.

Lovlina Borgohain is the true and real inspiration for us who never gets tired and always dream of more. She is now preparing herself for a better performance at the Paris Olympics that would be approaching around three years from now.

I must admit that after getting familiar with Lovlina Borgohain’s journey, I have learned that it is not important to win, but what is important is not to limit ourselves in anything. 

What have you learned? Do comment in the comments section below.




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