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#MS Dhoni retirement The Top 10 Leadership Quotes By Legendary Cricketer MS Dhoni



MS Dhoni

The Legendary Cricketer calls for a quit. On 15th Aug. 2020 at 1929 hrs MS Dhoni used his Instagram handle to announce his retirement. Post that social media faced millions of posts from his colleagues, cricket lovers, fans and family supporting his decision and thanking him for giving his best shot to make our nation proud. Undoubtedly Mahi has touched millions of hearts, not watching him playing the International cricket is heart – wrenching for all of us. He has inspired and won our hearts on and off-field.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni

Whenever we hear this name instantly, we recall him as “Captain Cool”. Mahi gives some Major Leadership Goals. With his Legendary career accomplishments, Records in Cricket; Mahi goes down as one of the most loved cricketers in history. Mahi always had the best takes on criticism and defeat as a leader on behalf of the team you owe answers and responsibility this is something captain cool never failed at.

During an interview, MS Dhoni was asked halfway into the series if India had already Conceded the defeat?

To which MS Dhoni replies “Till the full stop doesn’t come, Sentence is not complete”. His word of wisdom and leadership skills inspire us every day.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni

Check out some of the motivating leadership quotes from legendary cricketer MS Dhoni:

#1. It’s very important to build good partnerships rather than score century. Once you have good partnerships, you will also get the century.

As a leader- team and partnerships are a priority. Not only the self-growth but team growth is also considered as the leader’s responsibility. As they say, with great power comes with greater responsibility.

#2. Face the failure until the failure fails to face you.

Leaders don’t give up! they may fail but always face the failure till they turn it into success.

#3.  I don’t really worry about the result, I believe in giving my 100% on the field. 

Leadership is all about committing 100% to your goal, in any situation. No matter what the result is, it will surely give you the sense of satisfaction, a sense of smaller achievement.

#4. The process is more important than Results.

Graft your efforts in the process without worrying about the result.

#5. Listen to your elder’s advice not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong.

Taking advice from others is also a quality of a good leader. It helps in avoiding the wrong choices that we might take during the decision-making process.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni

#6. I never allow myself to be pressured.

Being a leader always adds a lot of pressure. The best outcome generally isn’t generated under pressure. Stay calm like our very own Captain Cool.

#7. If you really don’t have a dream, you can’t really push yourself; you don’t really know what the target is.

Leaders must set the target right for oneself and for everyone. Leadership is all about knowing your goals and leading the ways to pursue it.

#8. It’s important to learn and not repeat the same mistakes. What is done is done.

Hanging in the past disturbs the present and future. What is gone, is done in the past. Learn and move on!

#9. Self-confidence has always been one of my good qualities.

Leaders must wear self-confidence. Good leadership is reflection of who you are as a person. We must pull the self-confidence every day.

#10. Gut feeling is all about the experiences that you have had in your life. It’s about being in difficult life scenarios, know what worked and what didn’t work, and then making the decision.

As a leader one always has to take the right decision this can be a dicey thing. Mostly nobody else but the good leader can get through risks he takes each time with his decision. Analysing all your decisions in the past and their consequences, then taking the right decision proves good leadership skills.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni

MSD in the given interview mentioned his plan after retirement. Now that he is retired he will be still serving the nation. Reportedly article at Hindustan Times suggests the same about his way forward from here. An incredible journey of MS Dhoni surely inspires millions. It gives us an important goal to be a phenomenal leader like him. Can’t wait to see him in the IPL.

Believer of the quote that Humans can never stop learning, Shalini is a graduate in psychology and currently pursuing her Masters. She has donned many hats, from being a professional event manager, lifestyle brands influencer, to being content curator. Shalini is a versatile writer, her writing ranges from everyday motivation, social media quick hacks, brand stories to writing about inspiring individuals. Shalini leads the bandwagon as the CEO at Robust story.

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