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Kentucky Fried Chicken: It’s never too late to Start – Since 1952



Kfc - Kentucky Fried Chicken

How many of you have been spurned or have seen frequent obstacles to be chased? So here is a struggle and success story of an entrepreneur who believes that age is not a factor to be in the game of entrepreneurs. He started his business of fried chicken when he was 65 years old. He broke the ancient tale of becoming an entrepreneur at a young age.

“Many world personalities never let their dreams down irrespective of facing immense adversities in their careers.”

Colonel Harland Sanders, the originator of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has passed through all these blunders. He made his dreams, his strength to make success rather than keeping hands on hand. He made a world a better world to be. Let’s move forward towards the success story of this crazy guy.

History of Kentucky Fried Chicken founder

The creator of KFC started its business at the age of 65. Some people of his age announced their retirement, but colonel Harland Sanders was dedicated towards its venture. He was born on 9 September 1890 in Henryville, US. At the age of 90, on 16 December 1980, he died in Louisville, Kentucky.

His mother was the chef for him. She taught him how to cook at the age of seven. To make their livelihood, he used to do several jobs. Hence, when Colonel turned 40, he worked in a restaurant. He was an expert on a unique recipe called fried chicken and it was loved by all citizens. The dream was to make it popular across the globe.

The idea blinked into his mind at the age of 65, he gathered a little amount of penny from his piggy bank, also visited every place with his fried chicken recipe to taste the other people. But he failed at every level. He was rejected 1009 times from many houses before he started his first franchise. This was the Journey of Colonel from small towards the high franchise of KFC owner.

This Restaurant In Harrisburg, Illinois, Is The Largest Kfc In The United States.

This Restaurant In Harrisburg, Illinois, Is The Largest Kfc In The United States.

 A Highlighted glimpse of Kentucky Fried Chicken

People love the taste of KFC and are mad about it. Let me tell you some historical glimpse of KFC.

#1- In July 1940, Colonel made his recipe uncommon with a mixture of 11 herbs and some

secret flavors.

The First Kfc Franchise, Located In Salt Lake City

The First Kfc Franchise, Located In Salt Lake City

#2- Harland Sanders had seen lots of ups and downs and finally, he allowed his secret yummy recipe to be leaked to his friend Pete Harman.

#3- Pete is the founder of the biggest chain of restaurants in the city. With his help Colonel was able to start his “Kentucky Fried Chicken” venture.

#4- After his success was the voice for all, many international brands were wanting the franchise of  KFC also investors were eager to buy shares of KFC.

#5- Colonel, being a successful person, visits all the KFC restaurants across the world.

#6- The unique point of KFC was there was no marketing team to advertise his franchise. He was the one-man army to make his venture famous.

#7- He made a world tour in the research for the best seller for the marketing of his organization franchises and CEO.

#8- One man’s army cannot be still for a longer period, he always needs a support system to run the business. In 1964 he decided to auction his organization with the bid of $2 million.

#9- The new owner, the company, noticed that Colonel’s face on the Kentucky Fried Chicken logo was the goodwill of the company. Hence, he kept Colonel as a brand ambassador and representative of the KFC brand for lifetime payments of $40,000 per year.

Obstacles faced by Kentucky Fried Chicken startup:

The biggest rejection was of 1009 times, that was again and again. He never gave up the spirit of building a venture. Hamburgers were the supreme in the city, though the Colonel was focused on trying a unique recipe called ‘fried chicken’.

The Harland Sanders Café Is A Historic Restaurant Located In Corbin, Kentucky

The Harland Sanders Café Is A Historic Restaurant Located In Corbin, Kentucky

After his father’s death, all responsibilities were on his shoulder as he was the eldest among the other siblings. Many times he was being fired from the jobs he worked in the childhood days. After seeing his rejection, he thought of an idea to prepare a unique recipe that can make him bigger. After launching his first store, he started to fly like a bird. Overcoming his obstacles, he was finally the owner of the most delicious chicken KFC brand.

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s secret recipe for a way to success:

KFC’s success lies in time aspects. In other restaurants, people expect that food should be delivered as soon as possible. A colonel with his unique brain used a pressure cooker to make tasty food to serve faster. Hence, food hygiene becomes important and dish tastier. The KFC fried chicken recipe was invented by Colonel himself. So he made copyright of his recipe.

The main secret way to success and growth was the franchise system that operated across the globe. The fried chicken was famous only in Kentucky. It was not enough for Colonel, he wanted his brand to be well known across the globe. .In a very short period, he started his franchise across the US.

In the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise system, all documentation rules are strictly followed by each KFC restaurant. These rules and regulations for every restaurant are equal and to be followed anyhow.

Current Status of Kentucky Fried Chicken:

  • The current Yum! The brand is the parent company of Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • According to recent statistics of 2020, KFC has its outlets in 150 countries including territories of the world.
  • After McDonald’s, KFC has become the second-largest restaurant chain across the globe around 24,000 areas universally in 150 countries in 2020.
  • KFC has declared to remove its tagline ‘It’s finger-lickin’ Good’ from advertisement due to the COVID-19 effect. But in India, the tagline continues to be “It’s finger-lickin’ good.
  • In India, KFC has tried to innovate by serving edible bowls to make the product usable. Edible bowls are made up of pancakes (tortillas) that are cooked daily to replicate plastic.

Wrapping up

Kentucky Fried Chicken is a well-known restaurant and the story of KFC was the way of inspiration. It’s rightly said ‘finger-lickin’ good’, people lick their fingers after eating that fried chicken. It’s full of taste and hygienic.

I hope that this story has made you feel the entrepreneur residing inside you and you achieve success, the way a Colonel at the age of 65 achieved his goal.

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