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Keisha Greaves: A 21st centuary Woman who truly Inspires Other Women




You might be wondering that what sought of this woman is! Well, Keisha Greaves was a graduate student when she witnessed unusual symptoms at the age of 24 which is usually uncommon in women.

Despite being in difficulties, she has turned her love and passion for fashion into a successful and prospering career by launching her clothing brand named “Girls Chronically Rock

Here is a special plot for our brave women on the occasion of Women’s Day, we shall know their worth and get ready to face life challenges. This story is a real motivational dose that makes everyone realizes that no matter how tough life gets, always keep chasing your dreams.

Rousing the Women:

To all the women reading this out, are you liberated to lead? Are you independent and chasing your dreams? Are you empowered or fearing the so-called patriarchal society? Do you wish to fly or tie yourself in household affairs? Do you wish to live your life on your terms or want to be a puppet of our dominating culture?

In the 21st century, despite women playing different roles at a time, they fear stepping ahead when it comes to their dreams. Why? Because today also, gender differences exist that prevent the advancement of women.

They still have economic dependence on their families and we talk of Women Empowerment.
Also, when women are not independent enough to make decisions concerning financial and economic ones, why we are even talking about empowering them?

We celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 every year to celebrate their political, economic, and social accomplishments. But the term ‘Women Empowerment’ portrays the sense of powerlessness, isn’t it?

Keisha -Greaves

Keisha Greaves Source(Stereotype. co)

Let us embrace ourselves and initiate our efforts in this direction to make women pursue their dreams without any fear and worry. In this context, here is the stirring tale of a paralyzed woman Keisha Greaves who learned to embrace her differences and exemplified power and mightiness.

The hardship of Keisha Greaves:

At the age of 24, when Keisha has an encounter with muscular dystrophy, it took years for her to accept the diagnosis. This diagnosis has no cure and is incurable. The paralyzed woman started experiencing the sudden shutdown of her life as if her body betrayed her. It took away her ability to walk and eventually the wheelchair became her legs. It feels bad, right?

Not only this, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused more trouble to this inspiring woman Keisha because of her breathing and respiratory issues. She became extra-cautious and super paranoid.

Keisha Greaves – The founder of Girls Chronically Rock:

Keisha Greaves despite an intolerable level of hardship chased her dream of pursuing her career in the fashion industry. With the progress of symptoms, she left to hope and thought that her career would end here. But the inspirational Keisha turned her love for fashion into a popular clothing brand “Girls Chronically Rock” for disabled people.
What inspired her to do so? Isn’t this woman truly exemplifies strength? Don’t you think Keisha Greaves is a real flair and brilliance for the entire world?

An Inspirational Motive of Keisha Greaves:

To inspire others to live positively and embrace their imperfections and differences, Keisha started focusing on her dream to be a successful entrepreneur. Further, the brand name contains the word ‘Chronic’ that represents her chronic illness. Keisha is a motivational speaker who is also the Massachusetts State Ambassador of MDA (Muscular Dystrophy Association).

Well, her brand tends to offer inspired and stimulated fashion to the ones who are disabled or paralyzed like her. She has always been in love with wearing graphic t-shirts with different and motivational pictures, logos, and quotes. Her brand “Girls Chronically Rock” is a fashion that celebrates Muscular Dystrophy and any chronic illness. It is powerful and empowering.

Happy Women’s Day:

We hope this motivational potion has energized all the women and prompted them to do something great in their lives. You all are a tea bag and need to get into hot water to be stronger. Don’t fear struggles and conflicts because you have the potential to lift the entire world and change its shape. If you are willing to put your mind into something, nothing can stop you to lead that.

Just like Keisha Greaves being paralyzed launched her clothing brand to live with full enthusiasm and positivity, she proved that it does not matter what life shows, what all matters is a person’s willingness to do something. Keisha was not able to accept her diagnosis in her 20s but eventually accepted the fact that she can still pursue her interests in the fashion industry and she did it.

Likewise, all women have the right to aspire and accomplish. Start liberating the lead and enter the world of transformation. Gather the strength, courage, and step ahead to beautify yourself and your dreams.


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