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5 interesting facts about IPL 2020 – I am sure you have missed it



Ipl 2020

Yay! BCCI has shared the IPL 2020 schedule. Without a doubt, every IPL fan is thrilled about the IPL 2020. Finally, the wait is over, from 19th September 2020 the game will serve a treat for every cricket fan at home. In the intense situation of COVID-19, we will have entertainment straight on our Tv Screens. I hope this will increase the number of people glued to Tv and avoid going out.

By now every fan must have memorized the schedule. If not, please click the link IPL 2020 schedule

Now, there are some interesting facts you might not have known. Well, don’t worry. Go on & read this article.

Fact #1 – The Playoffs – When is the Playoff match scheduled?

Opening Match At Ipl 2020

Opening Match At Ipl 2020

We see the schedule but there’s no playoff schedule mentioned anywhere, Why? 

It’s not that BCCI forgot to design the Playoff matches schedule for IPL 2020. The playoff matches schedule is planned for November. BCCI wants to hold, reconfirming the chances to schedule IPL Playoff matches in India. Due to the current situation in India with the outbreak of coronavirus this year we couldn’t hold the IPL 2020 Matches. Hence by the time of November, if the Current scenario allows, there are high chances for the playoff matches to be played in Mumbai or Ahmedabad. BCCI wants to wait for the possibility till Government confirms or Denies to hold the playoff match in India.

Fact #2 – DoubleHeaders

The 13th edition IPL 2020 has decided to hold the league from 19th Sept to 10TH Nov 2020. This edition will consist of 10 Doubleheaders. 

This decision was made by BCCI to ensure the safety of players. By following the protocols to maintain spacing between the teams. But why none of the DoubleHeader scheduled in September? 

IPL 2020 has moved to UAE to play this league yet, there are various aspects to be resolved. The speculations and question still buzzing around players from England & Australia if they can arrive in Dubai or No, due to safety reasons. Under such circumstances, BCCI didn’t schedule any Doubleheaders in the month of September.

Fact #3 – IPL 2020 Venues

The IPL 2020 schedule seems interesting. If you look at schedule carefully, the 13th edition of IPL 2020 is going to take place at three venues:

  • Dubai- 24 Matches 
  • Abu Dhabi- 20 Matches 
  • Sharjah- 12 Matches

Why does Sharjah have fewer matches schedule compared to Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

As we know, ECB and BCCI discussed the Entry of Fans at the stadium sooner or later. We may soon hear about the decision taken by the boards. In the design of IPL 2020, BCCI has kept the open space for possibility. They have scheduled more matches in Dubai & Abu Dhabi as the venues are much bigger than Sharjah, it also lacks the various facilities as compared to the other two cities. The team base is also created in these cities and not Sharjah.

Fact #4 – The RR Matches

Ipl 2020

Ipl 2020

Rajasthan Royals is the team that will travel the most during the IPl 2020. It might affect players performance! 

Click the link and read the detailed news about the explanation on IPL 2020. The reason being fair. The team includes 4 players from England and Australia’s captain Steve Smith. The team can only join IPL 2020 after completing Limited- over series that ends on 16th September. Hence the late start for them ensures all the players’ are available. 

Also, BCCI and ECB are ensuring that every team reaching UAE as per the safety Norms will go through 6 days Quarantine. Hence BCCI has compensated Team RR in a very justified way.

Fact #5 – Afternoon Matches

DD, KXIP, MI & CSK are all scheduled to play two matches in the afternoon whereas RR, KKR, SRH, RCB teams will be playing three matches in the afternoon. Playing afternoon matches is not going to be easy for any of the Teams. Afternoon matches affect the performance of the team. But if we think about why some teams are going to play 2 matches and others 3? this is because IPL 2020’s marketing team has decided to do so to gain the maximum profit from the popular Teams. As per TRP, the audience watches night telecasts more compared to afternoon telecasts.

Team Rcb

Team Rcb

These are a few interesting hidden facts and its explanation about IPL 2020. The IPL league is a popular game. We often see, read on various news about IPL related to different aspects of the game. Some are true & some are baseless. 

The controversies build very easily when it comes to IPL. But the only motto of this game is to give us entertainment. We live in a country where Cricket is a religion. We get the option to see our most favourite cricketers active or retired, once again on the cricket pitch. Hence, IPL one of the most celebrated sport worldwide.

We are eagerly waiting for 19th September 2020.

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