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6 Instagram Marketing Tools you can’t live without it



We all know how Social Media Marketing is increasing and the importance of Social Media Marketing. When do we talk about one of the largest Growing Social Media Platforms? We have to start with Instagram Marketing Tools. Facebook owns Instagram. In 2010, it was only launched for IOS users, but here we are! Almost everyone uses Instagram (Ig or Insta).

When Social Media Platforms like Instagram give you the Option to Connect with millions of people worldwide, it Suddenly becomes an opportunity to showcase who you are. Display your Business, products, services, etc. We all want to use Opportunity to our best benefits. I am sure everyone enjoys their Instagram Profile to look good; reach out to the Audience, and when you are a digital Marketer, you have to have these tools; it sorts your life..!

Suppose you are looking for Instagram Marketing Tools (Free). You have landed on the Right Article. You can download these Free Instagram Marketing Tools from Google Store or IOS. I am sharing the tools that work best for your Instagram after using it Reviewing it for you. Do give it a Try.

#1. Crowdfire – Available on IOS, Google Store, and WebPage.

Instagram Marketing Tools - Crowdfire

Instagram Marketing Tools – Crowdfire

Crowdfire, it’s a popular tool for Instagram Marketing. The best feature of this app is it gives you an option for the Best Time to post the picture as per your Audience. It is mainly used in Scheduling social media posts. Even if you are busy and forget to post, don’t worry, Crowdfire got your back once you have scheduled your post on Crowdfire. Crowdfire will post it for you.

Additional Feature: You can see your Fans (the list of people you don’t follow, but they follow you)

You can manage to see people who unfollowed you and your new followers.

#2 IconoSquare 

10000+ Agencies & Business Companies use this highly Recommended app when you want to know your Metrics Right!

Please know This app allows you Free Trial for 14 days.

Instagram Marketing Tools - IconoSquare

Instagram Marketing Tools – IconoSquare

This app shares the exact statistics you need to study to understand your social media platforms performance.

This app shares information about:

  • Total Number of likes
  • Photo with most likes
  • Average no of Likes
  • Total Number of comments per Photo
  • Follower Growth and graphs.

#3 Canva

Best app to make your Profile look good with the best quality of pictures, Which you can use to post. Suppose you Write poems, Quotes, etc. Canva gives you templates to edit your thoughts and publish them. We all have that Designer in us; we want to edit, create, and then share. Well, this is an Apt app for you for all your designing skills.

Instagram Marketing Tools - Canva

Instagram Marketing Tools – Canva

Canva is Best to create your:

  • Social Media Post.
  • Group your photos.
  • Create easy Logo, covers for your Profile.

#4. Hashtags – Free app to start now.

To drive Organic traffic to your post, you must use the right hashtag. This is a crucial factor when you want the optimum result, especially on Instagram. This app is easy to download from your Google Play or IOS and allows you to copy the generated hashtags you can directly paste while posting the Content. This is an easy way to copy and paste the hashtags over Typing single hashtags manually. Must-Try it.

#5.YellowDuck – A quick Solution to Go live.

Instagram Marketing Tools - YellowDuck

Instagram Marketing Tools – YellowDuck

We often struggle with the problem we face while living on Instagram is it a steady Camera? This problem of us is well taken care of by Yellow Duck. Yes! We can Go live From our laptops. This app also gives us an option to turn off, commenting while streaming live. Also, you can save the Live session to post it Later. Isn’t it? The ideal app to Go live next Time.

#6. VSCO– Unleash your Editing Skills.

VSCO is one of the best useful apps to edit once you get used to it. This is cost-free and gives multiple options to enhance your creativity in the pictures.

Instagram Marketing Tools - VSCO

Instagram Marketing Tools – VSCO

This gives you double Exposure! How? While sharing your edited pictures on Instagram, this app shares an option to post it on the VSCO community. You always need different platforms to display your creativity and get inspired. The VSCO is the next editing app you want to download.

I am wrapping up now about Instagram Marketing Tools!

Above Mention are Instagram Marketing Tools Help us in many ways. From Scheduling to the real-time analysis, they help us to Understand our Content, which we are putting across to our Audience.

Whether you are a Blogger, Digital marketer, or even if an Instagram user wants to make the best of Instagram, you Must download the Instagram Marketing tools for the best benefits in the market. Once you use the free Instagram Marketing Tools and understand the importance of keeping track of Content and how it helps us evolve, you can switch to paid versions of Instagram Marketing Tools.

We promise you to share the Article on Apt Paid Social Media Tools for Marketing. Don’t forget to check out those suggestions in our Upcoming Blog.

Believer of the quote that Humans can never stop learning, Shalini is a graduate in psychology and currently pursuing her Masters. She has donned many hats, from being a professional event manager, lifestyle brands influencer, to being content curator. Shalini is a versatile writer, her writing ranges from everyday motivation, social media quick hacks, brand stories to writing about inspiring individuals. Shalini leads the bandwagon as the CEO at Robust story.

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