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Instagram DM – Smart and Easy way to Grow your Business in 2020



Instagram Dm

Instagram is a great platform when it comes to selling your products. No! I am not asking you to download any tools to do so. You are already using this feature of Instagram but not to the fullest. Utilizing this ( Instagram DM ) feature will grow your business and can give you results like Magic. You must be wondering, like how? Isn’t it! Instagram is just a platform to share pictures, selfies, and sharing your coffee videos.

My friend, you are underestimating the potential Instagram holds. According to the Instagram business website, 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram. Entrepreneurs are making sales from Instagram. Suppose you are a complete beginner to Instagram and want to know how to promote your business on Instagram. I’m going to tell you how to use Instagram’s basic features to increase your online visibility and generate more business, more leads, and hopefully make more money — not convinced? Check out this article.

Sell your products and services using Instagram’s Direct messages, also called as the “DMs.” The Instagram DM

Instagram Dm

Instagram Dm

We often forget to leverage DMs simply put; it is Instagram’s private messaging feature; this allows you to connect with prospective customers or clients virtually. So, if you want to connect and sell your products or services with someone virtually, this is a direct reach for your offerings. Did you know? There are six forms (approach) of direct messages which you can use.

  1. Text Message
  2. Pictures from your camera roll
  3. You can Snap the picture to send in their way
  4. Video from camera roll
  5. Create a Group Chat and maintain it in one thread
  6. Newest of all the types of DMs are voice notes

How do you use these wonderful types of DMs to sell your products and services on Instagram? Well, Instagram DMs help your business to grow in five main ways.

Awareness, Leads, Sales, Brand loyalty, and connections.


How can we make our presence felt on the huge Instagram platform? The tip for this one is to go onto your ‘Explore‘ page, look at the content that Instagram has organized for you. Generally, this is created with interactions based on your activity. When you see the stories and posts related to your business, it can be a people you want to collaborate with or people you wish to sell your products or services.

Go ahead and view those stories; if they seem like a great person to connect with, reply to their story or post. That’s how you get connected to someone new through DM. Now you have a DM thread with a new person who’s just discovered you.


Generating Leads is a tough task; people hardly give you their time or attention. Especially when it is up there on an Instagram story or feed, they’ll move to the next story! Phew, I know how it feels. Well, my best tip is to DM the people who are commenting on your posts. Take up a notch. A person commenting on the post of your product or services can also be interested in buying it! Who knows?

Instagram Dm Leads

Instagram Dm Leads

  • Why not send an Instagram DM to that person who took the time to comment on a private message?
  • You can thank them for commenting,
  • This will create a DM thread between the two of you. It can be a lead for you.

Another simple way to create a lead using your DM is “Run an Instagram Story Poll.” Give your audience options to pick. So, depending on their answer to your poll, you can start a DM thread with them and ask them more questions about why they picked that option as their answer. This is nothing but just a way to create a conversation to understand their needs, demand, what they are looking for, etc. This is a direct opportunity to answer them with your Products or services. Once you generate leads using DMs, the next comes in the picture is Sales.


Selling needs lots of patience and time. One way to get through this is “Never Give up.” Push your products or services softly to your leads. Send them the number of links in the direct messages. Once they know you and your brand, they can’t ignore you. Do not forget to put that one link in your bio. Push your link in stories; if you have many followers’ chances are high for them to check out your offerings.

Instagram Dm Sales

Instagram Dm Sales

Let’s be more realistic; most of the business owners don’t have many followers. Hence, I suggest; the best way is to send your offerings’ Link via DM to your followers. The link can consist of a call booking link, page link, checkout link, etc. Anything that can convert the lead into sales.


We should provide good customer support services to maintain the loyalty of our clients or customers. The customer support service generally works over the emails, phone calls, or in person. How do we build loyalty over Instagram? Isn’t it new from the regular norms! But I challenge you; you will impress your clients or customers by building loyalty on Instagram by offering private customer support in a direct message thread.

Instagram Dm Loyalty

Instagram Dm Loyalty

With a simple tactic, “Close friend” filtering feature on Instagram. Add your valuable client or costumers in this feature to share different stories, offers, etc. for them. This gives the feeling of being treated special, different from others; they feel more considerate and valued. There you go; by doing this, they feel closer to your brand, and sustaining them is easy.


Lastly, connections. We’ve already made connections by exchanging DMs with them. Do not forget to create DM threads with peers in your industry. Instagram is the world’s number one social media platform, and people love to spend more time on Instagram compared to other social media platforms. They are active in to reply DMs, don’t lose this opportunity. Build and maintain a connection with industry peers. Create a group of peers in your industry into one group thread. Such groups can discuss business, upcoming trends, good partnership deals, etc. this can help you grow your business and understand the industry better.

Instagram Dm Connections

Instagram Dm Connections

Think about Utilizing your Instagram DM in such a way to position yourself as a thought leader and a great connector in your industry. I bet this is the easiest way to grow your business on Instagram.


Believer of the quote that Humans can never stop learning, Shalini is a graduate in psychology and currently pursuing her Masters. She has donned many hats, from being a professional event manager, lifestyle brands influencer, to being content curator. Shalini is a versatile writer, her writing ranges from everyday motivation, social media quick hacks, brand stories to writing about inspiring individuals. Shalini leads the bandwagon as the CEO at Robust story.

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