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Instagram Business account – 7 Essential things to know before starting your Instagram journey



Instagram Business Account

When you just started a business or want to start your business, your Instagram Business account is a must-have. We can’t deny the importance of visibility of your brand across social media channels. Creating an Instagram Business account is imperative. Be Passionate about your business and be patient once you create your Instagram Business account to bear fruit.

If you do not have an Instagram account to promote your Business, Create an Instagram Business account. Instagram is such a great platform for businesses. You have just started your business and very new in the Instagram world, don’t worry, give your time to read this blog and make your notes to build and attract your Instagram audience.

About Instagram Business Profile

Once you create an account on Instagram, the next thing is to introduce your business with a catchy username. Primarily while checking out the Instagram Profile, anybody will notice first is the Bio. Make sure your Bio is professional enough and straight to the point. Link your website in the Bio. Always mention your business details, email, and contact number to reach you. Put a logo on your Instagram profile Picture. Branding of your Business is crucial for creating that professional feel to your business account.

Posting on Instagram

Start posting from day one, don’t wait! Post pictures that are appealing in terms of the look.

Instagram Business Account - Posting on Instagram

Instagram Business Account – Posting on Instagram

Post aesthetically pleasing Pictures which display what your business is about. Describe and share what kind of product or services you are selling to attract the right audience. You have to post things that are related to your business. “don’t post things that have nothing to do with your business account” funny, but no one wants to see your Dog’s Birthday celebration on your Business account.

Be specific in the selection of posts on your business handle. This does not require the best quality of the camera but uses good light & right angles. You can also edit your pictures before posting it but don’t overdo it. Don’t post pictures that look different than the original picture, so try to be subtle. Always post Pictures with good “Copy“; this is an immensely powerful weapon. They say the right word to connect to the right audience. Use the right captions, which gives the right information to your audience to connect.

Don’t Forget to Use “hashtags.”

Instagram Business Account Hashtags

Instagram Business Account Hashtags

Instagram has a limit to use 30 hashtags at a time. Consider using hashtags in your posts. We don’t realize the importance of using the right hashtags, but hashtags make a huge difference. Hashtags bring exposure to your media from direct audiences. Use hashtags that go with what you’re posting. Always mention your hashtag #xyz, now this XYZ can be your brand name, your motive, tagline, etc. there are some hashtags which are used by everyone, and it gives a great exposure to your Instagram account like,

  • #Likesforlikes
  • #Likes4Likes
  • #Explore
  • #Viral
  • #ExplorePage
  • #Follow4follow
  • #FollowforFollow
  • #BusinessonInstagram

Use hashtags to get more likes and create more exposure for business accounts.

Don’t Lose Patience – Be Active on your Page.

While you try to expand your business, be active and consistent on your page Period! Stay active people notice when you are not active on your Page, and then they lose interest quickly. You may not see the result immediately as you expect, but not posting anything will make you lose all the attention which you dragged so far. To maintain consistency, you can post a lot more than just the pictures. Post Customer reviews, the making of products, Ideas behind creating the products or services. Post about the inspiration behind the products etc. Be creative and post regularly.

Ask for It – Increasing the Following.

When it comes to following, you need those numbers. DO NOT Buy your followers! That creates an undesirable impression towards your brand when you see 10k followers with 20 likes on the pictures. The immediate impression we build as an audience is “this is fake” on such profiles. Be aware of such an undesirable impression. You don’t want to build your brand reputation with such an impression. Ask your friends, family, co-worker to give you a shoutout. You can always DM People by sending a request to follow you. Slowly and steadily, people start following the Page with good content.

Instagram Business Account Insights – Analyse

A tool that provides data on follower demographics actions as well as on the content. Use insights to check what time and what days your followers are most active. Understand the perfect time to post. Insights also lend information on what followers like to see. It gives you the statistics about the action taken by your followers and everything about it. You should check the acceptance by your audience for your posts and then plan further fittingly.

Instagram Business Account Promotions

Deals & giveaways; people love free things, people like things that are on sale. For example, suppose you decide to do a giveaway. In that case, you want to include requirements so that people can participate in the giveaway. Some of those requirements can include following your Page, tagging three people in the comment section below, posting that picture of that post on their stories, etc.

Instagram Business Account Promotions

Instagram Business Account Promotions

When you have many people posting about your brand tagging their friends, the following of your Instagram Business account goes up. Sometimes it could be a bit difficult to give away free things, but you really must contemplate the result and how much rewarding it is at the end of the day.

The one free thing you decide to give away can bring about so many followers. People show interest in such engagements.

Forth, last but not least – Do not stress! Be true to yourself. If you are truly passionate and love what you are doing, people will notice, and you will attract the right audience.

Don’t think that you are going to gain 10,000 followers overnight. Growth is equivalent to patience. Leverage on Instagram to start your business work hard, put your effort. You will see a huge change.

Instagram Business Account DMs

Also, check out our article Smart and Easy way to Grow your Business with Instagram DMs now. This shall help too. Good Luck!

Believer of the quote that Humans can never stop learning, Shalini is a graduate in psychology and currently pursuing her Masters. She has donned many hats, from being a professional event manager, lifestyle brands influencer, to being content curator. Shalini is a versatile writer, her writing ranges from everyday motivation, social media quick hacks, brand stories to writing about inspiring individuals. Shalini leads the bandwagon as the CEO at Robust story.

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