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The latest trends of Information Technology in 2020



Information Technology

Bygone are the days when companies used to hire students from an engineering colleges or any other colleges asking them to design an UI (User Interface) for the companies to help the customers reach them, or hire students from colleges for doing some order processing or some menial jobs where the pay would also be not so great.

Nowadays the companies mainly hire students from an Information Technology background in order to automate things which are considered resource oriented.

Let us consider a decade back in 2010 if you were hired by a company chances are that you were hired to do some back-end job or sales or marketing if you were a fresher. While strategic roles or treasury roles were reserved for people with high experience in that particular industry or the crema-crème layer of the top MBA colleges in India. Now a days the companies have gone to the Information Technology engineers and try and recruit them.

In a very recent seminar, it has been reveled that the jobs in 2021 will be more of Information Technology based roles and the outlook for the year 2021-22 will be in automation or decision assisted techniques. So, the obvious question is as a student what are those key skills that is good to have to go in the job market in 2021-22? The answer lies in the top 5 technologies that is a key to have for any fresher/experienced candidate to stick around in India in the job market in 2021-22.

1. AI & Machine Learning:

Artificial Intelligence - Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence – Information Technology

There are 2 main aspects in this AI and ML. These both although for some might sound as being same, technically and fundamentally these are not same. So then what would be the difference? Let’s look at it then

a. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Most of the people reading this article might have a heard a term called robotic Surgery, for those of you who would not know about this, it is a surgery performed my robots which allows doctors to perform very technical and complex surgery with pin point accuracy and precision. Also, another very simple example of AI used on a daily basis by each one of are navigational tools like Google maps or any of the ride sharing apps like Uber etc.

Some people are of the opinion that by 2030 the jobs in AI will rival that of a data scientist. There may also be an acute shortage of skilled people in this technology since it is a very highly skilled niche stream of people

b. Machine Learning: Well at the outset both AI and ML seems to be the same. But as pointed out earlier they are different. ML in many ways can be said to be a part of AI, but still is different from AI. So, what is the difference? Well the difference is that AI is built in a way to copy and reproduce the human intelligence of speech pattern recognition (like your phone passcode for some banks), image recognition (cameras set in airports which monitors and alerts officials of any suspected anti-social elements sneaking in/leaving the country), while ML mostly has to do with trying to make the system learn on its own (without any guidance from the programmer) to give proper decisions based on the trends or patterns in the history of the data given
Now within ML there are many aspects, like CNN, RNN neural network, NLP etc. But that discussion let us reserve for some other time.

2. Automations:

As said earlier automations and automation scripting is one of the most sought-after profession in IT. Automations can include anything from a simple macro in excel to a high-end robotic classification. Basic concept of automation or RPA (Robotic Process Automations) is that to simplify and let the system do the process so as to reduce error and increase efficiency. This allows the corporates to reduce cost and improve on the efficiency on menial or low paying jobs which still require someone to do it

3. Cybersecurity:

Cybersecurity - Information Technology

Cybersecurity – Information Technology

With the increasing attacks by hackers in order to steal data from corporates about the client base or syphoning of money to unknown accounts, every company is investing heavily on cybersecurity and ethical hacking. This particular concept has been around for quite sometime though but even the hackers are not willing to give up. Hence, the number of jobs in this sector is bound to only increase and may face an acute shortage also

4. Blockchain:

Blockchain - Information Technology

Blockchain – Information Technology

Blockchain as a concept to put simply means a technology which Blocks your access to make any changes to previous entry and goes in a chain format for the other person to only add new entries. Thus, blockchain as a technology has more use cases than only crypto currency. A serious though can be given to this particular use of technology too since this would for sure grow in the near future as more and more companies are investing in this technology.

5. Virtual and Augmented Reality:

Augmented Reality - Information Technology

Augmented Reality – Information Technology

Imagine this if you are playing a game of tennis in your house but you get the feel of actually playing a tennis in a stadium, with fans cheering and a ball boy running with the balls across the court. But you are still at your home. Well that for you is Virtual reality and suddenly you hear a flight passing over your head or you hear the scorer say something to you that is Augmented reality. So, the basic difference is that in VR the player is in the environment that he/she wishes while AR will enhance the surroundings around the player. VR and AR has use cases in not only gaming but also in defense or product marketing etc.

So, to end it all, there are many technologies which are emerging and evolving over a period of time and it will keep on so. It is up to us in order to keep up with the new evolved technologies and upgrade ourselves. There are more technologies still like IoT, Cloud computing etc. and all these definitely require more and more skilled personnel’s in order to get the work done. It is purely up to the reader at which stage of their career they want to adopt these technologies and grow exponentially in that particular field. Also don’t forget to understand your passion, only then can you get the desired success in your career. All the best for all the future endeavors.

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