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India Unlock 5.0 Guidelines – List of things Permitted



India Unlock 5.0 Guidelines

Unlock 5.0 is here! As the fight against Covid-19 continues, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) announces Unlock 5.0 guidelines to be implemented in the nation starting October 1, 2020.

Unlock 5.0 brings many relaxations as compared to the previous Unlock 4. This will ease the everyday life of Indian citizens. There are many new things which are opening up in this unlock process and few still restricted. Here is the list of things which are allowed, followed by things which will still take time to resume.

However, the activities permitted are only outside the contamination zone.

These new set of guidelines under Unlock 5.0 have been developed basis the feedback and in consultation with the states & UTs.

The list of activities permitted during Unlock 5.0 in non-contaminant zones are:

  1. Cinemas/theatres/multiplexes will be allowed to resume service with only 50% seating capacity, for which the SOP will be issued by the Information & Broadcasting Ministry.
  2. Swimming pools used for training of sportspersons to re-open from 15th October for which the SOP will be issued by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (MoYA&S)
  3. Business to Business Expos receives permission to open from 15th October. The SOP for this will be provided by the Department of Commerce
  4. Entertainment parks and similar places will be permitted to re-open by following the SOP that will be issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW)
  5. Online/distance learning to continue as a preferred mode of teaching and will be encouraged
  6. For the re-opening of Schools/colleges/coaching institutes, the State & UT Governments will be given the flexibility to decide after 15th October 2020 in a graded manner
  7. The decision should be taken in consultation with the respective schools’ management, based on their assessment of the situation, and subject to the following condition
  8. Students may attend school only with the written consent of parents. Attendance must not be made mandatory and should depend entirely on parental consent.
  9. The State Government/UTs will have to prepare their own SOP for health and safety precautions to reopen Schools/Colleges based on the SOP to be issued by Department of School Education and Literacy (DoSEL), Ministry of Education, Government of India, keeping local needs in view
  10. Schools which choose to open/ allowed to open will have to mandatorily follow the SOP issued by Education departments of State Governments/UTs
  11. Social/ academic/ sports/ entertainment/ cultural/ religious/ political functions and other gatherings had already received the permission with a ceiling limit of 100 persons, in non-contaminant zones from 21st September.
  12. In Unlock 5, the States/UTs have been given the flexibility to allow gatherings beyond the previous limit of 100 persons outside the contaminant zones after 15th October 2020
  13. The conditions to be followed for a larger gathering are:
    1. Maximum of 50% of hall seating capacity will be allowed in a closed space. A ceiling limit of only 200 persons is allowed for such a gathering. 
    2. All mandatory protocols need to be followed like wearing of face masks, maintaining social distance, having a provision of thermal scanner onsite, and use of sanitizer
    3. In open spaces, keeping the ground size/ space in mind, the audience capacity needs to be defined. Mandatory wearing of Face masks, keeping a thermal scanner and use of sanitizer 
  14. To maintain safety and to ensure such gatherings where the virus doesn’t spread, the States/UT government will issue a detailed SOP to regulate such events.
  15. No restrictions on Interstate / Intrastate travel, for goods and people. It doesn’t require any documents or special permissions
  16. International air travel is allowed only if the MHA permits

Lockdown shall continue till 31st October in the Containment zones. Containment zones need to be demarcated by District level authorities. Only essential activities will be allowed in the Containment Zone, strict measures will be enforced in the Containment zones.

The MHA urges vulnerable persons like the person above 65 years of age, pregnant women, and children below 10 years of age to stay at home and avoid going out for any non-essential requirements.

While some businesses are yet affected due to the lockdown; with these new relaxations, few businesses will be relieved. They can now start generating revenue and create more employment. 

The Maharashtra Government has not completely implemented the relaxations of Unlock 5.0 in the state. Public gatherings, schools, theatres will still have to wait till 31st October in Maharashtra for further update.

India Unlock 5.0 Guidelines - List of things Permitted

India Unlock 5.0 Guidelines – List of things Permitted

The hope for a complete unlock still banks on an effective cure to COVID-19. Until then, take benefits of the Unlock 5 guidelines and Stay Safe.

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