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Inbound Marketing, the game changer for Events in 2020



Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a very lucrative business technique to attract your potential customers. Did you know that it also works well for events? The answer is Yes. Inbound marketing strategy is a proven booster for successful Event marketing. It is relevant for physical as well as virtual events. Though you do not use the complete gamut of Inbound marketing, there are some pieces that you’d still do.

The inbound marketing process is just like a jigsaw puzzle. Once all the pieces are in place, you get to see a beautiful big picture. Likewise, proper inbound marketing becomes a game-changer for events.

In this blog, you’d see how some inbound marketing tools help you attract your audience and engage them with your event.

Create an engaging event website

It is always easy for your attendees to access all the information related to your event. What better way to help them than an event website. It gives your event opportunities to engage by blending interactive activities related to your event on the site further.

Engaging Website

Engaging Website

Apart from the regular details like the registration form, schedule, speakers, venue, highlights, resources you can add gamification, which leads to a direct connection with the content being showcased during the show.

For example, your show talks about a new drug being launched, creating an interactive zone where the attendees can play with a jigsaw and fix all pieces together. Once they complete the jigsaw, it can have a teaser about the drug and keep them excited about what they can expect.

Ensure your brand achieves more from the website. Allow the sponsors, help their digital presence be more seen.

While setting up the website, do keep in mind to make it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly so that your site is easily accessible and more visible. Remember, the sooner your site is available on the web, the better visibility you receive.

Using Social Networking

Social media is one of the most widely used features of every event. Be it just a #hashtag, tweets, Instagram posts or a Facebook event page, almost every event of yours would have at least a bit of social media attached to it. You can have social media amplification at all stages of the event.

Social Networking

Social Networking

The best way to connect with your target audience is through social media. In the pre-event phase, you can create a dialogue for your event using a Facebook event or LinkedIn group where you can have your event speakers connect with the audience and build conversations. Run a campaign with #hashtag related to your event.

All your conversations on social media should use the event #hashtag so that whenever somebody searches your #hashtag, they can see everything related to the show.

During the event, there are tons of opportunities to augment your event reach. Run a twitter or Instagram contest, create a social photo opportunity zone, run Facebook live, share regular updates on all social media handles.

Post-event, you can run a survey, stay connected with your audience. Take recommendations from them on what do they expect at your next event. Build a community where your content is regularly spoken. Keep them Hooked!!!

Not to forget, Social media during events is not just for the hosts but beneficial for many others like the sponsors, speakers, booth owners & audience. If you are a sponsor, you’d want to show off your presence at a particular event.

Publish blogs

Blogging has been a promising tool to push content and engage people in conversations. Building the right content is the crux for the success of any campaign driven online. You don’t need to write all the blogs personally. Invite your speakers to write about what they’ll be talking about and what can be the takeaway by attending the session. Ask the domain experts to write about the possible impact of this event on the industry or people.



Make sure you post blogs post-event to keep the conversation going to build the road map for the next event. Post this blog with the event photos and videos that excite others who did not attend the event to join for the next show.

Leverage Email marketing as an Inbound Marketing Tool

One of the vital tools in event marketing is email. This killer, Inbound marketing tool, has the potential to take your event to the next level. The regular information about your event should be pushed through emails, which will make the prospects convert into a confirmed attendee. While doing so, don’t forget that too much is too bad. So ideally, plan your communication quantity. Do not bombard them with too many emails.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Use an excellent email marketing tool for broadcasts to give you a detailed report on the email campaign. You will be able to identify who has received your email, who has seen, who has clicked on the link and accordingly plan the next communication that goes out.

There are numerous ways. Inbound marketing can boost your event marketing campaign. Go ahead and plan your ideal strategy and use Inbound marketing in the right way to see a successful result.

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