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HNVSSD “The Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat-Samiti Dahisar” – An 100% Inspiring Consortium




It’s about HNVSSD – But I still remember – it was one of the usual busy days at work when the news of the Corona outbreak in Wuhan, China was talked about everywhere. Life suddenly came to a standstill. By March 2020, there was news of global lockdown, and eventually, we were locked up in our houses. Businesses suffered, companies shut, people lost their jobs, all I could see was sadness, tension, and despair around. Amid this crisis, the heroic and unselfish deeds of some common people and their inspiring stories gave hope and restored faith in humanity!

Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat Samiti - Dahisar (Hnvssd)

Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat Samiti – Dahisar (Hnvssd)

This is one such story. Through my close relations, I came across The Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat-Samiti Dahisar(HNVSSD) – a group of people who worked selflessly for the betterment of society.

About The Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat-Samiti Dahisar(HNVSSD)

Established a few years back by some closely knit friends and guided by senior citizens, these individuals took up the task to work for social causes and to inculcate Indian culture and values amongst adults and children. HNVSSD initiated their work by organizing small Yatras and conducting social and cultural workshops for kids by strongly following the ideology of engraving patriotism amongst children.

Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat Samiti - Dahisar (Hnvssd)

Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat Samiti – Dahisar (Hnvssd)

HNVSSD organized trips to tribal areas so that they can bridge the gap between tribal brothers-sisters and people living in our society. In centers like Talasari, Ambien, Jawahar they helped in getting donations and scholarships for tribal kids. Soon after, HNVSSD extended its work horizon to underprivileged children located in remote areas.

Today, in our busy schedule we don’t have time to look at the poor children in our streets, but HNVSSD extended their help in such locations where even two full meals were considered a luxury. They worked closely with the Talasari Ashram school and Adiwasi Residential school to provide these children food, shelter, clothing, and education.

I was amazed at their dedication and hard work to make lives easier for people whom they have never seen or known. Be it any caste, or religion, rich or poor, they always reach out their helping hand to anyone in need.

Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat Samiti - Dahisar (Hnvssd)

Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat Samiti – Dahisar (Hnvssd)

How many of us find time from our busy schedules for social causes?

We hardly do anything! But, thank you to groups like HNVSSD for making time to do extraordinary selfless work. One such example was sending Diwali sweets to our Indian Soldiers. This was a very emotional initiative that reached out to Indians in India and abroad.

While speaking to the group members on how this thought came up, they said, “Diwali is a festival of celebration and sharing gifts. We are all safe due to our Indian army at the border. Every year we used to send some sweets on a small scale. When we discussed this within the committee, we decided to make it big this year”. From here started an initiative of sending Diwali snacks to Indian soldiers a very year.

The time that made us standstill but for (HNVSSD)? This is not completely true!

The year 2020 was different. We were hit by a global pandemic and every common man’s routine life had become difficult. Still, this did not deter HNVSSD from delivering 5000 snacks to the soldiers right between a global crisis. It did seem a challenging task to complete at first, but HNVSSD took it up with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The team was small so they started planning from August 2020 itself. Online meetings started and the plan of the initiative was created. The message of appeal was viral in the second week of September and the first donation of Rs. 1200 was deposited in the account of the HNVSSD. Thousands of people were contacted from September to October. Meanwhile, making boxes, giving preparation orders to the renowned vendors, preparing packing material, talking to various people for transport, etc was in progress.

They also provided a new employment opportunity to the “Divyanga Vidyala – Jawhar” – organization that works for the empowerment of needy, blind students and forest women to make 1000 kg of snacks. These snacks were prepared and delivered on time with all the necessary safety and hygiene precautions in place.

The outcome of all this hard work done by The Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat-Samiti Dahisar(HNVSSD):

The HNVSSD was able to reach out to 8008 soldiers last year across Leh-Ladakh, Tezpur-Assam, Jorhat-Assam, Udhampur-Jammu, Tawang-Arunachal Pradesh, Shillong-Meghalaya, Manipur, Imphal, and the border area of Guwahati- Isn’t it great?

Even during our conversation, I could clearly see that this entire experience had been different, very emotional, and definitely satisfying. They have a passion for this work and will keep doing this for as long as they can, selflessly without any expectations.


The Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat-Samiti Dahisar” (HNVSSD) truly make all the sayings true…

“Happiness has to be about being selfless and what you give to others, it has to be about seeing a smile on someone’s visage or happy tears in someone’s eyes knowing you’re are the sole reason behind it. It has to be about love, energy, and positivity you spread solely for the sake of humanity and not some selfish gains. When you make people around you happy, you will also be happy because good deeds always pay off “- Hussaina Bello.

We as a Robust Story take this Opportunity to share our heartfelt gratitude to The Hindu Nav-Varsha Swagat-Samiti Dahisar(HNVSSD). Thank you for inspiring us to be More giving towards our society and doing any bit we can…

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