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Harwinder Kaur (24 Years): Inspiring Story Of India’s Smallest Stature Lawyer



Harwinder Kaur

Even in today’s time, dwarf people are made fun of. They are the butt of jokes. Don’t you think that it is not the size of a dwarf person, but the size of his/her heart that matters?

We are back with an inspiring and exciting story of a lawyer Harwinder Kaur AKA Ruby of the Jalandhar Court in Punjab. She is 24 years old and is a resident of Rammandi in Jalandhar. Harwinder’s height is 3 ft 11 inches and today she is the youngest attorney in India.

In her case, Harwinder Kaur should have listened to the insults of her childhood, but today people are giving an example of her ability. She is famously been recognized as “Smallest Stature Lawyer of India.”

About Smallest Stature Lawyer

Harwinder Kaur wanted to be a flight attendant since childhood, but her dream could not be realized due to her small height.

Just imagine, how every dwarf person is ridiculed for being a dwarf! Why our society is so judgmental and criticizes each other on such grounds which are not even controllable?

She was in Grade IV when she noticed that her body was not growing normally. With this came a lot of ridicule and exploitation. Harwinder started skipping school when she moved to higher classes and spent most of her days at home. Life took a positive change for Harwinder when she decided to face the world and took admission in the KCL Institute of Laws, Jalandhar. The things she was not able to enjoy and experience in her school, she got in her college life.

Ruby’s family members were concerned about the slow growth of her height and consulted many doctors, tried various ways from medication to meditation to solve this problem but all went in vain. Eventually, Harwinder Kaur abandoned her dream of becoming a spiritual worker. People started giving her a lot of love on social media; that gave her courage to move forward. However, many times there has been a lot of slander on social media, but Harwinder Kaur has started to ignore them.

Ruby had decided that after her 12th standard she would enter into to establish a legal profession to create a separate identity. So in this direction, she graduated and became a lawyer. Harwinder’s mother Sukhdeep Kaur is a homemaker while her father Shamsher Singh is an ASI at the Phillip traffic police. However, Harwinder Kaur completed her LLB last year and was awarded a client certificate and client license on November 23, 2020, by Bar Counseling in Punjab and Haryana.

Don’t you think that little people must be given a little power to make a huge difference in our society?

India’s smallest stature lawyer has always faced scornful, mocking, and disparaging looks. She has been always criticized for her height. But she is a real inspiration that if a person has a desire to do and accomplish his/her goals, then height, complexion, or any other factor does not matter.

The dwarf people might be compelled to hear, that what kind of a human he or she is. I would like to ask what kind of people you are? Who gave you the right to talk absurd and ill of anyone?

The Pondering Thought

Today, when Harwinder Kaur has been recognized as “India’s Smallest Stature Lawyer”, she can witness the changing colors of those people who once were giving her scornful looks. She can witness those sly remarks from those judgmental people turning into compliments and good words. The irony, right?

You’re a dwarf? A burst of loud laughter is audible! You are a small kid, go and play with your little friends and whatnot. These kinds of comments sound so heart-breaking. Every dwarf person is forced to receive such comments from people with low self-regard.

Why our society is fault-finding and critical? How their perception of something or someone changes all of sudden?

Harwinder Kaur

Harwinder Kaur

One must always remember that if a dwarf stands on the shoulder of a tall person or a giant, he can see farther than a tall person himself.

Ruby, The Smallest Stature lawyer is currently practicing law under District Bar Association Vice-President Jagpal Singh Dhupar. Therefore, she wants to pursue her career in the judiciary.

Harwinder Kaur alias “India’s Smallest Stature Lawyer” accepted herself in a way that gave her hope and also motivated her to fulfill all her dreams. “Earlier, she wanted to be a flight attendant but that would not happen, so she chose to study law and became a voice for the disabled.
She chose to work for differently disabled people for free.

After her achievement, she has witnessed the confidence of other people towards her. Yes, the people with low self-esteem and morale now admire her and respect her.

The daughter of ASI believes in hard work, toughness, resilience, adaptability, and good behavior as the key to success. With 50,000 followers on Instagram, she is already popular as a social media star.

Gurneet is a one of our interesting writers who cover biographies & motivational subjects. She is a learner at heart, while writing for Robust story; she continues pursuing BBA LLB Hons from a university in Dehradun. Her strength is being adaptive to the situation and function accordingly. Gurneet loves reading about the legal controversial stories and someday if you need help in legal matters, you know whom to connect 😀

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