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4 factors About Harshad Mehta That Has Never Been Revealed



Harshad Mehta

Just halfway through Harshad Mehta’s Scam 92, and I realized there was a distinct similarity between the man and the other 2 gentlemen who I admire, Sachin Tendulkar and Dhirubhai Ambani.

It’s not that I don’t like Rahul Dravid for his tremendous patience and his gruelling test innings where the bowlers did collapse against his solid defence; but as the saying goes, sometimes attack is the best defence and that’s what HM, ST and DA were known for. Against all the odds standing tall and delivering the opponents in their faces was their style and that’s where they won the hearts of the millions.

At a point in time, they were the faces of the businesses they were part of and enjoyed the Celebrity status within the country and everybody wanted to emulate their success story. Sachin was equivalent to cricket, Dhirubhai was the master of business management. and Harshad Mehta?

1. The unparalleled ‘Bull’ of the Indian Stock Exchange.

Looking closely you would know Sachin was not the best batsman, nor was Harshad Mehta the most intelligent man or Dhirubhai the most successful businessman, but they shared the same passion to deliver results by taking the best possible calculated predictions into their account. It can arguably be not an overstatement to say all of these did change the ways of doing business with them leading from the front.

Harshad Mehta

Harshad Mehta

They were able to understand the stalling of the present, foresee the future and bury the past behind them to excel in their paths to reach new heights. Facing the adverse conditions head-on was their speciality, be it opening the batting in Wellington New Zealand, heavy investment in Kela silk, or breaking the bears, Sachin, Dhirubhai, and Harshad displayed a splendid performance of courage and holding the nerve.

Till now you might have guessed the tone of the article here,

2. Risk.

Many of you here would be voracious readers and can also extend the linkage between risk-takers and successful personalities across the globe, but the point remains the same, taking risks can only take you places. Who knows how many cavemen lost their lives to tame the fire, or how did they finally could make difference between the herbs, vegetables, or fruits that were edible and the ones that weren’t, surely they didn’t have any litmus paper-like kit.

Only by risking something with them – here life maybe – were they able to change the course of humanity. Curiosity would have killed the cat, could have killed a human as well but not humankind, else any other species, aliens from the different planet would have mentioned Homo Neanderthals or Homo Erectus as the last known kind on the Planet Earth along with Dinosaurs.

But no, evolution has always been the virtue of the ones who have embarked on a lesser trodden path to achieve the unachieved, to be the caveman who survived the fire and drew the pictures on the walls of the cave.

3. Change is the only constant

The ones who see beyond the horizon have the vision to make the world they see to be available for the rest. The only trick here is not to create multiple horizons. Multiple horizons are nothing but the imagination of the mind and taking a risk by not being on a rock-hard base is a sure recipe for finding yourself in the trough of the business.

I did mention above about ‘calculate prediction’, that is what Sachin would do if a bowler has erred in his length. A short ball hit for a boundary means there might be a correction and the bowler would bowl a fuller next ball and that is where Sachin would take advantage of the opponent and hit another boundary or even maximum. Dhirubhai and Harshad did the same with his business acumen, capitalizing the situation and hitting the strokes which eventually became masterstrokes.

4. Careful analysis of the word ‘Calculated Prediction.’

The analysis makes a point very clear, that it is an outcome of calculation; calculations that are based on data points, facts, and specifics. Being able to answer all the Whats, Hows, Whens, Whos; knowing the sources behind the information, vetting the processing of the information, and creating a strong solid foundation is the only recipe for having correct calculations.

Any ignorance of these factors and then you are just ‘predicting’ and we just ‘predict’ when our decisions are ruled by our emotion. Emotions blur the mind and we conveniently ignore any truth behind and believe what is convenient to us eventually falling into a spiral trap that leads to the bottom. Any decision taken at such stage becomes risky, regardless it could change the course or not.

Again the statement is backed by facts, Sachin got carried away with his stroke-making and threw his wicket countless times in his early days. Not exactly relying entirely on the print media, but seemed Harshad Mehta met his downfall when he tried to ignore the warning life presented before him. In the quest to soar new heights, Dhirubhai faced certain roadblocks; now it’s up to you if you can create millstones of these stones thrown at you or your epitaph.

Harshad Mehta

Harshad Mehta

John D Rockefeller said “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”

It’s just that your analysis of good and great should be statistical rather than being presumptuous.

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