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Gunjan - Saxena

Aircraft Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena records history in her journey from aspiring pilot to India’s first female pilot in the Battle of Kargil.

Yes, this is the story inspired by the life of a fearsome officer who made history by becoming the first Indian woman officer to fly on a battlefield during the Kargil War, 1999.

From donating valuable supplies to Indian troops in the Dras and Battal regions and evacuating wounded people during the ongoing war, carefully informing her superiors of enemy positions, and even barely surviving a Pakistani rocket shooter in one of her moments, Gunjan Saxena boldly dismisses jobs, earning herself the moniker ‘The Kargil Girl’.

Gunjan - Saxena

Gunjan Saxena-Image Source Cinemaholic

‘The Kargil Girl’ sounds patriotic, right? The title itself is prompting.

Gunjan Saxena’s Storyline-

The story begins with young Gunjan Saxena on a plane and her older brother, Anshuman in Lucknow, 1984. Gunjan Saxena wants to look out the window of the plane, but Anshuman does not allow her. The kind air host is prone to trouble and takes Gunjan to the royal pit. Looking at the cockpit immediately awakens the desire in her mind to be a pilot as she feels enthusiastic about the things of the airplane.

A few years later, the Kargil girl is congratulated on her academic achievement with her proud parents, Anup and Kirti, who plan to send her to high school. Gunjan, however, wants to drop out of school to become a pilot. Anshuman was of the opinion that women should not be in the cockpit, but Anup(her father) strongly disagrees. He strongly believes in gender equality, allowing Gunjan to test her desire to become a pilot.

Gunjan made many efforts, but this was hampered by concerns about her academic qualifications and high costs, which forced her to return home depressed all the time.

While her parents differ in their views on her dream, Kirti (mother) hopes her daughter will soon warn her and Anup insists on allowing her daughter to pursue her dreams indefinitely. A newspaper advertisement for admission to the Indian Air Force gives Gunjan the right to make an effort to join the air force.

Anshuman, who also serves in the military, strongly disapproves of this and tells Gunjan that the Air Force is not a place for women. However, she ignores him, continues with the rules, and later finds out on the results day that she is the only woman who is accepted.

Proud moment, right? This moment also made her parents proud!

During her medical examination, Gunjan Saxena is found to be one inch short and weighs seven pounds more than the Air Force needs. This bothers her a lot, but she learns that she can write a retest in two weeks, and discuss it with Anup, who asks her not to give up, and they all come up with an exercise regimen to lose weight.

In all of the retest, she still lacks in terms of height, but police conclude that the length of her arms and legs will compensate her, and they welcome her into the army.

However, while Anup and Kirti can’t hold back their pride, Anshuman still denies his sister’s commitment, but Gunjan decides to ignore him and proceeded further for a training session.

The Kargil girl during her training session finds herself confronted with many horrible realities and distractions due to the control of spirit men, and she thought of leaving the camp, when a critical situation caused her to reconsider when, in 1999, the Kargil war begins, and all Air Force pilots were needed.

Gunjan was determined to take part in the war, and although Anshuman met her and prevented her from taking part, she ignored his reservation again. She finds herself badly needed in the machine and continues with it, but is then instructed to have an abortion because the mission is too difficult for her.

She leaves the camp without hesitation. Suddenly, news of the military casualties comes to light, and it was up to her to save them.

Gunjan Saxena and another pilot took different helicopters and went to help the wounded soldiers. Back in the camp, the soldiers asked her to have an abortion but without their opinion, she continued.


Gunjan Saxena-Image Source Dnaindia

Suddenly, as another helicopter is shot down by an RPG, Gunjan Saxena rescues another wounded military pilot and completes a dangerous mission, despite being exposed by the bullets. After the missions and the battle, she was rewarded for her bravery, and her father Anup felt proud of her.

After reading this inspiring story of The Kargil Girl, do you fear anything?

To all of you, I would like to say that during this war also you will have to gain experience and achieve the only success that can build the national culture of our Army.

An army without a culture of courage, fearlessness, and indifference, will not be able to withstand the onslaught of the enemy. The Kargil girl was fearless and dedicated towards her nation.

If you dream of something great like the Kargil Girl, you must imbibe within yourself the quality of tolerance and compassion. Learn to live realistically!

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