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Inspiring Story of Govind Jaiswal(48): From a Rickshaw Puller’s son to an IAS Officer, Click here to read!




You might have come across many inspiring and motivational personalities who had gone from rags to riches. Still, the success story of Govind Jaiswal will give you goosebumps to achieve big in life even though you might have nothing in common with the academic part. As Govind Jaiswal quotes, “Don’t blame circumstances; if I can become IAS, anyone can try partaking in the civil services.”

The success story of IAS Govind Jaiswal was hard-fought and was not easy as it sounds. Poverty was one of the main reasons, followed by several more problems. But as they say, nothing can stop an individual from having an evident dedication and determination to achieve something. And there are rough phases that change our life drastically. In one of the interviews, Govind Jaiswal narrated such an incident that changed his life from roots.

When he went to his friends’ house who was rich to play in his childhood days, he got offended many times as he was a rickshaw pullers son and was often kicked out of the house. At just 11, he couldn’t find out the actual reason for the incident happen. Still, one of his friends made him understand the situation and encouraged him to fight the economic disparities to get treated well in society while facing the discrimination that would have increased exponentially.

With this incident, becoming something big began, and he found IAS is the best job in the country. The story starts with a young lad who decided to dream big and become an IAS officer. Dreaming big is easy, but the path to achieving is never. His journey was full of difficulties. Make sure you read the entire article and become aware of the thought-provoking story of a real-life story from Rags to Riches.

Early days of Govind Jaiswal

Along with Govind, there were his three sisters and father Narayan in his family. His father was working in a government ration shop. At the same time, he also used to buy, rent out rickshaws. Their financial condition remained stable until bad days began. As time progressed, Narayan, Govind’s father, developed hearing problems, and due to a wounded leg, he hardly could work. Still, despite hardships, his father made sure that his daughters got married after graduation.

Now all eyes were on Govind as to what he could do for the family. But things were not easy as it was supposed to be. He had to face many societal taunts like, what will he gain after studying instead of owning two rickshaws is a better option. However, support from his family gave him a pause, and soon he was relocated to Delhi as his home in Varanasi had spacing issues, and frequent power cuts distracted him from his studies.

Govind Jaiswal Journey to become an IAS officer

The path of becoming an IAS officer was never too easy. Since money was the need of the hour, his father sold his land so Govind can pursue IAS studies in Delhi. Govind even skipped his meals and gave up his maths classes to save money. The dedication to becoming an IAS officer was unwavering.

On the other hand, Narayan’s wounded legs added salt to it, and problems started worsening as he had to terminate rickshaw pulling. Govind knew his family condition well, and he didn’t have other options but to clear UPSC on the first attempt only.

IAS Govind Jaiswal himself quoted, in his own words, “Anyone who can understand my hardships and circumstances will realize that I had no other option. Neither I could go for lower government jobs as they are mostly fixed, nor I could start a business as I had no money for it. I went for the option I was left with: worked hard on studies.”

And in 2006, during UPSC civil services exam, he succeeded his dream, achieving 46th rank in his first attempt. Being just 22, he knew what all sacrifices his family has done for him, and so through his first salary, he made sure that his father’s wounded leg received better treatment.

How the success story of IAS Govind Jaiswal can inspire you in three critical ways:

  • If you ever feel disrespected or insulted, never get upset, and no need to take revenge either. One should remember that these are stepping stones on the path to success.
  • Stay focussed on your goal irrespective of your family situations, financial conditions, and other hardships. People should remember that every problem has a solution; one needs to have patience. If you’ve set the goal, then stay dedicated to it until achieved.
  • If you find the English language as a barrier, then it isn’t. English is as simple as any other language. All you need is to be familiar and have faith in the language you know. The English language can be learned anytime. As he states,

    “The problem is not a language, it is confidence. My ability to read and express in Hindi made me an achiever. If you are confident enough to articulate your thoughts, then no one can hinder your success. No language is superior or inferior. It’s an unwanted perception made by society.”


GOVIND JAISWAL, IAS (Photo Courtesy:

Civil services are only one job that is equal for all. And to achieve this job you neither need to be known nor money can buy it. You’ve to study day-in-day-out to clear UPSC and then become IAS.

We at the Robust Story hope that our readers would have taught the traits mentioned above and learnt important life lessons from IAS Govind Jaiswal’s story.

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