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Accessible Google Classroom | Google’s Efficient educational tool in 2021



G Suite For Education

Google Classroom has disrupted the online education space by the sheer convenience it offers to the teachers and students while interacting in a virtual classroom environment.

This app is designed by Google and has got numerous takers all over the world. Most importantly, it comes free of cost to the end-users and offers a password-protected and impregnable space for storing and sharing teachable material, homework, classroom work, etc.

Using this app, the users can embed the videos they created on video streaming platforms like YouTube, allowing the students to access the study material outside the online class timings as well.

Google Classroom was introduced in March 2017 and enabled even those users who don’t have enrolled to G Suite for Education.

The most common functions possible to do with Google Classroom are – attend or conduct class, manage assignments, and collaborate in real-time with peers and teachers.

Google classroom is readily available to the users who hold personal Google accounts. The need to go through any intricate sign-in procedure for joining an online class program is eliminated. The first use of Google classroom was reported by a graphics designer teacher who tweeted about his class’s availability through a tweet and got 75 enrollments more quickly than thought.

The classroom app allows students to attend the class and allows them to upload the projects done by them for teachers to check. Learn, collaborate, share, and eventually grow knowledge – these are the core values one enjoys by subscribing to this app.

Generally the links of online classes get sent to the WhatsApp groups to notify the students, which can be irritating at times.
Using the Google Classrooms application, teachers can provide the Google Meet link in the Stream section, where the announcements get posted.
After which, students directly get redirected to the virtual class on Google Meet that reduces interaction with applications like WhatsApp.

Similarly teachers can also paste tests prepared in Google forms on the Stream section.
That reduces the chances of circulation of Google forms through WhatsApp or Telegram for unfair means.

Google Classroom can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and App Store. It is designed for both iOS and Android devices and is compatible with all prevailing browsers.

Prime hardware requirements for Google Classroom sign-in are:

  • A device with an in-built camera to take photos or videos for posting to the classroom and interacting with a teacher in real-time
  • Storage solution: Expandable storage like Google Drive, Hard Drives, etc., to store and access lessons’ pictures, videos, and files offline.
  • A Google Account: To initiate the Google Classroom sign-in process and synchronize your account and classroom google.

The classroom app offers ease of connecting with classmates and teachers and allows them to expand their learning by sharing information and exchanging knowledge gained through lectures and books. If you want to go paperless, you can opt for eBooks rather than hardcover books.

“Technology Alone Will Not Improve Education, But It Can Be A Powerful Part Of The Solution.” - Sundar Pichai, Ceo, Google

“Technology Alone Will Not Improve Education, But It Can Be A Powerful Part Of The Solution.” – Sundar Pichai, Ceo, Google – Google Classroom | Google For Education

In and Out of Google Classroom

To enter the Classroom Google, the requirements are minimal. The students can have a Google account opened first. They can get it added to the Classroom by sending an email to the administrator. In schools offering online classes, their administrator can open all students’ and teachers’ accounts on Google.

Students are sent the Google Classroom codes. They need to click on these codes to get entry to the online class. On entering, the students can find who all and how many students have joined the class. They can click on any student’s name to chat. All students joining the classroom can talk to each other; therefore, a little bit of restraint needs to be practiced by the teacher to enable the online class’s smooth functioning.

To get the best experience of the Google classroom, the students are advised to keep their microphones on mute and speak only when they prompt them to do so. Thus, quite similar to the in-class environment, the experience is replicated online on the Google Classroom app through Google Meet classes.

“By Involving Students In Creative Lessons That Allow Them To Express Their Ideas, Coding Becomes Much Less Intimidating.” - Tim Hilborn, Technology Teacher, Abbott And Borel Middle Schools

By Involving Students In Creative Lessons That Allow Them To Express Their Ideas, Coding Becomes Much Less Intimidating.” – Tim Hilborn, Technology Teacher, Abbott, And Borel Middle Schools

How is google classroom useful?

A google classroom student can enjoy various benefits. This app is taking the convenience of getting the education of choice to a higher level by offering students the chance to learn in a self-paced manner.

Some of the essential ways Google Classroom is useful are:

  1. It offers the freedom to join or leave the class as per the choice. Those people who are working can find this feature convenient. Since they are not required to be present in the online class compulsorily, they can continue their education with their work.
  2. It offers anytime, anywhere access to the class. The students will find all lessons uploaded in the app in their account or on the drive allotted to them in a date-wise manner or other pattern chosen by the facilitator. Thus, it helps the students to find the study notes in an organized and easily accessible manner.
  3. The students can be notified about any new event or information through an email. If the devices are synced, they can get the same information through an email alert, which they can access on their mobile phones. So, nothing is missed by the students when they enroll in an online class empowered by the Classroom app.
  4. The students can upload their work after converting them into PDFs or according to any guideline as stated by the teacher. Thus, the teachers can assess the student’s progress and make suggestions, too, just like they do while evaluating the projects in a physical classroom environment.
  5. The study from anywhere: Since Google accounts can be accessed anywhere; Classroom app users can attend their class no matter where they are. The only thing they need is an internet connection for attending the online class. If by any chance that is not possible, the students still can access study materials, email the teacher about the doubts and get the necessary guidance offline.
  6. All notes saved in one place: Students are required to study various subjects to earn school and college credits. Some subjects studied require them to have a dedicated space for storing books and notes. All the space-related hassles can be saved as the students carry their year-long study material in a compact mobile phone or a laptop, literally. Thus, the hassle of storing notes and accessing them is wholly removed using the Classroom app.
  7. Cost-efficient study solution: As a student, you save on many overheads such as transport expenses, books, etc., when you enroll in a study program through the Google Classrooms app. Since eBooks and all study material is provided in soft copies and are free of cost, you are practically paying only for the tuition fee.


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