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More than 100 years of “Godrej” and it’s an inspiring journey of legacy




Hello readers, Welcome to Robust story. I hope you visit us daily! since we don’t forget to bring you
“your daily Potion of Inspiration.” Do like and follow us on our social media handles. Today, let us begin with a question how many of you have seen a Godrej Almira or fridge while growing up in your houses?

When it’s a sure fact that many of us have seen it, the products of Godrej are so dependable. Due to this feature, it has been successful in setting up a brand name that is known to people of almost every age group.

In this article, we are going to cover the humble success story of Godrej, a firm that has been serving people with its best quality products in the century.  Godrej the “Indian company” that has become a common name in almost every household in the country. A firm that started initially under the supervision of Mr. Ardeshir Godrej in 1897. The company is 100 years old and it finds its existence since the swadeshi movement.

It had a very basic start with lock-making work. It would not be wrong to quote that it is one of the few industrial firms that not only has seen the growth of the Indian economy since independence. In simple words, Godrej has become a trustworthy legacy over the years.

Let us first understand how the legacy was built…


Initially at Ardeshir Godrej with his brother Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej, cofounded the Godrej brothers company that later became the Godrej group. Hailing from a wealthy Parsi Zoroastrian family of Bombay, he studied law in Britain but his career in that field was short-lived. When he returned to Mumbai he started a venture to manufacture surgical appliances. After working as an assistant at a chemist shop sadly the venture did not work but Ardeshir was a man who did not give up so easily.

Refusing to give up he went on to take a loan from one of his acquaintances and started a new business of lock-making with his brother.

Well, that is how the initial foundation was laid for the very famous Godrej empire in 1897. The locks manufactured by him were available at cheaper rates as compared to those imported from Britain. As a result, the business flourished! he decided to expand the manufacturing segment and went on to make India’s first fireproof safe. The safes were one of their kind and super affordable. In fact, back in the days, it was covered in one of the popular newspapers “The Hindu.”

The safe was once used by the Queen of England during her 1912 visit to India. The safes were made by Ardeshir at that time are still an iconic product and will always remain. Similarly, there were several products manufactured and introduced to the Indian people for the first time by his firm.

We will now learn more about the iconic products that Godrej delivered to Indians:

Springless lock:

The first product in this list is obviously the springless lock that not only gain popularity but led the foundation for the Godrej group. When Ardeshir made the springers lock he got a patent for the same. As it came with an innovative technique incorporating various fittings and reverse that why did add security when used to lock anything. Not only this but these locks were also fireproof in fact this product and immense buzz after an unprecedented explosion of a freighter on the docks of Bombay.

Sadly there were several lives lost in the incident but amidst of explosion the Godrej safes and locks remained unharmed from the fire. Precious pearls, an important paper kept inside the safes were in perfect condition even after such a massive explosion.

Well, that tells the quality of the product! next on this list is the typewriter…


During the 1940s the typewriters use to be imported or assembled in India. But with growing demand, there was a need for a locally made typewriter, the shape of this idea was given by Godrej and Boyce…In 1955 he and his brother launched a “locally made typewriter” that was known by the name “Primer”.  It was the first firm in Asia at that time which started to make typewriter locally.

Godrej Typewriters

Godrej Typewriters

This simply implies that Godrej has proved to be a symbol of self-reliance and vocal for locals.

Ballot boxes:

When the operations began at Godrej and Boyce’s first factory in Vikhroli Mumbai. The company’s main focus was lied in making ballet box that could be used in the first general elections of India that was conducted from 1951 to 1952.  The firm had received a big order to manufacture 9,00,000 ballet boxes for carrying out the general elections with utmost honesty. The general election was a massive event in India and so was the importance of ballot boxes.

When it came to ensuring security with a product like this Godrej was the first name everyone could think of. The firm did the best work and delivered the required number of ballot boxes that were used during the election.

Godrej Ballot Boxes

Godrej Ballot Boxes

Think about the era of the 1950s!

India had become independent and Indian leaders were working towards mending the legs of its crippled economy. During that time the so-called modern refrigerator was a luxury item that could be afforded by a handful of Indians only. All the brands available for international being made abroad the prices are high and the dream for most of the people in the country. but then, Godrej changed it all…


In 1958, the company successfully incorporated the first Indian maid refrigerator by collaborating with General Electric company. It had the ability to compete with the refrigerators assembled in foreign lands. You would be surprised to know that; Godrej in later years became the first Indian company to produce a refrigerator that was 100% free from harmful chemicals like CFCs and HCFC.

Godrej Refrigerator

Godrej Refrigerator

We can say that was the initial bit towards protecting the environment.

Washing soap:

In 1918 Godrej and Boyce also went on to introduce washing soap that was made in India. Two years later they manufactured a soap that was made from vegetable oil with no use of animal fat. This feature made it special. Godrej provided Indians with quality soaps at affordable rates.

Well, Cinthol soap is available even today! This again proves the long-running legacy of the Godrej group and its glorious presence in the fast-moving consumer good or FMCG sector.

In today’s time, Godrej has become multidimensional.

It has firms that make products across several categories like personal care products, cleaning agents, furniture, consumer durable security solutions, Acrobat chemicals, interior products, etc. Over the wide span of years with its value-added pricing model it has succeeded in penetrating the Indian markets reaching almost every household in India.

Why don’t you all have a look in your house and see the number of products used in your household that are manufactured by Godrej? It will be fun…

The legacy of Godrej company is unparalleled with witnessing the changing phases of the Indian economy and being a crucial part of it. Since 1897 it has given many first to the Indian markets and it continues to serve the people high-quality products and services.

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