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Future Drones – The wave of COVID-19 has brought tremendous change in Drone Market



Future -Drones

China and Japan have already established themselves in drone technology and planning for advanced levels of future drones. Nonetheless, India’s growth for the drone market has subsequently shown a rapid change on account of the medicine delivering emergency, Wedding and Videography, product delivery, and logistics in the country.

How far India reaches the industry of Drone business with a connection to Growth and Investment Opportunities?

In this era, a drone has the power to touch the new heights of technology and to increase the economy by exporting drones outside the Indian market. The wave of COVID-19 has brought tremendous change in Drone Market. For more growth opportunities for India, Airspace Management declared regulations for the Drone market that are more moderate that India can beat the heights of growth in the economy. On paper, it looks pretty simple but practically is it possible?

Lacking in Fund

There is no doubt of the fact that India being a developing country is ahead in terms of all sectors including technology. According to the survey, the future drones market in India will have 100 startups where the connecting country China are having 129 drone startup programs. Also if we see in term of investment from 2014 to 2018 was USD 16.56 million with maximum funding of USD 732 in the same year. Whereas, China has advanced its investment by 14x in 2014-2018. Can India compete with China in the race of developing future drones?

Re-establishment for Future Drones

China supplied the drones to India for military purposes as China products are sold at cheaper rates in other countries. So it would be a nice idea to import drones from China at a cheaper rate. But in 2014, the Government banned the usage of civil drones. Because In Mumbai a shop name pizzeria tried to use UAV drones to parcel pizza in the nearby area.

The government with its research and development team took 3 years to search for the flaws and enhancement of drone usage. The Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) firstly declared the guidelines of the usage of drones for public welfare in 2013. On-air Drone came into existence in December 2018. The drone market has been geared up by the announcement made by DGCA and investors are eager to invest in this market. Imagine the reason behind it?

Disaster Management- It’s a hazardous situation where victims are flooded in natural disasters. With the help of Drones, victims can be easily located.

Indian Railways– UAS technology is used for the 3d- Mapping. Like recently India has a project of Bullet Train, so, it will require a map for inspection. Here UAS drones are used for 3-D mapping of corridors.

Coal Mining- There was a big scam in the field of Coal. So to overcome this scam Coal Mining sector has introduced Drone technology to find where illegal places of coal and mining.

Traffic Regulation- Drones can be a boon for traffic police as they can spy on public places. This can help to build a progressive country.

Future- Drones

Future Drone

Growth Promoters for Future Drones

India is a country where every day new technology comes into existence. So, India, in the force, will dominate the future drones industry by its Superior Drone Technology market. The key factor for shaping future drones growth are:

India has gone through many phases to date.

India can tackle any situation with calm and ease. As our government is throughout working for enhancing up to date technology that can bring revolution in the global market and can increase economy rate.

Being the second-largest in Population,

India has more manpower in terms of Knowledge in the Technical as well as the Non-Technical part. India is emerging with bright youth that can create a history in the world. So If the drone market is established in India, many youths will get a chance to showcase their quality. Employment can be at new heights as approx 100 drone startups are taking place in India.

As a youth, conducting awareness regarding Drone regulation can positively impact the country. It becomes easy for the public to know about the policy of Drone. Engagement activities can be handled to make the public familiar with the pros and cons of Drones.

In India where Civil Drone was not so in use,

The business managed to hold the startup tight and pulled off the B2B segment to the heights. And Indian Drone manufacturer TechEagle acquired Zomato company. Zomato is the largest online Food Delivery. Likewise, a Bengaluru-based company Skylark Drones has tied up with Tata Steel to install Drones in Iron ore Mines located at Jharkhand. There are other drone startups like- Redwing Aerospace Laboratories AUS starting to work with the B2B model.

The six Drone startup which got funding in 2014-2018, making tie-up with B2B industries like- Agriculture, Defence, Logistics, Security and Surveillance, and Indian railways.

India further will make many other norms to regulate the usage of Drones and how to plan future drones application for the welfare of the community in the Public Market.


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