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Robust Story presents you with precisely this target, a collection of success stories of Indian entrepreneurs who may have made a name in their own way and become legends. You can read the success story of owned by Supam Maheshwari, as mentioned below.

Also, the world knows the name of Amitabh Bachchan, he is the brand ambassador of this well-known firm. is a physical and digital brand that sells children, teenagers and moms a wide variety of products. The start-up was born in India for millions of parents to solve the problem of not getting access to the right brands and childcare things for their babies. Product segments for include diaper wipes, breastfeeding and nutrition, skin and medical care, games, clothing, apparel, products for fashion, and many more.

Complemented with elevated online shoppers, quick and reliable distribution process and prompt customer assistance, the organisation delivers the newest items and brands at fair prices. is an all-in-one Pune-based startup for maternal and newborn care, which claims to be the biggest online shop for child and teenager goods in Asia. The growth rate of the firm is constant. There are above 10 million downloads of the app on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Lets now discuss a few facts about founder Supam Maheshwari. Starting with his introduction and initial life.

The initial life of Supam Maheshwari

Supam began to study at Apeejay College. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (1991-1995) from the Delhi College of Engineering. Supam is an ardent reader and enjoys playing squash. Supam hopped straight onto the entrepreneurship train, unlike most of the businessmen who first opted for jobs. Overall, he is a one-of-a-kind strong market-oriented guy with a wary focus on the information and also ensures that consumer satisfaction is of extra value since it is one of the main characteristics that make a business besides its company.

He started to spend time on a project and initiated it in 2000. None other than Brainvisa Technologies was the initiative. The company’s key assets were its educational style and the end-to-end learning strategies it offered. Brainvisa is nothing but an e-learning organisation aimed at helping organizations worldwide improve the efficacy of practise and teaching by developing customised teaching methods that once again concentrated on market targets that were set and established.

As the expansion was incredible, his tenure finally ended in 2007, when he planned to sell the company for $25 million to the US-based Indecomm Global Services group.

Lets now focus on the much talked about brand ‘FirstCry’.

How the seed of was Formed?

Supam became a father and that he had to travel frequently to the U.S. and Europe for his work. Then he used to carry back a variety of products for his firstborn daughter as it was possible to believe the product quality was accessible abroad but mostly because plenty of them was not available commercially. He started searching for his daughter’s product categories and couldn’t pick the ones he was looking for. Then when he noticed that there was a massive demand-supply deficit for children-focused products in the local market, along with several global brands as well.

He found that the infant and kids industry in India had an average turnover of around Rs.50,000 Cr when he started further investigating, and 95 per cent of these sales were offline. And the thought was really evident to him now. He wanted to create a forum that could provide parents with convenient access to premium goods for infants and kids. He decided to offer a wide range of edge consistency.

Supam, together with his buddy Amitava Saha and with Rs. 2.5 Cr. seed money, collected through personal wealth and associates, started BrainBees Solutions until everything was figured out. And afterwards, they launched in 2010 under the umbrella of BrainBees. Success Growth

In 2011, another site called, an online marketplace for home and personal care items, was also introduced by BrainBees. How most people were not aware was that was a big customer acquisition strategy developed by Supam, and in a period of 2 years, only 30 per cent of Firstcry’s consumers got it.

Firstcry extended its physical base to locations such as Bhilai, Dehradun, Haridwar, Kanpur, Bharuch and so on in attempts to draw from both online and offline markets. In other terms, this was a hybrid of a press and hold platform that focused more on Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

First cry tied up with 6,000 hospitals across the nation and used to deliver a ‘Firstcry Box’ to moms before they left the hospital, as a symbol of complimenting them on their baby’s birth. Their concept was very straightforward. has a catalogue of products with more than 1200,000 products to about 1200 Indian and Foreign brands. Some of these include Mattel, Ben 10, Pigeon, FunSchool, Hotwheel, Nubi, Farlin, Medela, Pampers, Disney, Barbie, Gerber, and Fisher-Price.

The company provides the best products and brands at reasonable prices complemented by a quality online shopping experience, fast and reliable delivery service and prompt customer care. Business Tie-up growth

First Cry purchased BabyOye, owned by the Mahindra Group, for approximately 362 crores in 2016 (equivalent to approximately 419 crores or US$ 59 million in 2019) It is a millennium company selling maternity, nursery and maternal care products and services in India in the OmniHel Baby and Mom Care products market. He was an undoubted founder and improved his grip on it. The merged group is now doing business under the name, a venture of FirstCry Mahindra.

Firstcry Store

“OiPlayschool” was purchased by the firm. In the childcare market, has a company portfolio of over 1,200 international and Indian brands with over 90,000 products, leading the game.. Funding

After approving last year’s private placement letter in January 2019 for a $ 400 million stake in Firstcry, Japanese Internet and telecom giant Softbank’s Vision Fund planned to spend $ 400 million in Firstcry. Thus, FirstCry’s valuation was boosted to $ 800 million before just $ 350 million which took it really close to the Unicorn mark.

FirstCry was supposed to deposit around Rs 2,825 crore ($ 396.34 million) from the $ 93 billion seed funding of Softbank in two phases. First Cry raised a total of $ 429 million in funding over 8 phases. There are more than 100 chain outlets across India, apart from the organization’s wide online presence. FirstCry is valued at 1.2 billion dollars and is one of India’s new unicorn clubs.

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We hope that through our entrepreneurial trip, you can find the inspirational success story of Supam Maheshwari, co-founder of, inspiring and holding your emotions. Stay tuned with us to know more about other entrepreneurs of India as well as international tycoons.

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