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12 Psychological Tips for Surviving Your First Impression



First Impression

Scientists have proven that we form our first impression about someone within the first 7 seconds of meeting them, and certain factors can instantly make or break it.

Let’s find out what you should do to make your first impression good.

12 – A Flimsy (weak) handshake.

First Impression

First Impression

This point couldn’t be more valuable for anyone with an upcoming job interview. A flimsy handshake kills the first impression. Oh yes, Handshakes do play an important role.

In his research, psychologist William F. Chaplin found that people with a Flimsy (Weak) handshake are instantly judged as shy, fearful, uninterested, or even completely incompetent!

That is not how you want others to remember you. Of course, you have to make a good impression, but the most common mistake we do while making a handshake is holding someone’s hand for too long, and there you go, it’s all awkward..! yes, it did drop your first impression. Shake your hand firmly, not more than two seconds shows the right impression of confidence and capability.

That’ll put you on the road to success!

11 – Hand position – keeping your hand in the wrong position.

First Impression

First Impression

Suppose you are ever sitting in front of a group of people. In that case, whether it be at a business meeting or conference, you have to rethink before you put your hand as body language plays an important role in being judged the wrong movements can fail your first impression. Putting hands over your lap is good but putting in your pockets denotes a lack of confidence.

If you place your hands on the table, do not press them too firmly or leave them flat with your palms down. This makes people feel like you want to control them! While gently folding your hands on the table is okay in the Western world, this position is considered rude in Japan and India.

10 – Chewing gum

You’ve got to admit that it is extremely annoying and rude when you are talking to someone, and they are chewing on a piece of gum! Chewing gum into a formal situation is a big No in any part of the world. It is considered irritating, rude, and inappropriate. At times Chewing on gum makes you look childish and somewhat uncultured! So, don’t even dare to put gum in your mouth while appearing for an interview. We eat gum as a mouth freshener but always remember to spit before you enter the interview.

On the flip side, a new study has found that people chewing gum usually appear to be friendly and open-minded in a casual situation. So be careful with this one. It can either help or damage your first impression.

9 – Avoiding Direct Eye Contact.

First Impression

First Impression

Eye contact has a very specific style on how we look at someone. The 2007 findings shows that people who maintain eye contact during a conversation are often seen as more self-assured, polite, intellectual, and honest.

People who try and avoid eye contact, on the other hand, are seen as less sincere, more anxious, and even unattractive! It does not mean that you have to stare at people like a total creep.

8 – Playing with your Hair.

Statistics reading show that women who touch their hair up to 18 times a day! That’s okay if you’re fixing it in the mirror. But if you play with your hair while having a conversation with someone, this is the wrong impression you are transmitting forward. You could be sending them an inappropriate message.

They might think you are flirting with them! But more importantly, a person who plays with their hair during a conversation appears extremely anxious and makes other people feel uncomfortable. This trait is not appreciated in a formal situation. Be careful your habit might give the wrong impression.

7 – Picking the Wrong Conversation Topics.

To avoid awkward silence or to start the conversation, we pick up the wrong topics. This comes to an everyday question for a lot of us. How to start a conversation when you just met or entered the interview?


Do not start with sorry I got late, or any reason; always play it safe; some topics are better to avoid before you are asked to share your opinions, such as TABOO topics, religion, politics, etc.

It is always a good idea to be attentive while having a conversation. Sharing personal experience is always okay to listen to than picking up the wrong topic and failing at first impression. A good listener is always highly cherished.

6 – Invading Someone’s Personal Space.

First Impression

First Impression

There are always certain lines you should never invade it depending upon any situation. They say keep a minimum four feet distance between you and the other person who meet for the first time. This 4-foot distance is also known as SAFE Distance. Always Maintain that.

5 – Making Distracting Noises.

We all have been with someone under the same roof, which makes noises with unnecessary stretch at the formal situations or makes noise with a pen or something or the other.! Tapping can imply nervousness, irritation, or being impatient. Sometimes it is considered as People purposely trying to irritate others or draw attention to oneself. And while cracking your knuckles can help relieve stress, but It is one of the most annoying sounds during the meetings, conferences, etc. Never do that.

4 – Constantly Checking your Phone.

First Impression

First Impression

We have become addicted to our gadgets! Do you know? Interesting fact; an average person generally checks the phone 110 times a day. Just imagine in the meeting or interview, even if you are checking time on your phone, it comes off as you are being impolite. It also gives an impression to the other person that they are boring you.

Checking the phone while having a conversation is the rudest behaviour one can imply. The phone also works as a distraction while having an important conversation. So, keep your phone away during a conversation.


3 – Forgetting Names.

A big No never does that for your interview, in a meeting, or during a casual meeting too. Forgetting somebody’s name when you are going to meet the person, or the related names is a bad idea. NEVER FORGET the names; rehearse the right pronunciation before meeting them. The most embarrassing thing you can do is, make an excuse that you have a bad memory doesn’t help. It makes things worse and gives the impression that you are self-centred, rude, and uninterested.

2 – Being Late.

First Impression

First Impression

Never run late when you are meeting the people for the first time. Especially in Formal situations, this is considered as sheer disrespect. You will look like a flimsy and careless person – a person who does not respect others enough; to value their time. There is nothing good about it. When you think you don’t want to MESS, Be on time! Simple.

1 – What You Wear!

First Impression

First Impression

We cannot deny the fact that people judge a book by its cover. They do it within seven seconds of setting eyes on us. People really make a assumptions about you, by the way you look and carry yourself.

Statistics prove that 55 percent of the first impressions are based on how you look!

What’s additional, studies show that your height, weight, hair color, and makeup can even make an impact on the size of your Paycheck while appearing for an interview. So, while making your first impression, especially in more formal situations, try to be moderate in your clothing choice. Do not be extra but always be Yourself. Be sharp and neat. Always remember to wear your smile and confidence on top of everything.

With these simple tips, you can don any meeting or interview with ease.

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Believer of the quote that Humans can never stop learning, Shalini is a graduate in psychology and currently pursuing her Masters. She has donned many hats, from being a professional event manager, lifestyle brands influencer, to being content curator. Shalini is a versatile writer, her writing ranges from everyday motivation, social media quick hacks, brand stories to writing about inspiring individuals. Shalini leads the bandwagon as the CEO at Robust story.

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