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11 Unique Ways To Use Facebook Marketplace For Business



Facebook Marketplace

What is the Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook is the most visited social media network. It is practically ‘Open’ 24 hours of the day. Facebook best utilizes such availability ease in the form of Facebook Marketplace. Running on third-party selling platforms’ lines, this feature offers an easily usable exchange medium on which businesses can sell and buy their new and used products. It gives a readymade platform to local sellers who want to utilize the online medium for their business objectives.

FB marketplace is entirely free of cost. This social media network users can find this feature’s icon at the top of the News Feed. You can click on the tab at the top that reads ‘Shop.’ Thus, the sellers can start their online shop right away at FB and make the business visible to all their FB friends, followers, and other network partners.

How does the Facebook Marketplace work?

Facebook tremendously eases the online buying and selling of products. To actions are possible at the Marketplace – buy and sell.

To buy any product in the market place, you can follow these steps:

  1. From your News Feed, click Marketplace.
  2. Click on the item you wish to buy
  3. Enquire about it from the seller two ways – compose a custom message and send to the seller, or simply click ‘send’ below the pre-composed message that reads ‘Is this available?’

You can follow this conversation by accessing this path: Your Account>Your Listings.

How to post on the Facebook Marketplace

To sell any product through the market place, the businesses need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to News Feed and select Market Place.
  2. Click on ‘+ Create a new listing,’ and then label it as ‘item for sale.’
  3. Click ‘Add Photos’ to upload the item’s picture for buyers’ reference.
  4. Enter item info. The unique thing is, you can also mark the price as ‘zero’ if you want to give it away for free. Complete the title and description.
  5. Go to ‘Next.’ If you find it unclickable, recheck the listing and fix the errors.
  6. Finally, select ‘Publish’ to make your Marketplace listing/post visible.

How and to whom the Facebook Marketplace is useful?

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace has become a trusted tool for local businesses. Those buyers who want to shop for something from a local seller of some other city can use this feature and get that product quickly without actually visiting that city. Such ease of buying local products from anywhere promotes local businesses and helps them boost their sales figures. It can make them popular among wider audiences utilizing Facebook or spending time here.

Some of the ways Facebook marketplace is useful are:

  1. It offers a cost-free online platform for selling products.
  2. Buyers can get the product, which is the specialty of any specific city, delivered to their address. So, next time when you want to buy authentic specialties like Antwerp’s diamond, you know where to go!
  3. Buyers can also get the product delivered to any address of their choice without paying the shipping cost. They can help any needy by sending them an item of utility from their local market if the latter cannot move out of their office or home due to any reason.
  4. Sellers can expand their reach worldwide. They need not be the global sellers or have a global entity to sell to any buyer located anywhere. However, the restricted products’ list of any country should be referred to avoid any legal hassles.
  5. The money reaches the seller account instantly. They need not waste time and resources in extending credit.
  6. The Marketplace is quite useful for clearance sales. If certain products are about to reach the shelf-life, or if you have some giveaway plans in mind, you can price them at reasonably cheap rates or offer for free at Marketplace. While other selling platforms require sellers to put a figure in the price box, it is the feature that allows you to put the item for free.
  7. The market place combines new and used items in one place. So, if the buyers do not want to pay a premium price for a brand new product, they can opt for used items.
  8. All product information comprising new or used, available for purchase, expected time of delivery, etc., is possible to include in the market place. Thus, the sellers can create a third-party selling platform for listing without going through a stringent process of becoming a seller, as is essential in other platforms.
  9. Sellers who operate from home or are into the drop-shipping model can use this platform to display the inventory to the interested buyers or their network’s members. It helps them talk about business, just like any other conversation in a private environment through ‘Messenger.’ So, they can enjoy better privacy in their dealing using Marketplace.
  10. Market place customizes the visitor experience. Based on the preferences and interests and followed page information, the listings that are most likely to catch the buyers’ attention are shown to them. Thus, Marketplace acts as a salesman for the seller. This salesman shows the products only of customers’ interests, interacts with them on behalf of the seller, and closes the deal instantly. Thus, the local sellers need not wait for their customers to come to their shops. They can reach them in their offices and houses without invading their privacy or fixing an appointment.
  11. All kinds of selling proposals are possible to make at Marketplace. It is not only about clothes, furniture or other fast-moving goods. If you are searching for a renter or a buyer for your home or want to dispose of your vehicle, you can come to Market Place.
Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace proves to be the best support for buyers and sellers who want to close deals with minimal effort. The home-delivery model, dynamic pricing system, and customized listings support offer unmatched convenience to buyers and sellers who want to do business on their terms. It takes the hassle away from doing business and provides a more familiar platform; after all, who doesn’t know how to use Facebook?

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