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Unlock 4 Relief for Events and Sports in simple words



Community Gathering

Guidelines came out by the home union ministry with relief for events and sport.

Section(2)(1) of the disaster management act 2005 directs the new unlock 4 guidelines, the gathering of people including social, academic, entertainment, sports, cultural and religious is permitted, up to 100 persons. Following all the rules such as wearing a face mask, thermal scanning, sanitizing, hand wash and maintaining social distance is mandatory. This guideline is fully Functional from 21st September.

Gathering for Marriages and the last rites is also permitted from 50 and 20 persons to 100 persons effectively from the 21st of September. Whereas there’s No allowance and effect of the unlock 4 guidelines in the containment zone. The containment zone will remain in lockdown till 30th September.

Unlock 4 guidelines may have relieved us, but the following National Directives for COVID-19 Management is obligatory.

It clearly states to follow:

  • Face covering: covering the mouth with a facemask is mandatory. Not wearing a mask is an offence.
  • Social Distancing: 2 gaaz ki doori! One person should maintain 6 feet distance from another person.
  •  Spiting in public Areas: Under State/UT local authority spitting in public areas is punishable with a fine. Everyone should put best practices to avoid such offence.

The most important safety measure that we all need to follow also under the unlock 4 guidelines is the use of app Aarogya Setu. We all have to ensure that we regularly update our health status on the app. It is one compulsory guideline to follow by everyone.

The unlock 4 guidelines sound a beneficial relief for the Events and Entertainment industry. However, due to the outbreak of COVID-19, these industries were distressed bigtime. Here and now under unlock 4 guidelines events will start, not entirely like earlier times but yes Much better than the past few months.

Events in Unlock 4:

We expect Unlock 4 will be the beginning of on-ground events again. The on-ground events like Corporate Events, MICE ( meetings-incentives-convection-exhibition), inaugurations and product launch will start taking place. During the lockdown, on-ground events were completely taken over by Virtual Events. However, it opened a new platform to host events in its way and some fantastic opportunities for the masses. The experience of virtual events is still going to remain the same. But we did miss going out and attending events.

EVENTS in Unlock 4

EVENTS in Unlock 4

Seems like now we can host corporate events, press meets, award shows. The gathering of 100 persons following mandatory safety guidelines is a reasonable allowance by the government for us to start somewhere.

Well, the Unlock 4 guidelines indeed allow us to resume the Events and entertainment industry in a certain kind. In March 2020, we witnessed 100 % cancellations of events, and the Event industry suffered the loss of $666mn is still a terrible state in the history of the Event Industry.

Many event professionals faced a loss of employment. I hope that unlock 4 will turn out to be helpful with increasing employment opportunities. The wedding industry was also at a standstill with the outbreak. But in the coming days, the wedding industry will back in full swing since the current market analysis shows that people prefer intimate wedding hence Unlock 4 guidelines is a great relief for the wedding industry to host weddings with 100 persons.

While the Gathering for Business events like AGMs, tech and non-tech conferences, partner meets, seminars, associations meet will still have to struggle. Although these business Events can also be arranged with innovations like dividing the attendees into multiple groups, running the show by breaking down the show flow likewise.

Sports in Unlock 4:

When it comes to sport, it is like a religion for everyone across the globe. We are divided by boundaries but united by sports. Such an excellent example of the world coming together to compete, challenge and celebrate the spirit of sport is the “ Olympics” which was supposed to be held in Tokyo this year got cancelled. Other sports like IPL and football leagues also got revoked, Covid-19 affected the sports sector badly.

Athletes faced a lot of restrictions on their public practice sessions. The new unlock 4 guidelines not only lifts off the restrictions but also allows sports to resume by following safety norms and also allows the gathering in the sports sector with a limit of 100 people at a time. These new Unlock 4 guidelines will impact state level, district level competitions to be held.

SPORTS in Unlock 4

SPORTS in Unlock 4

We hope to see the change in upcoming days in the Events, Entertainment, and Sports industry. It is the time for a new beginning, time to begin again with all the safety measures.

As the war with covid19 is still on.

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