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A Peek in History About Event Management upto 2021



1888 - Painting by Peder Severin Krøyer in Denmark

Events, the fancy word and we hear this word more often than we ever thought, In the early 90s the term “Event Management” was a Greek word for all of us but we can’t say this anymore. Event Management, Events are now the word we all are familiar with. The literal meaning of the word Events is “Happenings”, and if we dig into it this is what it is! all our important ceremonies, parties, etc is nothing but the events of our life or we becoming part of such events. Managing the “happenings” is nothing but Event management.

What do events do? Be it a party, a meeting, or a promotional event, connect us with each other. It’s the gatherings of people who associate us with each other. Now with the technical enhancements, the Mode of these gatherings has changed drastically. We can trace the origin of Events since long ago! and it was always a part of our society. Which is still developing its ways and means of hosting or planning these events.

When some gathering involves large Numbers of people, specifications to host that events are challenging and not an easy cup of tea. We need other helping hands to do it for us. Then the “Experts” & “ Expertise” come in the Picture who know everything to pull those specifications and can manage a large number of people.

Let’s us see how it all actually started,

This brief history of event management Comparing then & Now.

The Progression of Event Management

The ancient events and gatherings we conducted to encourage peace and friendship between different tribes and races. The first-ever event planner was Cleopatra.

Cleopatra’s Event Management

Cleopatra’s Event Management

She hosted elaborated over the top assemblies or reunions in pursuit of lovers. Cleopatra planned her entry in one of the assemblies by coasting down the Nile River on a decorative boat filled with candles, perfume and flower only to impress Mark Anthony(all our hassle to make an entry in weddings starts from here). Cleopatra’s events wouldn’t have had been manageable without her servants and free labour. Mode of Communication was very few back then. Messages and invitations were hand-delivered and it would take weeks or months to deliver them.

Extravagant Events and parties were experienced by the Medieval French Royalty. Rich aristocratic women were given the charge of event management to throw Parties and plan assemblies. The most renowned was Madame Pompadour, the mistress to King Louis XV of France and Marie Antoine. The gatherings were generally with lavish costumes and popular upscale musicians of the day.

With the Industrial Revolution, the demand for meetings and events developed and it magnified beyond assemblies for the rich and royal. Industrialization has given a strong and boasted economy which increased manufacturing and businesses on a large scale. Gathering people to launch products, discuss or create awareness became a necessity. It became compulsory for Individuals to set up meetings and events in a way to collaborate and develop their businesses. People made more money and reputation, which meant that they could lay out more on hosting events.

This expansion also created the need for individuals to maintain their brand reputation. The enlargement of transportation and public facilities provided choices to upsurge the number of events and meetings. The modern-day modes of transport like trains and buses helped people travel to and from events This development opened the doors for everyone to be part of gatherings and events on large scale. No longer assemblies, events, or gatherings were only for wealthy & Royal people.

The launch of mobile phones and the internet brought a massive change in event planning. It totally eases the process of communication, earlier what it used to take months or weeks to convey the invitation or message now can happen at any point of the day from anywhere in the world. Anybody can create, find, register, and can document an event by using these devices.

Then vs Now


Then: Prior to the 1990s and 2000s, event organizers were forced to manage registration processes in writing and all the important documents or invitations were physically mailed. It used to take days to reach the proper place and the chances were very high for the documents or invitations to be lost during transit.

Now: Documents or invitation can be emailed with just a few clicks instantly and registration forms, feedbacks can be filled out online.

Location Search

Then: When we had no internet, attendees had to go searching the exact location of the event venue on a physical map. It was a very tedious task and sometimes painful as there were no real-time updates or travel time tracker.

Now: We simply need to type an address or the name of the venue where we are supposed to go into Google Maps to easily receive turn by turn directions. Reaching the venue is much easier. We can even obtain a new route if we get mislaid or made a wrong turn. Reaching events is much simpler and easy. No wonder why and how events attract a large number of audiences.


Then: Earlier, If you wished to see who all would be attending the event. You’d have to place a telephone call to check with your friends or ask them in person. Also, there were times we had no clue about the number of attendees going to be until unless they acutely come and meet. Imagine you send invitations to 10,000 people and Attendees turned only 1000. What a waste!

Now: Via social media and event organization websites or etc, we can estimate Expected attendees virtually; who is interested in or attending an event. This has made it much easy and effective to plan accordingly.

Advertising and Finding Events

Then: Life without the internet, we used to only come to know about an Event Via flyers, posters, and word-of-mouth. The awareness generated about an event was Limited and Reach was restricted.

Now: People can quest for events as per their interest utilizing websites, different digital platforms, and listing of events on Goggle. We can simply type in our location and a list of events appear in seconds and honestly, we may not have even know if these events existed!

The most significant shift technology has presented is the accessibility for an individual or arrangement to have more control over event management. Digital tools and websites allow people to build online advertisements for events with user-friendly formats that are polished and look professional, these are very easy to Understand. Ticket sales and registration can manage in one spot. In the fast-paced world of the internet, we all struggle with limitation of time Wherein we all want easy to reach and maximum Output.

It is interesting to know we think event management is a product of the Modern world but history shows a completely different story. Do you know all the meetings during World Wars was well planned and was managed by a group of experts! Even the Olympics and other classic Events had the Group of experts doing their jobs.

Event Management Now

Event Management Now

Event Manager is a Real Job since forever.

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