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Healthy Event Manager = Awesome Event Management in 2021



Healthy Event Manager

In this ever-evolving fast-paced world, we are super engrossed in our work-life. The race is to achieve ambitious goals. In this race, we ignore our personal life and health (Healthy Event Manager). Especially us “The Event Managers”, we have an incredibly stressful life. It ranks as one of the top stressful jobs (Event Manager Jobs) in the US. The scenario is the same in India as well.

Event management is one of the fastest-growing industries with a revenue projection of INR 10,000 Crore only in India. While the demand for a good Healthy Event Manager is so high, the resources are extremely limited. This is one of the major reasons that we are overworked, we multitask on various projects. This scenario is very threatening for the health of Event managers.

Awesome Event Management

Awesome Event Management

With the growing demand for next-generation event managers, event companies keep looking for self-driven candidates. Companies need Healthy Event Managers who can work on projects round-the-clock for days together. While this is beneficial for the Event manager’s career growth, it affects the health parameters.

We do not realize this when we are fresh in the industry, we are always charged up to take the challenges head-on. We believe ourselves to be a Healthy Event manager. With sleepless nights going into the completion of on-ground setups or staying back in the office overnight to finish the last-minute design changes or manage multi-cities event with little or no break.

The work pressure is bound to remain. We need to ensure that we lead a healthy lifestyle. It is possible in many ways like exercising, eating healthy, sleeping enough, avoid smoking / heavy drinking. The average work-life span of Event Managers is generally short. This is due to the reasons you’ve read above.

An event manager requires a healthy body and an active mind as our job demands physical and mental agility. We are the Troubleshooters for our clients. We are the solution finders for every problem that a client faces on their events. Hence, we need to ensure we lead a healthy life to deliver an Awesome Event Experience.

Let’s take a look at the different scenarios of Healthy Event Manager:

Scenario A: Mr X is an event manager who is 28 years old man with 4 years of experience in events. He works long hours on a regular basis, smokes, and drinks heavily. He has been working for long hours to prepare for an event for more than a week, with less than 3 hours of sleep every-day.

A day prior to the event, he spends 3/4th of the time on the event setup & preparations on site. With only a couple of hours to rest, he is bound to be low on energy and the chances are that he might fumble in some tasks. Which will eventually lead to not so great experience for the client.

Scenario B: Mr Y is an event manager who is 30 years old man and holds more than 6 years of experience in event management. He spends an optimum time at work, does not smoke & drinks occasionally. During the event prep days, he remains in the office for long hours to get the work done.

He works 18 hours a day for a week before the event, during the event day he works for a maximum time of the day and rests for 4 hours before the show. He is now fresh for the show and ready to manage the event flawlessly. Output, Awesome event experience for all the event stakeholders.

Healthy Event Manager = Awesome Event Management

Healthy Event Manager = Awesome Event Management

Now we had a look at both the scenarios and understood how fitness is necessary to remain a Healthy Event Manager and deliver the best output at work. These may vary the basis of the experience/expertise that an individual has.

While everybody in the industry seems concentrated on sharing more things to do, read, or plan, nobody seems to care about the body that keeps everything going. The objective of this article is of course to give you, the “Event Managers” some tips on how to manage a Fit & Healthy lifestyle while managing events.

Another important objective is to stimulate the discussion of this topic in the industry. We wish to see people in the industry talking about improving working lifestyle as those discussing social media for events.

From my personal experience of working for more than a decade in the corporate event management space, running around and scheduling customer meetings, sitting for long hours at my desk to plan and prepare, running the console, managing the event setups, etc… it literally affects many aspects of your life.

It gives you a poor posture and the long hours of sitting and standing increases the risk of pain in joints, fatigue, and many other health problems. We need to pay more attention to the way we sit and stand for how long to reduce this possibility.

Things we need to avoid are drooping shoulders while seated, soft chairs and always ensure our spine is in a properly aligned position, no drooping and have your back against the support of your chair. Make sure your chair is set at the right height to allow your thighs to be at the right angles to your body.

When you are standing for an entire day, try and sit when you can. If feasible, take time to do a few basic exercises like lunges and squats. You can also do some shoulder stretching, these simple activities will ease your pressure and help you stay fresh and active for much longer.

To live a life of a Healthy Event Manager; with exercise, food is also a critical element in maintaining good health & a fit body. Whilst we are engrossed in the work, we ignore the nutrition quotient and eat all the possible junk food. Eating junk food regularly is a threat to our health and we should stop ignoring this. There are times when we do not find time to eat a proper meal as we must finish an urgent task.

A simple solution to this is to have an energy bar handy which can be a good energy refill for a while or eat fruits that are a good source of energy. While you can eat these and many other healthy small meals, a full meal is always a must.

While these are some basic exercises and quick meal ideas which you can follow on the event sites or office, there are many other workouts and food habits which are ideal for event managers in their daily routine. We will be soon covering them in our next blog. Till then, stay healthy and follow the best practices for a healthy lifestyle. The world needs healthy event managers to deliver Awesome events and everlasting experiences.

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