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Here’s Everything Important you want to know about Event Management before Starting Your Career in 2021



Event Management

Event Management is a promising industry to be in; you need to clearly understand the scope in this field before you make a decision and pull the trigger but, let your worries take a backseat because we are here to assist you in your decision making we know you are too excited to learn about event management but hold that thought for a moment we will come back to that in a while but let us first set the right context for you. Every year, every month, every day, hundreds of events happen in the world around us, countless events in the form of

  • Weddings
  • Fashion shows
  • Music concerts
  • Corporate meetings
  • Digital conferences
  • Social gatherings
  • Political rallies
  • Award shows & etc

take place most of these events even today are unorganized as in they are not managed or executed by professionals owing to many factors like lack of even available companies professionals budget issues etc. but the rise in income levels our awareness having given away to more organized events these events are more organized professionally and executed to perfection now the question is who is responsible for making this event successful and grand the answer is event management professionals who are experts in Event Management, which leads us to the next question

What is Event Management?



In simple words, Event Management is the process of planning, designing, organizing, and executing events. These events can be of various sizes types and scales. Event Management is analogous to directing a show because you have to take charge during the event and control every element of the event to make sure that the event concludes up successfully. In Event, Management one needs to keep these aspects in mind that the client requirements work on timelines and deadlines.

Selecting the right venue managing, different vendors, obtaining different permissions arranging other logistics Human Resource Management finalizing, speakers anchors and many more and the most important part is that one needs to work keeping the budget in mind yes that’s the most important aspect and above all, an event manager must be street smart since you never know what part of the plan might go wrong so the presence of mind is must in the industry blindly never hurts guys so is Event Management just a scale or is it even a not we call it both because even management is all about creating mesmerizing events that make a beautiful experience for everyone does Event Management sound exciting to you we hope it does. Check out a lot more in-depth about the Event Industry.

Description of the field of Event Management

Event Management Description

Event Management Description

Events managers and event planners are responsible for running, organizing, and planning all these events that you can think about all the Large scale events or small scale events the different types of events they could plan are any other event that needs someone to organize and coordinate to ensure that Everything runs the day of the event smoothly.

Other core responsibilities of the role could be meet with clients and understand their needs before coming up with ideas create proposals for events, developing advertisement ensuring all safety and health regulations staying on a budget, also making sure that all runs smoothly on the day of the event they oversee the removal of the event and the clearance of the venue, and also they have to research for some opportunities with new clients to create recent events, new business.

It is also fair to say that this career depends a lot on our networking and making contacts, knowing
the right people and Impacting client’s minds in such a way, every time they’re thinking about making an event or running something, they call you first, so maybe it could be even fair to say that this runs a lot on reputation and previous experiences working with you. If people have already done with you and they are recommending you to others, this is important. Hence knowing different people and learning a lot of people is important in this job.

Entry Qualifications for Event Management

Recently, an Event Management company seeks a bachelor’s degree. Usually, they ask for a bachelor’s degree in Hotel or catering management in marketing or business. These degrees aren’t a must but add a plus for you. Again, if you want to shift your career after completing these degrees, Event Management companies would welcome you with open arms.

Event Management Qualification

Event Management Qualification

Event Management companies have been going more towards a candidate with a degree because they prefer someone with training or education in some of these fields or at least one of them.

An added option could be getting a certificate in event planning. You can consider Event Management courses is focused on education and training about the event field, particularly. Various institutes and colleges provide placements; hence if you are looking forward to learning and start your career? You can begin with enrolling yourself.

I am sharing a list of Event Management Institute’s checkout.

The job in this industry in this field is more about you knowing the industry and knowing how to be organized and get some skills needed for working as an Events Manager. Sometimes employers are more interested in your skills and your personal qualities than just in your certificates or bachelor’s degree to be an Events Manager or planner. You can also be specialized in a particular field, e.g., Wedding planner.

The lifestyle of the Events Managers

We have to say that they work Extra Hours! They have performed more apart from the job they do during the week in the normal office hours. They also have to attend the events and make sure that Everything runs smoothly. The lifestyle of an Event manager is NO FIXED Hours. They have to work on events that are on late nights or late evenings, which can be on the weekends.

Lifestyle of the Events Managers

Lifestyle of the Events Managers

For example, if you want to go to the wedding field. Clients always prefer weekends so that their attendees can attend their big day. If you and your event manager plan weddings. So another thing that you should know is that you are not going to work on one event. You’re probably going to be working and juggling different events and the preparation of an organization of these events and are overlapping. This is an everyday thing in the life of an event manager. They are working on multiple projects at the same time.

The other interesting thing about the Event Management field is where these Event managers work well; it’s like anything else. It’s not a fixed thing usually, event planners and event managers tend to be around a lot. They’re not just improved on their desk and just working at their desk all the time. They probably have to meet clients, meet suppliers, do some presentation, and go around to meet other people. Coordinate stuff with them so you could expect that it’s not the typical desk job.

You also have to consider travelling if you are in an industry or field or a branch of Event Management or event planning that requires you to travel.

Let’s know about Money.

For a bit, I know that salaries are something that people consider a lot in the moment of choosing
the right career for them. Because let’s be honest, everyone wants to make a decent amount of money, at least. Still, the truth is that I cannot just tell you how much you’re can earn and how much these people earn because it depends so much on the city, the years of experience in the industry, the position that they’re working website from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and indeed salaries to understand the minimum and maximum salaries you can earn. To earn good salaries, some of the factors are important like,

  • You should have good communication skills to communicate well with clients and negotiate well with suppliers.
  • You should have the ability to coordinate with teams because sometimes you’re working on different projects or in different locations. It’s also really important to have strong organizational skills to complete all the small and big tasks for every event.
  • Event Managers’ skills are also really important to be empathic, positive, proactive, and energetic.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website, the projected percentage change in employment from 2018 to 2028 is 7%; this means that this is faster than the average scale. An increasing remote working trend also comes with expanding demand for meetings and conferences that bring everyone together. Although online communication is very important nowadays, face-to-face interaction is still a key factor in human interaction. People with experience in the hospitality industry or virtual meeting software and social media outlets should also have a really good advantage in the Event Management industry.

Events Managers Salaries

Events Managers Salaries

This industry includes multiple entry points in this field. It is also a really popular profession experiencing rapid growth. It has many global opportunities. The cool thing is that it has almost the same amount of females and males working in the industry.

Event Management Crew

Event Management Crew

Overall it is a really good field, and it’s fun to be part of this industry. Suppose you are an easy-going person who likes to explore the network and can work with fixed hours. This is The Event Management industry for you.

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