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Electronic Arts, Inc. Founded: 27 May 1982



Electronic Arts, Inc

Complete overview of Electronic Arts, Inc. from the beginning

Electronic Arts is an American company producing video games and franchises for mobile phones, PCs, tablets, and consoles. The company was founded on May 27, 1982, by Tim Hawkins, an employee at Apple. At the start, its main job was to publish the games and provide software for computers, which they diversified in 1987.

Currently, the company is primarily involved in developing and publishing various franchises like The Sims, Battlefield, Star Wars Battlefront Reboot, etc.

Electronic Arts was founded in San Mateo, California, US. Its headquarters are located in Redwood City, California, US.

The company operates under labels, such as – EA Worldwide Studios, EA All Play, EA Sports, SEED, and EA Competitive Gaming Division. This video game developer and publisher has developed video games, sports games, RPG games, Action games, and others under these labels. Apart from developing diverse genres of games, the company also focuses on giving time-relevant gaming solutions to consumers by providing games meant for PCs, mobiles, XBOX One, VR consoles, etc. The Free-to-play section of the games feature titles like FIFA Mobile, Apex Legends, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, a few noticeable ones to mention.

History and current market about Electronic Arts, Inc.

    1. 27th may, 1982: Tim Hawkins started Electronic Arts after leaving Apple
    2. Initial headcount: November 4, 1982: No of Employees rose to November 11, 1982: Company chose Electronic Arts as its name; originally, it was named Amazin’ Software
    3. Mid 1980s: Company started selling software for home computer Amiga. Its prime software products for this computer were a Drawing Program, a file format that could simultaneously store documents, sounds, pictures, animations, etc.
    4. 1987: First in-house video game, Skate or Die, was launched by the company, and simulated football game series Madden NFL.
    5. 1988: Fight simulator game exclusively for Amiga – F/A-18 Interceptor
    6. 1989: Populous marked the company’s entry to God Games
    7. 1999-2007: The company ventured into simulated sports titles and developed sports franchises like Madden NFL, NBA Live, FIFA, Tiger Woods, NHL, etc. In September 2006, the company partnered with Nokia and developed titles especially for Nokia deliverable through Nokia Content Discoverer.
    8. 2007-2013: Company reorganized under the leadership of John Riccitiello and developed four lines of products under four distinct labels. The idea helped to streamline work and roll out games in the market faster. In this period, the company released Crysis, Tiberium Wars, Battlefield 2142, Need for Speed, Spore and others for Mac.
    9. 2013- present: EA acquired Star Wars game development rights from Disney, Developed Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and Star Wars Battlefront Reboot.

Online games and sports franchise games are the main products that the company deals in presently. It has shown ups and downs throughout the lifecycle, and with acquisitions and continuous reinventing with the change of workforce, the company has managed to stay relevant always. After Feb 2019, the growing demand for online games has caused a surge in this company’s revenues; the current revenue size stands at $1.4bn as recorded in the first quarter of 2020.

Best games of the Electronic Arts, Inc.

    1. BioWare Games: Anthem, Baldur Gate games, Dragon Age Games, Jade Empire, Mass Effect, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars, Template: BioWare are some of the top sellers in this category.
    2. Creative Wonders Games
    3. Deadspace Games: Dead Space mobile and video games, Deadspace 2, Deadspace 3, Deadspace Ignition, and Deadspace: Extraction
    4. EA Sports Games: FIFA, Madden NFL, NBA Games – street game series, Australian Rugby League, Bill Walsh College Football, EA Sports UFC, Grand Slam Tennis, John Madden Football, Knockout Kings, etc.

Free-to-play games

EA offers many Free-to-play games, such as:

    1. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – It is RPG-style combat. The player dons his favorite hero or villain’s role and gets into a battle to emerge winner with pride.

      Star Wars - Galaxy Of Heroes - Electronic Arts, Inc.

      Star Wars – Galaxy Of Heroes – Electronic Arts, Inc.

    2. Apex Legends – The game offers to choose from the options like Outlaws and other misfits, sometimes soldiers and misanthropes too, and allows to fight to beat the opponents and reach the top.

      Apex Legends - Electronic Arts, Inc.

      Apex Legends – Electronic Arts, Inc.

    3. FIFA mobile – Right from building a dream team to playing the football games that are no less than a battle, this game allows players to develop a football game environment precisely as per the individual liking.

      Fifa Mobile - Electronic Arts, Inc.

      Fifa Mobile – Electronic Arts, Inc.

The company is into making games for different platforms like PC, mobile, XBOX, etc. Some of the notable PC games from Electronic Arts are:

    1. Sims 4
    2. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
    3. FIFA 21
    4. Madden 21
    5. Rocket Arena
    6. Jedi
    7. Plants & Zombies
    8. Anthem
    9. Apex Legends
    10. Battlefield V
    11. The Bard’s Tale Trilogy
    12. Burnout Paradise Remastered

The company has followed the business policy of acquisition and intelligence partnering and tied-up with several studios and gaming development companies to penetrate various digital interactive entertainment markets. Its studios have contributed to it becoming a global player in the video game business. Some of the partnering studios are:

    1. DICE
    2. Fire Monkey
    3. Capital Games
    4. EA Chillingo
    5. BioWare
    6. Criterion
    7. Industrial Toys
    8. EA Korea Studio
    9. Maxis
    10. Motive
    11. Pogo Shanghai
    12. PopCap – Seattle, Shanghai, Hyderabad
    13. Respawn Entertainment
    14. Red Crow
    15. Tiburon
    16. Track twenty

Electronic Arts recognizes the need to grow technologically and now has a section of VR games also. Some of the games about to hit the stands are:

    1. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond: It is a shooting genre game. The game is designed for PCs and is available in VR format. Its release date is December 11, 2020.
    2. Mass Effect Legendary Edition: This game belongs to the genre of RPG, Action, Shooting. It is designed for PCs, Xbox One, PS4. The proposed release date is 2021.

Most of the present generation games are designed for multiple platforms like PS4, XBOX One and also offer VR experience to the gamers. The gaming collection of this company is enviable. It has been able to stand at par with other companies’ offerings like Nintendo, Sony, and other electronics giants and video game developers and publishers.

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