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Today we are witnessing massive changes in the retail industry as e-commerce platforms continue to soar and reach new heights. Moreover, due to the coronavirus pandemic, people had to stay at home, which pushed them to make online purchases for different products. That gave a massive boost to the e-commerce business, and now they are growing smoothly.

This article will discuss some of the highly advised tips for growing your E-commerce business. Therefore, make sure to stick throughout the entire article and also visit Robust Story for your daily portion of motivation, business, news, and technology.

During the pandemic, the economy of every state got affected, but at the same time, the Indian e-commerce business found it as an opportunity to grow. As per some reports, till 2024, the Indian E-commerce business will further grow to $99 billion. Apart from per-capita income, low product, and internet cost, the corona pandemic is another reason e-commerce business increases exponentially. It has been observed that apart from the metropolitan areas, Tier II and III cities are also playing key roles in boosting the e-commerce business in India.

TRAI report on E-Commerce

TRAI reports that there are 1.15 billion mobile users across India, out of which 520.1 million belong to rural areas. So to reach these many rural area users, a planned and systematic strategy needs to get developed, among which a rural language should rank as the priority. For a good customer experience, there has to be proper customer engagement, and one has to adapt to the rural language if a business wants to grow in that particular region.

As per reports, e-commerce platforms adapting to the rural language observed a CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 32%, and as per the KPMG report, these figures will continue to grow in the next five to ten years.

Tips for E-commerce platforms for growth and expansion using local languages

Flipkart is already reaching customers in rural areas and strengthening its foothold with 3Vs strategy – Video, Voice and Vernacular. Flipkart competitors Amazon and Snapdeal are also trying their best and shouting it loud to acquire customers enabling local languages for better customer engagement and user experience. Going local has boosted the profits of the E-commerce players. The section below discussed the additional tips to grow and expand your digital business leveraging regional languages.

Social Commerce

The pandemic has proved to be a boon for social commerce platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. For instance, Facebook introduced Facebook Shops, where sellers can directly sell their products digitally. Facebook-owned WhatsApp got upgraded with the WhatsApp Pay feature to ensure the secured cashless transaction.

Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops(Photo Courtesy:

Also, the central part comes as it is available in 10 regional languages. Furthermore, India’s giant, Reliance JIO, has partnered with Facebook to grow their grocery retail business, and JIO also remains a partner in WhatsApp Pay.

Bikini and Meesho are some other Indian startups showing promising signs of growth, especially in semi-urban and rural areas. These startups are backed by Facebook and available in 7-10 regional languages that justify their increase during the pandemic years.

Social media platforms like ShareChat offer 15 rural languages for better user engagement. The ShareChat platform has already caught the eye of many tech giants, and Google plans to acquire the platform. ShareChat reports suggest 78% of users over social media prefer regional language for better interaction, and hence growing E-commerce should surely bet on regional languages to develop further.

Voice Commerce

With over 19500 dialects and 121 languages spoken, India is different from other countries. As per Google, 20% of search queries by Indians remain voice-based and would likely grow by 270% every year.

Voice search is faster than typing, and regional languages’ adaptability gained more popularity among small cities in India where people are not prone to the English language.Although voice search technology in E-commerce platforms was available due to the corona pandemic, people started shifting to digital platforms. The voice searches accelerated faster and got significant growth.

According to a report, 49% of users have experienced better voice-based engagement during E-shopping. So many are raising bars to integrate voice-based technology in different regional languages in their respective E-commerce platforms.

As of now, Google Assistant permits nine regional languages for a better user experience. Flipkart integrated Hindi and English, while Amazon has integrated English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. Even Zomato, a food ordering, and delivery platform, is also enhanced with integrating voice technology, allowing customers to share delivery details. With the selection of language from multiple options, Zomato made the customer experience more accessible and added a personalized touch.

Video Commerce

The main reason behind the TikTok application, now banned, gaining popularity was that it offered multiple language sound integration for creating videos. E-shopping options on Instagram reels have created a buzz and attracted many users as it remains available in various regional languages.

Apart from that, several other short video creation and sharing platforms supported with Indian regional languages remain profound among the users. India’s initial multi-language video creation and sharing platforms such as ‘Bulbul’ and ‘Chingari’ supporting vernacular languages aimed to influence and gain users while offering their regional languages.


To expand an E-commerce business, one has to study the regional language and integrate it with their platform. As India continues growing faster, E-commerce platforms will have to push them up and accelerate their pace to acquire more and more customers.


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