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Why in 2021 Positive Culture building in the Workspace is essential



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What is Culture building in the Workspace?

The main motive of every business is to grow and make it large. Business is not only about profit-making but to maintain a healthy environment where every single member of the company contributes to company growth. And if you are a startup firm then building such an environment will boost your strength from roots. This environment is termed as Culture building in the Workspace.

What differentiates from being a company and culture adopted company is that one hires employees and others make employees loyal to the company. Although a company’s success depends on several aspects, a healthy culture is the utmost important one. Culture can put a company’s growth in a driving position as it helps us to drive and expand the business.

Creating a healthy environment among employees, customer service and customer retention is important. Thus scaling up the productivity of the company. Even if you are in a business startup then you should definitely focus on culture building.

More about Culture building in the Workspace:

Culture cannot be purchased but culture is built among the employees when they interact among themselves during their peak time, success, failure or how as a company member we deal with our team members when we are on a tightrope. How we handle tough situations keeping team morale up is culture.

The reason why most startups fail or struggle is that their focus shifts when some issues grow up. Priority should be given to finding a solution rather than discussing the problem.

During the pandemic, workspace culture got a severe hit as it was difficult for team members to coordinate with each other as they used to in office premises. Team meetings, integrating new members into the team was the difficult part. But due to such situations only, workspace culture evolved.

How to Create a Culture building in the Workspace?

Regular Morning meets:

As a company member, one must always try to reach their team members and carry out some informal discussion so even new joiners can make themselves comfortable and they are known to other existing members. Additionally, one can ask their team member to say something about himself, his failure if any and his success mantra, etc. Probably half an hour is all you will need to get known to each other. Knowing each other describes the culture of the workplace. It builds a positive culture building in the Workspace.

Culture Building In The Workspace

Culture Building In The Workspace

During the pandemic, it was difficult for everyone to meet but one can connect on a video call and share their work from home experiences, and talk about the upcoming technology, etc. Such talks can genuinely boost motivation in every employee and creates a healthy culture building in the Workspace even though each member is working from home.

Virtual meetings for wellbeing:

During a pandemic, where all things were falling apart and everyone feared the consequences, make sure as a company one should try to divert their employee’s mind by arranging virtual meetings. Sharing information on corona and how we can deal or rather discuss safety measures. In this tough time, proper counselling would be the best option for any person in need.

Also arranging online gaming contests and engaging virtual festivals, birthday celebrations will help companies to carry out engagements among the employees aiming culture building in the Workspace.

Never forget to Acknowledge

Acknowledging an employee due to his/her performance creates a positive environment among team members. This is one way to show respect and one should always pay gratitude. Remember that the respect, the acknowledgement is given to an employee is always remembered rather than the 15% to 25% appraisal. This works as an important key in “culture building in the Workspace.”

Even an employee having the best package can leave the company if he is not respected in the company. Hence acknowledgement is key in building a positive culture in the workplace. Once initiated, the newcomers will also follow.

Always remember culture building in the Workspace is not one time process. It needs to be followed every time.

Happy Team = Better Performance

Even in the worst times during a pandemic, if you manage to keep your team happy and despite hardships, your happy team will play a crucial role in uplifting company growth in the near time.

Culture Building In The Workspace

Culture Building In The Workspace

Encouraging employees for work is just one factor but you need to provide adequate equipment with their respective task to get the job done. With no or fewer facilities things will only get delayed resulting in the loss of the company. During the worst times, companies should uplift their employees by uplifting their company culture to yield better performance which inversely will help in company growth.

TEAMWORK: Backbone of Positive Culture

People thinking only the HR team can bring positive culture into the company then need to rethink.

To build a positive culture, all members of the company matters equally. Founder of the company to an on-field employee, new joinee to team leader, every member of the company has to contribute to building a positive culture. People may be tagged with different designations but understanding and supporting each other makes a team more reliable and functional. Even though the company comprises many teams, all teams are under one roof. Hence healthy teamwork is called the backbone of building a positive culture in any company.

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  1. Sonal Advani

    February 24, 2021 at 7:31 pm

    Knowledge building. Can be implemented practically

  2. Ankita

    February 25, 2021 at 1:47 pm

    “The reason why most startups fail or struggle is that their focus shifts when some issues grow up. Priority should be given to finding a solution rather than discussing the problem.”

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