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13 Simple Steps to Change Your Life Immediately



Do Something that Scares You

Today we are looking at 13 simple steps to change your life immediately.

Your Life is About to Change with these simple steps to change your life immediately

Your Life is About to Change with these simple steps to change your life immediately

We know most of you are struggling with turning your life around or making progress. so we put together this list of steps that if implemented will definitely make a change for the better. Read the article take notes and then take action. We surely need to comprehend that it’s these small changes that make the biggest of the differences in the world. Before we start this list we want to share with you this valuable example:

Doing nothing at all VS Making very small consistent efforts just doing 1% more per day than everybody else can lead to incredible results over the course of a full year. Almost 38 times more return. that’s how successful people win at life. While everyone else stays the same. If you are new here, we welcome you. Do follow us on Instagram. We post some interesting articles here daily.

You need to take these 10 Simple steps to change your life immediately.

Number 1 – Write down why your life needs to change.

Steps to Change Your Life Immediately

Steps to Change Your Life Immediately

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and put down their reasons why you are not happy with the way things are what could be better. what isn’t satisfactory, in which aspects of your life do your expectations not match your reality. This is incredibly important for without a clear reason you will quit mid-project. our goal is to identify the 1% the small changes you make that will compound to incredible results and We have done just that with this list. but you need a good enough reason to get started.

Number 2 – Realize

Realize that this is something only you have the power to Bring change in your life. This is all on you we put together this list but whether or not it will have any sort of impact on your life is completely your choice. most big changes in life require a lot of effort discipline and willpower and we have learned that if we wish to see some real progress. we have to start from the ground that’s what we did here we go.

Number 3 – Eat Healthier Food.

Eat Healthier Food

Eat Healthier Food

Sounds easy right! When we analyze the routine behavior of any person. We realized just how little attention is paid to food. We skip meals. we eat whatever there is at our disposal at odd hours. because we are so focused on getting it. however, you probably feel exhausted fatigued, and lacking the energy to keep performing at your best. Guess what? that’s for the reason that of the food you are putting into your body. for real optimum performance, the body needs certain percentages of protein, fats, and carbs we are not going to go into the specifics. because everybody is different. but simply bring more vegetables into your diet as many as you can include and try to cut down on sugar instead of drinking soda! drink water… instead of French fries get a salad or vegetables this is all you have to do replace these two with the healthier alternatives and in under two weeks’ time you will notice how your body feels better and your cognitive abilities improve sounds easy right.

Number 4 – Start Showering Daily to Change Your Life Immediately.

We know a lot of you don’t get out of the house a lot but there are two incredible benefits of creating a habit for your personal hygiene. one it wakes you up way better than coffee, two it dramatically improves your social interactions. People can tell if you are a slob! and we have been trained through evolution to geek friends that seem healthy and who are responsible enough to take care of themselves. we know this sounds like basic and simple advice but look back in the past 7 days how many showers did you take? be honest with yourself and see if there is any room to improve your personal hygiene.

Number 5 – Fix Your Posture.

Fix Your Posture

Fix Your Posture

You have probably been in your chair for the majority of the last several years in your life. when you are not you are hunching down looking at your phone aren’t you ? without realizing it this has affected the way your body. Look from a distance your shoulders are probably a bit forward as well as your neck and head your body is more and more looking like a ball than a mighty tree. Again we have been trained by evolution to notice signs of illness and stay away from them. an incorrect posture translates that you are vulnerable, not strong enough, and you lack confidence which drives away many social interactions. every time you stand up push your chest forward and your shoulders back. Try to straighten your spine while you carry yourself do this with every occasion until it becomes your natural stance without realizing it people start respecting you more and begin looking up to the way you carry yourself.

Number 6 – Get a Haircut! YEAH you need that.

Get a Haircut

Get a Haircut

People will stare at your face your hair is one of the biggest parts of said face. Get it cleaned up and in an orderly fashion, you don’t have to spend lots of money on creative styles just make sure the hairstyle you have says “look I’m taking care of me” that’s all! there is to it find a haircut that helps your face look decent and stick with it from all the things on this list this one will have the most immediate impact. You will feel better and people will notice you cut your hair so why not? act on it go get a haircut.

Number 7 – Get in Shape to Change Your Life Immediately.

As you have noticed by now, in order to improve your life you need to alter the way your body feels… and the way your body looks. Getting in shape achieves both of these goals. if you are overweight it will make a big difference if you can lose some of it not only will you feel better but you will start to gain control over your life . once you do that you might want to push a bit and build some muscle. You don’t need a six-pack if you don’t specifically want one . All you have to do is pick up running or weight lifting as a habit for some physical exercise. Start every day with a series of push ups and see how many you will be able to do in time. it’s something you can easily integrate into your day before the shower and in time you will start noticing your body is looking better. believe it or not getting in shape is a choice and it’s free you don’t have to spend a single dollar to get started.

Number 8 – Get New Simple Clothing that Fits Well.

Get New Simple Clothing that Fits Well to Change Your Life Immediately

Get New Simple Clothing that Fits Well to Change Your Life Immediately

Here’s something you might not have ever noticed about the clothes you wear. They are not really your size and they are not supposed to fit like that. This is another 1% improvement trick that can make all the difference in the way people perceive you. But why do you care about what they think? we actually don’t! but there is a domino effect which we do care about. If people like you they will treat you better they will open up new doors for you it builds your confidence and it helps you to evolve. The opposite is also true if people don’t like you !They don’t want you around you will miss opportunities which will lead you to closing yourself in and it affects your mental state. just a quick example:

You can go to any shopping mall and buy a new pair of black jeans a simple fit t-shirt and you are suddenly looking like you got LA all figured out. you are better off buying H&M or no brand products than buying fakes people can tell and you will be disregarded immediately.

Number 9 – Get Out of the House More.

Now that you have got your health figured out and you are looking clean and in better shape it’s time to improve your mindset and social skills. Do you know how to build social skills ? answer- by being social! You need to put yourself in situations and get comfortable around other people leverage the miracle of Technology and go to events in your area. Find conferences and free events you can attend related to topics that interest you not only will you learn more about your passions. but you will be surrounded by people who share the same passions as you do. So you will be a lot more comfortable interacting with them. It may sound difficult or unpleasant the first time you do it. but that’s what we are looking for you are slowly exposing yourself to things that allow you to grow. just don’t go overboard ask questions and allow people to talk about themselves do not monopolize the conversation.

Number 10 – Do Something that Scares You.

Do Something that Scares You

Do Something that Scares You

You are probably starting to see a pattern right about now finding a thing that scares you and conquering it no matter how big or small it is, no matter if we are talking about jumping off of an airplane or asking someone you fancy out on a date. Go ahead and just do it! sure they are both terrifying but personal fulfilment awaits behind each of them. fear keeps us from living… there’s a beauty behind fear you are just never going to see it if you don’t go after it. once you do you will see the world opens up with potential and you will have a cool story to share about how you have overcome one of your fears which everybody finds interesting.

Number 11 – Stop doing at least one thing.

Stop doing that one thing which you know you shouldn’t be doing. by this point, in time you have already taken control of your life and it’s time to see how we can improve even more. remember we are still looking for that small 1% improvement that compounded gets you the biggest return in life and in happiness. the easy thing is that you know you are still doing a couple of things that harm you or are keeping you from being better. do not try to build big new habits and quit all your old ones at once.

This is actually the only approach where you will be able to get the most positive result. smoking too much time wasted on entertainment, alcohol , drugs you know what you have to do yet you choose to never really address it .our goal at this point is not to tell you what to do because you are the one who knows what’s actually best for yourself just act on it already.

Number 12 – Analyze your progress.

Unless you can keep track of how far you have come and how much you have left to go. you will never reach your goals! sorry to say it but you can only improve what you can measure… track every aspect of your life that you can.

Analyze your Progress to Change Your Life Immediately

Analyze your Progress to Change Your Life Immediately

  • How much weight have you lost?
  • How many times did you hit the gym this week?
  • What about this month how many showers did you take?
  • How many events did you go to ?
  • How many people did you speak to what was their attitude towards you ?
  • Did you enjoy the engagement ?what went right ?what went wrong ?
  • How can you improve?

You are not looking to simply improve the Numbers. you are searching for personal progress. all of these steps come together in that massive compounded result. but you have to do as many of them as you can. it’s not enough to do them once and expect the world to change its attitude towards you in the same way that doing 3 push-ups once won’t change the way your body looks. but compound everything over extended periods of time and you will find yourself making real progress.

Number 13 – Read or Listen.

Read or Listen to one book per month( Check out some good book Suggestion which I have shared in my previous article) the last thing on our list relates to expanding your mind. you need to expose yourself to new ideas constantly. this has great benefits in your ability to relate to other people to understand them and the world. no matter where you are in life the collective knowledge of humankind has been documented and compressed into books. we will even recommend where you should start one of the most popular new books on the topic of change is called atomic habits by James clear. which focuses on tiny changes that lead to massive results. think of it as the natural progression.

Hopefully this Article will challenge you to make some of these changes and see what happens. what do you think a lack are you up to the challenge will you test these small changes on yourself once you have done them. it would be really interesting to see the progress you make with this simple yet very effective set of advice. thank you for reading this article until the very end.

Well, Robust Says,

Stop making excuses! We can almost hear some of you saying this is great I will start fresh next month or when I’m done with something or the other. if you are serious about changing your life why in the world are you postponing this ? we have made this as easy as we could with the hopes that you would begin today. let’s face it at least the first 10 steps on this list are actionable immediately! with the remaining points doable in the very near future. if you are always postponing things sorry to tell you this but if your life sucks it’s probably your own fault!! because you have the opportunity to change right in front of you. but you choose not to follow through. we applaud those of you who do take action and are getting great results. because talk is cheap! if you are going to finally accept this challenge of changing your life for the better please write in the comments or email us!

Let’s see who’s all talk and who’s actually going go get it thank you for spending some time with us.

Believer of the quote that Humans can never stop learning, Shalini is a graduate in psychology and currently pursuing her Masters. She has donned many hats, from being a professional event manager, lifestyle brands influencer, to being content curator. Shalini is a versatile writer, her writing ranges from everyday motivation, social media quick hacks, brand stories to writing about inspiring individuals. Shalini leads the bandwagon as the CEO at Robust story.

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