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How To Tell Your Brand Stories in 2021



What'S Your Story?

Welcome to the Robust story, I hope you are reading all our articles. We post daily so, do visit us every day. Today here we are going to read about different types of Brand Stories that you should be telling to build your brand. Let us Get started.

Tell Unique Brand Story.

The first thing to understand about storytelling for your brand is that not every story that you tell is going to be this epic, long, foundational story that you repeat over and over. Those are really important but there are other types of stories that you need to tell as well. There are actually three tiers and those are shared with you below. The first one is…

The Foundational Tier.

The base of your brand storytelling is the most important stories that you need to spend time developing. But just know anything that you’re going to share like say, on almost every podcast interview that you get invited on or if you were to share a story that explained how your business got started or why you exist in the first place. These are stories that you need to hone and hone over time. Your best audience, your inner circle is going to get tired of hearing these stories because they’re the ones that connect what you do with who you serve. Build the foundational stories but care about whom you share this.

Illustration Brand Stories.

The second tier of storytelling is illustration stories. These are ones that are used either
to illustrate one of your values or to teach a lesson that you want to teach. So these are things that are used less often. You might repeat them occasionally but it’s the things that show up in your emails, in your course lessons, or on social media. Things that are going to connect the person that’s reading, listening, or watching to the message that you’re trying to get across.

That’s why it’s called illustration stories. It is bringing the lesson to life. These are probably the ones that you’re going to spend the most time developing because they have a little bit shorter shelf life than the foundational story, it’s not going to get repeated as often and you need enough of them to teach all the things that you want to teach to your people.

Humanizing Brand Stories

The third tier of storytelling for your brand is going to be the humanizing stories. This might not even be a full story. It might just be like I woke up and went to the gym today and I got a PR. I squatted 185 pounds or whatever it is. And it’s just something that illustrates a part of your life or a piece of your humanness to your clients. It’s the little details that connect us to people that don’t core to your brand message. They’re not even really telling people much of anything. They’re not teaching them something profound but it’s a detail that people can hang onto and relate with you on. One of these examples can be like I love Game of Thrones. I’m so sad that the series is now complete but it has been a love of mine for as long as it’s been on HBO, I love the show. I love the character development, I love the story arcs, I love all the surprises. It’s something that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with brand but you can tell people Because maybe there’s another Game of Thrones fans out there!

So make sure that you aren’t ignoring any of these three and you’re also permitting yourself to get out of that foundation land and to develop some of these, not less important, but less weighty stories.

Some of these shorter quips, metaphors, or teaching stories, sometimes those illustration stories aren’t even your own stories. It’s something from history or an example of a business that you know that can be used to teach a point or to connect on one of your points of view.

Why Is Important To Tell Brand Stories.

The reason that brands need to tell stories is that humans are hardwired to understand and remember them. So if we ever want to connect on that human level, we need to get out of fact and logic land and connect on that gut psychological level which happens through stories.

Stories are the conduit to make that happen. They allow people to escape their day-to-day lives. They get to live vicariously through you. They allow you to relate to your ideal client, maybe motivate them to achieve their goal. And also to educate them so you’re passing on
your knowledge onto them in a way that they will be willing to receive it.

Brand Stories

Brand Stories

So I hope this helps, it gives you some ideas for some powerful and potent stories that you can tell in your Brand Stories to attract more ideal clients. don’t forget to share with us too…

Believer of the quote that Humans can never stop learning, Shalini is a graduate in psychology and currently pursuing her Masters. She has donned many hats, from being a professional event manager, lifestyle brands influencer, to being content curator. Shalini is a versatile writer, her writing ranges from everyday motivation, social media quick hacks, brand stories to writing about inspiring individuals. Shalini leads the bandwagon as the CEO at Robust story.

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