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No entrepreneur who establishes their initial company has experience beginning a company. The experience puts a more meaningful future market energy into your venture. So, the problem is how to set up a company with no prior business experience.

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An entrepreneur’s beginning: Starting from the scratch

Beginning a business from scratch, particularly without any direction or encouragement, can be a daunting and exhausting experience. Yet there are also many factors that should get considered.

By delivering value for the customer, you get to be the leader, improvising your schedules and having a sense of accomplishment in solving a challenge in the marketplace comes instrumental in the beginning phase.

It is not necessarily closely linked to your entrepreneurial background to launch a profitable venture. Traditionally, you will find that many of today’s most prosperous enterprises get founded by novice entrepreneurs. One needs to possess the necessary domain drive skills and capabilities. One’s abilities are the mixture of your knowledge, skills and experience towards a particular business.

In the next section of the blog, we discuss the gradual growth of a similar non-experienced business in the food bakery domain called Bobo’s, an outlet that provides world-class Oat bars and other baked items.

We would be using Bobo’s journey as a mouthpiece to discuss the minute intricacies that would surely help when anyone would step into the world of entrepreneurs.

Make market research about the product.

Planning around the market research related to your product and finding out fallacies of the development should be of paramount importance. In today’s era, customers are the king of the market. So creating the value related to your customer can lead you towards success. Bobo’s put their customers in the centre and planned according to their taste and preference.

A budding entrepreneur should find out the cost of the product that aligns with the market standards while considering the customers’ needs, and a product should be as unique as an individual’s biometrics.

A similar instance happened with Bobo’s Oat bar’s yummy, full of whole wheat, gluten-free bar that proved its mettle as a delicious snack in the market.

Making Oat bar was not a startup; it was just a snack made by a mom for her daughter Bobo. The oat bar was so yummy that Bobo took it with her to her friends. Her friends suggested selling oat Bars to local café bars. Owing to which Bobo’s mother, Beryl, got the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and finding the solution for the customers by serving the Oat bar as a breakfast.

Learn the importance of innovation from Bobo’s Oat Bar’s journey

A budding entrepreneur should not be frightened of being creative, especially during the ideating process.In the starting phase, Beryl had very few gluten-free products to promote its natural ingredients to the customers. Hence, customers had a very handful of choices of buying the snacks. Beryl had no idea of running the business as she was new to the industry with no experience.

As a result of which, her handful of products were revolving around her hometown, which had many other competitors branding for natural foods that she pitched. To learn how people in the business domain think, Beryl used to attend events regarding entrepreneurship learning. She also participated in the food community and learned about her weakness, and note down essential points.



Every business runs on different methodologies and researches, where the reach and patience of an individual get checked. Bobo’s example of innovating gluten-free products throws light on the importance of innovation in every industry.

The budding entrepreneurs, especially in the non-technical field, tend to skip innovation partly because of their general notion that limits innovation only to the technical area.

Learn from your errors

Making errors can help you in climbing the ladders of success. For knowing a product’s worth, a possible way is to roam at smaller stores and ask about the quality of your product. After that, observe how happy your customers are while buying the product. In the starting phase, it’s essential to know better your product feedback from the customers buying your products.

Do not forget to listen to your customer’s feedback as they are giving their time for the product and a free and accurate test for the product. While starting a business, one needs money in their hand. When Beryl began to business, she used a single penny from her savings and mortgaged her house to meet the production cost of her products.

She was confident about her product that it would bring back her pennies and build help in building a vast empire. An entrepreneur must decide upon their true potential in the early phase of business. It is essential because, being a leader, one usually has the experience of committing mistakes that can get overshadowed if the true potential reflects in the business. Also, an entrepreneur must elect groups with abilities that lie outside their interest zone.

You’ll have to reach out to various people at the outset or ask experts you meet for favours. For instance, just get to know an accountant if you’re not brilliant at accounts.

Errors are going to exist, so foresee them and don’t quit. Getting frustrated and feeling like you’re sinking is quick. It is not simple for an entrepreneur to begin a company, and it’s not for the people who surrender to the hardships instantly.

One has to remain strong and shovel on, and it would surely be highly satisfying in the long run. To stabilize a firm, one requires a blend of patience and a positive attitude.  In the initial phase, one should expect like being married to the company. One would be concerned for both significant and minor activities, and to “get things right” will take an immense amount of time. Therefore one should be willing to take the negatives along with the positive aspects of the entrepreneurial world.

Errors take you to Heights.

Errors along the way can arise while creating a brand. Many people end up being a disguised blessing as one discovers something invaluable about the company. Entrepreneurs should assume errors as teachers of any new insight that otherwise may not have come to you.

Beryl had to listen to many trolls that her family and friends unnecessarily did to bog her down by asking baseless questions on her business. The best idea is to avoid the negative comments roaming around you. With the negative comments, she was more dedicated towards her company as she baked more gluten-free products that consumers were searching for.


Own Your Errors

The only thing to keep in mind is to have faith and confidence in you and your intellectual skills. Beryl succeeded in her business, and now she happily provides more than 200 employees, and over the past four years, they have expanded more than 300 percent.

From the beginning, she stuck with it, learnt a lot of lessons along the way. And the same you should do. There is no age for learning new things and to grow as well.

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