Arpita Ganesh has had an exciting journey – from studying hotel management to launching an online underwear brand. Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2008, with Buttercups – an underground luxury boutique online. After trying and making mistakes, she launched the first Indian bra sizing program in 2013. The Buttercups brand was launched the following year and has since grown through a center of physical experience. Today, Arpita Ganesh is backed by many investors such as Rajan Anandan and Anand Chandrasekharan.

It has been a long and arduous journey for Arpita Ganesh, following the desire which is still a ‘thought’ in Indian society. She still fights myths, changes her mind, and teaches even the most educated women in the area of her life who have never thought of it or have never spoken openly about it.

Defining and convincing investors, most of them male is a challenge because there will be no relation to the product or supply of Buttercups. But now Buttercups has enough customers who believe they have to live and want to go out and do their best to make it happen.

Arpita Ganesh Dream

She was 20 years old when she made her first business plan. It was to create an affordable sensitivity for Indian women who keep in mind their unique anatomies. The idea has never taken a plane for several reasons. Twelve years later, she saw the reality of this dream in a company called Buttercups. Buttercups are a special kind of intimate dress that works with the philosophy of celebrating a different number of women, just the way we are.

Arpita’s Creation- Buttercups

Have you ever heard of Buttercups? It is without a doubt one of the most successful underwear stores (which you can find in offline and online stores) in India right now. And to sell selected premium curated underwear products, Buttercups split with the offerings they bring. From tailored to customized, to discussions based on your needs, opportunities to try to take care of discerning female clients in which they live.

Although, what we enjoyed talking about was the drive that caught the enthusiastic businessman behind the Buttercups. Arpita Ganesh is a beautiful lady with an outstanding career. Like a typical businessman, this trip was not for her. You’ve seen stocks far farther than fuzzes than ups. However, Arpita Ganesh denies quitting. And why should she?

As long as you follow your love and have a responsibility to change the way women express themselves and their bodies, you are close to greatness. After accepting the appropriate training from Chantelle, Arpita Ganesh is presenting how Indian women discuss underwear.

The Indian Bra Lady

Faith and customer engagement show that Arpita Ganesh has a proposal that affects women’s lives and that everyone who has tried Buttercups, wants more women to experience this change.

She has been known as the ‘Indian Bra Lady’ at international costume circles and loves the brand. Opening an app to help women find their right size in products available in India was another big step she took. The app is made up of fellow entrepreneurs who did this because they saw her love and wanted to help.

Getting 3,000 women around the world to sign up for her bra blog, was highly recommended. She runs and manages the blog itself, having learned how to do this from another kind-hearted businessman who took the time to help him set up.

She has gained enough experience over the past 6 years to consult with well-known underwear companies and brands such as M&S and Fredericks, which in itself is a remarkable achievement, given the social status and the ‘Indian Woman’ talking about “underwear” considered by journalists.

The journey has been a struggle as it is not easy to run a retail business, but there are two things that still drive her – to believe in the people around her and her confidence that she can do much better. She wants every woman in India to feel good about herself.

Arpita Ganesh says some of the homemade sites focus on models of ‘sexy’, ‘funky’, ‘low prices’ but Buttercups are focused on quality, experience, and access to knowledgeable consumers at a time very different from economic brackets.

Arpita dreams of one day being able to roam the wonderful world and live in the hope of experiencing new experiences and meeting wonderful people.


Nothing can be a problem for modern women entrepreneurs who rent unknown and unassuming places. Whether in e-commerce, education, investment, tourism, fashion, marketing, sustainability, hiring, or anything or anything under the sun, they continue with the uncontrollable tendency to change the world around them, make a difference in their ideas, seek unprecedented solutions, fight disease and social norms. , create more efficient and more productive jobs, and create new and sustainable ecosystems.
Each one writes his own story of success in today’s new world.

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