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The Ajio Online Shopping Portal And Other Exclusive Top Fashion E-Portals in 2021




The Indian trading industry has seen a tremendous moment since the online shopping flu hit the people of this generation especially the AJIO online shopping portal. The coolest practice allows buyers to order anything and everything with just a few clicks. It has become addictive with the introduction of Mobile Apps for all leading online shopping stores. The digital age has brought a huge change in everyone’s life. It was easy for an internet-savvy generation to find anything under the sky using a cell phone. As a result, it leads to many advances in various fields.

Online fashion stores have started to explode in India, particularly the AJIO online shopping platform. An Indian market is a large place where national and western demand is almost equal. Finally, over time, online shopping sites are launching their products in a beautiful way that contains big stars from the Bollywood industry. The most popular example of the same is AJIO online shopping store. Their main goal is to attract the attention of their target audience through profitable donations. Needless to say, they did their best to increase their sales.

Let us go through the astonishing AJIO online shopping portal and see how it is different from other fashion brands.


Ajio online shopping is an app recently developed by business fund Mukesh Ambani. The AJIO online shopping platform is designed as an online shopping app that brings hope and reassurance from the famous Reliance family. This AJIO online shopping e-portal is the one-stop site for all fashion lovers in India.

You must be wondering that what is so special about AJIO online shopping portal, right.

I am a self-styled online shopping addict and have bought from myntra, limeroad, and AJIO online shopping stores often. However, the best of the three is AJIO online shopping store, hands down. AJIO online shopping portal was reliable 99% of the time. Most products are good (depending on the type of product), refunds often happen instantly .

So let us have a look that how this amazing e-portal began its journey!

How it all started?

The Reliance Group is known for having a large sales business in India. They have their most popular Reliance Trends in a store that sells all kinds of children’s clothing for men, and women. The great success of this work has led to the development of this AJIO online shopping portal.

Not only do Indian clothing retailers, and their branding products, but also have a large collection of the world’s most popular fashion brands listed on the application list. Yes, you got it right that AJIO online shopping portal facilitates its customers with vast and diverse fashion products.


AJIO online shopping portal was launched worldwide on April 1, 2016, at Lakme Fashion Week with its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Ajio’s online shopping platform is one of the first steps in the Reliance Industry in e-commerce. It should be noted that AJIO online shopping portal has been introduced in the form of an app or application with a variety of products from clothing, shoes, and other accessories.

Ajio online shopping: Brand’s marketing and success strategy –

Ajio online shopping is a part of a loyal family that has gained customer trust for many years. They are known for their innovative ideas and successful businesses.

Further, Ajio online shopping is listed among India’s top private business houses and reaches more than 200 million customers in departments such as telecommunications, financial services, media and entertainment, and healthcare sectors. All these achievements have led its program to become a major success.

Ajio Online Shopping

Ajio Online Shopping

Wide range of products:

The trust group is known for its innovation and its mission is to serve Indian customers with the best products is their motto. The AJIO online shopping is very exciting and amazing which has various categories ranging from casual wear, ethnic dress, party dress, formal dress, and indie dress collections specially designed by boutique designers from India and around the world.

Other categories such as women’s clothing, fusion clothing, underwear, ethnic clothing, and regional dress are Ajio’s online shopping specialties. The app also lists a variety of accessories such as bags and belts, jewelry, earrings, necklaces, and other luxury items. Apart from that, the AJIO online shopping store also has a section called fashion week collections for those who want to buy products, which are currently on open streets around the world.

They are one step further, in terms of the latest trends. Customers can find any global fashion from Australia, Russia, and other international fashion houses from around the world. The portal has worked with brands from Russia, Turkey, Singapore, the USA, and Australia abroad which makes this AJIO online shopping more exciting. They aim to focus on the wearing of high-end fashion designers from international brands and offer them at low prices. It makes it different from other apps in India.

It is surprising to know that Ajio online shopping has been able to offer a lot of competition to other e-commerce competing platforms. They have been able to easily capture people’s attention with their various products and affordable prices. The success of Ajio online shopping relies heavily on its founder Mr. Mukesh Ambani and the great legacy he brings with him, making him unique from any finish in the Indian market.

Ajio online shopping is now regarded as one of the top applications in clothing trends with the latest trends. They have a thousand customers who faithfully order from the app, which is one of the reasons it is kept in the Indian market.

Here are some of the other exclusive top fashion brands other than the AJIO online shopping portal. Let’s have a look at them-


Myntra’s journey began in 2007, with the help of Accel Partners, namely, Mukesh Bansal, a man with a software background along with Vineet Saxena and Ashutosh Lawania. In 2008, Myntra raised $ 5 million and started its full-fledged business. IDG Ventures, NEA Indo – US businesses all support raising $ 14 million in the second round of the same year. Myntra has emerged as the first online B2B online store in the country.

As mentioned by the team in many interviews, advanced team, advanced technology, and advanced infrastructure, Myntra had the name of the largest e-commerce platform in India.

From boats to mugs, Myntra became the solution to stopping all standard products and changing the way people shop. After dominating part of the standard products until 2010, Myntra resumed its lifestyle in 2011. In 2011, the platform sold products such as Being Human and Fastrack in Myntra.

This move has demonstrated Myntra’s strong position in the online fashion world. With more than 350 products, Myntra was the first company to discover the world’s best-selling varieties. The year 2014 came as part of transforming Myntra as it made a positive entry into the market behind a collection of 310 crores.

Myntra introduced its mobile system to the market and grew in its performance. Myntra acquired rival in 2016. The organisation works hard as the leading online fashion platform. Myntra, in 2017, has partnered with the Department of Fabrics to promote the Indian handicraft industry.

Reason for Immense Success-

With a clear mindset and business model combined with flexibility and well-woven techniques, Myntra has become an icon in the industry!

They worked in the clothing and fashion niche. Gradually they combine all the same components and form a complete cover for all living things. Myntra has been successful since day one, and the reason for it has been its well-laid strategy and flexibility.

It has changed its marketing and promotions from time to time, whenever needed. From the B2B to the B2C model increased performance at peak times. Logistics, an important concept of Myntra, has helped the company grow because of its Hybrid logistics model approach.

Current Turnover and Revenue Generation-

The operating income of Myntra Designs Private Limited is higher than the INR 500 cr for the financial year ending 31 March 2020. EBITDA decreased by -23.73% over the previous year. At the same time, it is a net that says net worth dropped by 117.54%


India’s largest discovery portal of style-

Suchi Mukherjee is the founder of Limeroad which was launched in October 2012 as a women’s social shopping mall offering a wide range of products from clothing to accessories, shoes, beauty products, etc. It has now expanded into Menswear, lifestyle and home decor sectors throughout the trip over the last seven years.

The idea of ​​Limeroad is born out of a moment of total frustration. After the birth of her second child, Suchi was flipping through a magazine page, when she came across a piece of attractive jewelry and wanted to buy it but because it was from a small store in Mumbai it was clear that it would not be available soon.

She saw two extremely important things. The first is that there is no consumer technology that makes finding the right accessories and products easier and more enjoyable. Secondly, there was no market where one could access a range of products that were exported to India which is the largest production area in the world. That’s when the idea started building in her head.


Like any other portal, Limeroad launcher has also faced many challenges in her first season. The company had been struggling to find the right people to form a strong team that was a combination of skill and ethics that could be done and it was one of the biggest challenges in Limeroad. Although this problem is solved it eventually tends to arise from time to time.

Another major issue was finding the right type of infrastructure with high speed and reliable internet speed. Suchi Mukherjee has faced many legal procedures for registering a company while having no prior knowledge of dealing with legal procedures in India. Another challenge was finding a perfect working life balance.

Suchi felt that being a woman was difficult to become an entrepreneur since she had certain family responsibilities. But the thing that was with Suchi was that her family stood by her and supported her in every detail.

How it became a success?

Suchi Mukherjee is the founder and CEO of Limeroad and has become the face of e-commerce in India. She shared the stage with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the 2017 Startup India-Stand up India conference. She did not stop there because she signed an agreement with the Madhya Pradesh Government Department to give domestic crafts a national presence and has been steadily focusing on the foundations for completing the existing business model of Limeroad.

Limeroad aims to reach more than 400 billion mobile phone users, 40-50% of whom are women. From an artificial concept to making Limeroad a system that is often used Suchi Mukherjee has gained a lot. Her journey of dedication and hard work is something that every future entrepreneur should use.

Losses into sustainable growth?

Limeroad, a fashion retailer, reported a 78.5 percent increase in revenue from Rs 89.73 crore in FY17 to Rs 160.2 crore in FY18. Approx, 98.5 percent of this was donated by the company’s basic services – Sales of services.

This gain itself saw a 92.2 percent increase from Rs 82.13 crore to Rs 157.81 crore. As a result, the company was able to reduce its losses by 36.2 percent, from Rs 93.26 crore to Rs 59.47 crore.


Breaking the taboo around the purchase of underwear/lingerie by determining a successful sales regime that makes it easy at the click of a button, Richa Kar has changed the way we look at buying lingerie. The founder and former chief executive of the successful e-retailer, Zivame, came up with a much-needed and effective solution to combat the discomfort that Indian women felt when buying underwear/lingerie.

Richa Kar was adamant about establishing Zivame and did extensive research in which she found that branded underwear/lingerie was very limited. She believed that there are more skills in the industry and as an e-commerce business; it will be more accessible to women.

She started Zivame by raising money from her family and friends and then introduced the business concept to top investors such as DG Ventures, Unilazer Ventures, and Kalaari Capital who later became investors in her e-retail product. Richa Kar’s vision and ingenuity have proved to be very lucrative and soon her company has grown in size and finance. Zivame is now one of India’s leading underground stores with over 200 members.

It is home to more than 50 underwear/lingerie products with a wide user base. Zivame spreads its services throughout India except for the Lakshwadeep Islands. The company has also recently begun the distribution of its products.

Critics from the People-

The first days of her early life were very bad as people made fun of her work. She could not even find a house to rent as when the landlord asked what she was doing she had to tell them she was selling clothes online.

Turning Point-

Even after receiving so much criticism, Richa Kar did not give up. Finally, after some time, Zivame received a positive response from its customers. Richa found her first client in Indore who was trying to buy things from her worth Rs. 7000/-. Gradually, Zivame says it is growing at 300% every year.

Why motivational?

One of the challenges Richa faced before launching her business was to convince her loved ones about the underwear/lingerie business. There were questions raised about the family image and its respect for the community.

Her people were wondering if she should disclose that she was selling bras and panties on the web in a common Indian language. Within a few months of launching the business itself, Richa was available with answers to all her issues and questions she raised about his business.

The strongest challenge faced by this enthusiastic woman was class. He still believes that there is a high level of discomfort and people feel uncomfortable talking about underwear/lingerie.

Richa strengthens her mind by simply exercising such exercises as yoga, balance, and martial arts. She feels overwhelmed by her thoughts about her business.

I relate to her completely as if you are involved in the business you love, less likely to get tired of it. I have only one thing to say about this goal-setting woman, a woman can shake mountains with a drop of tears in her eyes, and can shake the earth with a simple accomplishment of her life.‘ Just follow your dreams and trust your conscience.


We all know about the difficulty of buying lenses and mirrors from offline routes. From taking your time to visiting an eye doctor, choosing frames, trying out different styles, choosing glasses, and then waiting at least two days to get your customized glasses, is nothing less than a competition! Gone are the days when you would take part in this marathon to find accessories for your eyewear.

Thanks to Lenskart, India’s fastest-growing eyewear business, eyeglass purchases have become easier now! While Lenskart is a well-known name today, we wonder if you know the success of this eye-catching business. Let’s learn how Lenskart turned into a multibillion-dollar business!

The company was started and founded by Peyush Bansal who started Lenskart along with Amit Chaudhary and Sumeet Kapahi in 2010. Peyush, a former Microsoft employee, also inaugurated Valyoo Technologies, a parent company of brand Lenskart.

While continuing his graduation in Management at IIM B, he introduced Valyoo Technologies and Search My Campus as the first business location in 2007. The site aimed to provide solutions to the different types of problems students face concerning accommodation, books, study, carpool facilities, temporary jobs, etc.

While exploring this trend, he discovered that the eyewear industry is one of the most neglected industries that has not been carried by retailers such as Amazon and eBay yet.

With this thought in his mind, he launched and started in the US, and after receiving a positive response there, he decided to open a platform in India. Therefore, Lenskart was launched in India in 2010.

Lenskart Business Model

Lenskart India offers more than 5,000 styles of frames and 45 different types of high-quality lenses to its customers. The designs are in line with the latest trends in eyewear, the recognition of the interior design team, and the latest fashion trends.

The focus of a product is not only on the product but also on the quality and durability of the product. To cater to the Indian concept of ‘aur dikhao‘, Lenskart India has more than 5,000 styles of frames and more than 45 types of lenses. Not only do they offer study glasses but they also offer a range of the latest designer sunglasses.

Challenges and achievements-

While the company is a popular name today, it has faced many challenges. The biggest hurdle for the team was to make customers see Lenskart as a fashion speaker and not just a medical necessity. Another organizational struggle was awareness of eye care and eye examinations. Currently, Lenskart offers about 15,000 tests daily. Besides, making glasses affordable while maintaining fashion and quality standards was another attempt.

With all of these challenges, the combination of customer enthusiasm, the right work culture, and the right benchmarks have put a lot of pressure on the team, as Peyush said in an interview. Peyush also said that creating a culture of some internal work has worked well for the benefit of the party. Starting as an online platform, the company now has approximately 600 retail stores.

Today Lenskart is one of the biggest success stories, among the origins of Indians. The start saw a major growth that made its way into the elite unicorn club (startups worth more than $ 1 billion) in 2019. In the last financial year, the company was able to make an amazing growth in sales.

Even during the covid closure, Lenskart saw a growth rate of 200-300 percent. Undoubtedly, Lenskart is driving people crazy with its excellent services.


A great opportunity awaits fashion retailers and it will be interesting to see how they take care of the huge Indian market soon. The new competitors of the online specialty store are re-established companies that sell and enter the online marketplace.

A new window is open with fashion retailers. Buying and sweating was an inseparable combination before that and the crowd of shoppers no longer took it. People are already accustomed to being brought to the door because of certain food chains and when they get a chance to find the same fashionable outfit, they go crazy.

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