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AI-Based Drones 2021- Technology can be Good or Harmful



Ai-Based Drones

Drones firstly being controlled by humans for Military purposes. There were many issues regarding it. A couple of years ago Artificial Intelligence technology came into the picture. Artificial Intelligence (AI) completely works on computers and the job which human do like controlling robots or drones are managed by the computer. Many startups have emerged in developing AI-based drones.

The combination of AI and Drones are the best partners for each other.

The use of drones has been increased day by day because of their effectiveness and functionaries. In recent times, Drones with AI technology are used in different sectors like railways, Agriculture, Mining, Infrastructure, and real estate for inspection, surveillance, and maintenance purpose. AI-based Drones also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) enable the military army to keep Bird’s eye view from the sky to the ground and with the detection of Intruders crossing our borders.

 AI-based Drones – Good

 Artificial Intelligence has empowered storing and managing huge data files which in turn empowers drones to perform at their best. Unmanned robots and drones are much better than human knowledge. To check the better performance, NASA’s researchers at Jet Propulsion Laboratory funded by Google put their efforts to test by racing the AI-based drones against technocrat human pilot. The race would include puzzled tracks with many obstacles.

Ultimate the winner of the race was an AI-based drone as it was functionalized with multiplex Algorithms to fly high without disrupting any obstacle. Drones can sensor the points faster than the Human. The drone with its effectiveness can uplift any industry towards success.

 UAV drones are automated with tricky algorithms so that it doesn’t require a human presence. Thus, developers of drones have innovated the technology by inserting high-quality and light-weighted cameras so that they can recognize objects in dark spaces. General Electric (GE) was made a tie-up with Avitas System which manufactures industry asset managing drones with critical analysis in oil and gas, and power generation solutions.

Generic Electric is focused on Oil and Gas inspection through UAV technology and Asset management with AI-based Robots with end-to-end solutions. Unlike humans, they can store bulk data in their memory by scanning through the in-built camera. GE has also deployed its robots and drones in Infrastructure, Power pant, cellular towers to check safety and security. Transportation inspection is been done by aerial drones for smooth work.

AI expanded its boundaries by launching ALPHA:

 A few years ago, AI expanded its boundaries by launching ALPHA that holds the words to lose human pilots in the battle.AI puts ALPHA series to test the performance level and detect the loopholes. But ALPHA has defected to the former version of ALPHA AI. ALPHA at giving its best in overcoming obstacles through zig-zag tracks. It can win against human pilots and mainly it was focused on military borders. AI in the military showed that drones can automatically change their mode from attacking to shielding.

ALPHA sensor doesn’t need a heavy computer or scientific computers, it can also work on personal computers. ALPHA  can operate sensor data and can make emergency planning for 3-4 battles in milliseconds which is awesome. It is based on logic and not on numbers, to reduce the ladder of the decision-making process.AI powered ALPHA is mainly built on inherent algorithms.

 AI-Based Drones – Harmful

It is correctly quoted that “ Not everything that Glitters is Not Gold” same can be preferred to the technology of AI. Every technology has some loopholes in its functioning like advantages of the technology and drawback of the technology.

Look back to our past where a team of scientists created nuclear power for industrial purposes and for future success but some of the villains other the other way of using nuclear by developing nuclear weapons. Likewise, as drones are automated with their functionalities can become a curse to the industry if made negative use of them. Drones can be self destructor if the villain feeds destruction mode on.

AI-based Drones have self ability to learn and inspect 20 contrasting conditions by cut and try policy within 40 hours. At the same time, it seems to be discouraging and mishap behavior. If the makers don’t stop such behavior of destruction, thus can lead to declining the market for AI-based Drones.

Wrapping Up

AI as a tool is for improving the efficiency of unmanned robots and aerial drones for future scope and also can provide a different solution to the questions. Scientists and technocrats are developing technology for human beings so that less human effort leads to growth and tension-free humans can work without burden.

Technology should be the boon to the country and not the end of it. There can be N numbers of advantages but at the same time Coin has two sides, so, the curse of AI-based drones can create a dangerous combination for the country. One should only focus on the progressive side of the technology that can bring our country’s economy to its peak. Destruction can bring a ban to AI-based drones and other automated unmanned weapons. Thought of curse cannot be underestimated with close to being excited for innovation in the future.


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