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Stories are the perfect description of a situation, a technology, a person or a brand that inspire us to create one of our own!!!

At Robust Story, we focus on sharing the right news, precise information & Robust story. Our team works really hard to scout for the accurate information and push the same to our readers from around the world.

Robust Story is a portal developed to provide our readers with everyday stories from around the world. The stories that are real, the stories that enable you, the stories that inspire you.

We at Robust story are on a mission. A Mission to deliver great stories from around the world which speak about the people, brands, Technologies, moments from the past, present and stories which are in the making for a tremendous future.

We focus on sharing the factual news, precise information & a Robust story. Our team works round the clock to scout for accurate information and push it to our readers from around the world.

Robust Story is a part of Robust Events, a notable Event management company in Mumbai. The idea of starting Robust Story was to enter the digital world with a focus on creating a platform for people and brands to share their stories with as many people as possible and inspire others with their story.

We follow a 4 step process at Robust Story: Identification – Research – Develop – Publish.

Identification: We first identify the need of the subject, what audience will it appeal to, does it have a substantial impact?

Research: A task without strongly backed homework will not have a successful completion or desired result. Our team does thorough research on the topics and ensures all boxes are checked before we proceed with developing the content

Develop: The creative task begins here. Our team writes with all their heart into the content, we ensure that our content is woven well to give our readers a good reading experience.

Publish: We follow a clean guideline of publishing our content online, we ensure that we write original content and not copy it from anywhere. Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do.

By following this process we’ve already been inspiring people and some have been inspired to write as well. You’ll soon see many stories by new authors who are joining our bandwagon as you read.

We are always in search of great minds to join our journey of sharing inspiring stories. Connect with us if you think alike!!!