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Abhijit Banerjee (February 21st, 1961) – Inspirational Economist



Abhijit Banerjee - Inspirational Economist

Poverty is an enormous issue around the world. Numerous nations investing there the majority of energy to battle against poverty. After the episode of Covid, the quantities of a nation confronting the issue of Poverty is getting higher. Henceforth Poverty is a major topic of conversation around the globe. I am certain each time we examine the economy we unquestionably talk about poverty and the manner in which we are confronting its results. However, what number of financial specialists or economists really working on it?

Indeed, the Indian-Born American financial expert Abhijit Banerjee is off late the primary name pop out after him winning the Noble prize in 2019. He made the nation proud. But who was he before he won the Noble prize? how about we read out his excursion to progress.

Abhijit Banerjee – Inspirational Economist – Background

He was born on February 21st, 1961, in Mumbai India in a family of economists to Dipak Banerjee and Nirmala Banerjee. Abhijeet’s parents worked as a professor, Dipak Banerjee worked as Head Of Department of Economics at Presidency College and Mother, mrs Nirmala Banerjee worked as professor of economics at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences. Abhijeet was a smart kid in childhood, Brilliant at his studies. Abhijit successfully completed his educations at South Point High School, Calcutta. Securing rank Abhijit Banerjee moved to Delhi for his after education in a Master of Arts in Economics from Nehru University in 1983. During his college days, he participated in political movements resulted in Abhijit Banerjee was sent to Tihar Jail. He partook in a protest against the then Vice-Chancellor of Nehru University , PN Srivastava. Along with 400 other protestors he spent 10 days in the Tihar Jail. Later In 1988, Abhijit Banerjee completed his Ph.D. from Harvard University within the subject ‘Essays in Information Economics’.

Abhijit Banerjee – Inspirational Economist – Career

Abhijit Banerjee embark is a successful career in the field of economy. There is no bigger award than a Noble Prize in the world and he holds one. Truly an inspiration for millions! He started his career after completing his studies he services as an international professor of economics at Harvard University and Prison university. At present, he is working as international Professor of Economics at MIT. Abhijeet’s career and his work in Economics are Remarkable in the field of economics. Banerjee’s input is significance talking about when he underway the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) along with economists and his better half Esther Duflo and Sendhil Mullainathan in 2003. When they teamed up to co-found J-PAL, they come as a global network of anti-poverty researchers. J-PAL studies continue to impact local interventions on social problems and extend successful efforts more broadly.

Abhijit Banerjee alongside his better half Esther Duflo dealt with advancement financial matters. They wrote various books and carried out fine research together.

In the year 2004, Abhijit Banerjee was chosen as an individual of the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

In the year 2009, Abhijit Banerjee was granted the Infosys Prize in the class of sociology (financial aspects). He is additionally the beneficiary of the debut Infosys Prize in sociology’s classification of financial matters.

In the year 2012, Abhijit Banerjee and his co-writer shared the Gerald Loeb Award Honorable Mention for their Business Book “POOR Economics’.

In the year 2013, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon named Abhijit Banerjee to a board of specialists who were entrusted to refresh the Millennium Development Goals after their expiry in 2015.

In the year 2014, Kiel Institute for the World Economy granted Abhijit Banerjee with the Bernhard-Harms-Prize. In 2019, Banerjee conveyed Export-Import Bank of India’s 34th Commencement Day Annual Lecture on Redesigning Social Policy.

In the year 2019, Abhijit Banerjee felicitated with Nobel Prize along with his better half Ester Duflo and Michael Kremer for “Experimental way in reducing worldwide Poverty”

Abhijit Banerjee – Inspirational Economist – Noble Prize

Abhijit Banerjee – Noble Prize

Abhijit Banerjee – Inspirational Economist – Noble Prize

Do what you love, Love what you do – Abhijit Banerjee quoted after winning the Noble Prize.
Winning the Prestigious Noble prize is one of the greatest achievements Abhijit Banerjee shares. In the year 2019, the news broke down for Banerjee with his wife and co-worker Michael Kremer receiving the noble Prize. They stand as the 6th power couple to share the Noble prize. The power couple was trending over the internet for their achievement.

What makes them be felicitated with Noble Prize? Their knowledge and research proved effective in Applied Economics. And the Noble cause to transform the world from poverty.

Abhijit Banerjee – Inspirational Economist – Research

The essence of their work is to make sure that the global fight against poverty is based on scientific evidence so that policymakers have a systematic way to understand which interventions work, which do not, and why.

By giving a test premise to improvement financial matters, Professor Banerjee and Duflo have transformed significantly and changed how governments and offices around the globe mediate to help individuals

All their research is based to make the world poverty-free. They focused on women as policy makers .They witness during their research the woman who become policymakers in India, become the mayors of their small groups of villages and found that in research powerfully growing places where a woman has become policymakers. They are becoming leaders in the future. They also see parents more willing to educate their daughters. And with an understanding of the study of economics the daughters, the young generation has become more ambitious.

Abhijit Banerjee – Research

Abhijit Banerjee – Inspirational Economist – Research

During their research in India, Abhijit Banerjee and his wife conducted the programme in Rajasthan where they gave a bag full of rice to mothers who vaccinated their child for polio. The programme proved to be super successful in improving the lives of the people and hiked the rate of immunization.

Various researches and experiments conducted by Abhijit Banerjee and his wife proved the effectiveness of government programmes.

Abhijit Banerjee – Inspirational Economist – Personal life

Abhijit Banerjee – Personal Life

Abhijit Banerjee – Inspirational Economist – Personal Life

Abhijit Banerjee is close to his family. He has one younger brother and shares a great bond with Mother and father. They showed immense love and pride during their interviews after they won the Noble Prize for the Power Couple. Banerjee was former married to lecturer of literature at MIT Dr. Arundhati Tuli Banerjee. The duo had son Kabir Banerjee who unfortunately died in a car accident in 2016.later in 2015, Abhijit Banerjee married his co-worker at MIT Ester Duflo. The power couple has two children. They share the same interest in the field of economics and work together for the better future of the world.

Abhijit Banerjee – Inspirational Economist – Books

Abhijit Banerjee has authored many articles related to his field of Study and books like Making Aid Work (2005), A Short History of Poverty Measurements (2019). Abhijit Banerjee has also co-authored with his wife Esther Duflo like Handbook of Field Experiments (2017), Volume 1 & 2. The power couple won the incredible Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year for a book called Good Economics for Hard Times (2019) its widely available for us to read, Must read! Banerjee’s Understanding Poverty (2006) is considered very important for the study of poverty. along with writing books and various articles he has directed two documentaries.

Abhijit Banerjee (Inspirational Economist) and his work contribute the knowledge to bear on the world’s great challenges and ways to face them. He inspires countries to work far more effectively on social conditions. In India, for some instances, he is considered as PM critic but he truly imparts his knowledge for a better future…

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