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Aabid Surti: A Inspiring man who saved 20 million litres of water alone in 12 years



Aabid Surti

In the world’s quest for perfection, it is rare for people to find their way into the abyss of imperfection. Mr. Aabid Surti, who won the national award with more than 80 books for him, is one such person, who started with a vision and is now known as the almost single man who saves more than 20 million gallons [20 million L] of water.

Aabid Surti was born into a Gujarati Muslim family on May 5, 1935, in Vavra, near Rajula, Gujarat, India, and was born Gulam Hussain and Sakina Begum. near Surat.

The family later moved to Bombay and spent his childhood in the Dongri area of Mumbai. His father was a fan of Sufism. Joined J. J. School of Art in 1954 received a Diploma in Art. He was greatly influenced by the writings of 20th-century Bengali novelist Shararat Chandra Chatterji.

In addition to being a writer in Hindi and Gujarati, he is also a scholar of Urdu. He began his career as a freelancer. In 1965, he married Masooma Begum; they have two sons from this marriage.

Aabid Surti

Aabid Surti

National award winner Aabid Surti has won acclaim for his many creative skills. The list of his creative achievements fits half of the twelve people (dozen) rather than one person.

Aabid Surti: A Water Warrior

Coming from a family with my members standing in line for hours, taking a little water, Aabid Surti understood the importance of water from childhood. As a result, it was devastating to see even a drop of a water spill. As he says, the sound of water leaks is always used. Meanwhile, he came across a newspaper article stating that: If one drop of water per second, a thousand gallons [1,000 L] of water is dropped per month.

The document struck him like a wall and he decided to make efforts to save water with any little effort. He thought of an easy start – Just go to the house, ring the bell, ask if there is a leaking faucet, fix and repair leaking taps. And this is how the Drop Dead Foundation was born.

The foundation mainly explores leaks in middle-class families, which can also be called “ghettos“, whose residents are too poor to pay for plumbing and care or simply careless. It is here that Surti and his foundation reach through the plumb line to repair the leak at no cost at all.

Over the past 10 years, the Drop Dead Foundation has visited more than 10,000 families and repaired more than 5,500 leaky taps thanks to more than 20 million gallons of water from pipe deaths.

Aabid Surti

Aabid Surti – Image Source Theweek

Drop Dead Foundation

Drop Dead Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in Mumbai to deal with minor plumbing problems such as leaking taps. A Drop Dead team consisting of three people – Mr. Aabid Surti, a plumber, and a volunteer, repairs leaks in apartments on Mira Road in the city, every Sunday.

While most people allowed Mr. Aabid Surti and his team to enter their premises to do their job, some closed the door saying they did not need help. In this way, Mr. Surti has saved 20 million gallons of water in 12 years, and that with one hand.

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84-year-old Man With Diverse Skills-

As a screenwriter, he has been linked to directors such as Raj Khosla and Raj Kapoor in film projects and as a playwright, he has written seven plays.

A world-class artist, he has hosted 16 exhibitions in India and abroad. In his early years, he invented a new process called the ‘mirror collage’ that won the Japanese over. In 1971, the Indian government sent a short film to show his creative work.

As a cartoonist, he made a lovely simpleton – Dabbuji. The original and popular cartoon thread was one of India’s fastest comedies, operating without a break for more than 30 years. The series’ series continues to delight millions in a variety of languages.

Aabid also created another character in the famous comic book, Bahadur, which won the title of the sect in the 1970s.

In 1993, the Indian government awarded him the national award. He lives in a quiet area of Mumbai and continues to explore painting, writing, and meditation.


We hope that this inspiring talent of Mr. Aabid Surti brings you a sense of responsibility concerning Water Conservancy. Saving our planet, getting people out of poverty, promoting economic growth – this is the same war.

We need to connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security, and women’s empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions to all.

Life depends on the water, but the dam and conservancy depend on you. Sustainability is not just about embracing new energy-saving technologies or turning to renewable energy sources. Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility on a daily basis.

It is about changing our behavior and mind to reduce energy and water consumption, thus helping to control pollution and pollution levels.

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