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The Indian migrant workers Struggle journey of 1232 KMs



Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers are important to our Indian economy and looking at their struggle, broken bodies, and tired eyes remind me of an oppressive system.

Hotstar is amazing these days and they are experimenting with a lot of content after the first sci-fi web series Ok Computer. Now they have come up with an amazing documentary series entitled 1232 KMs.

Disney + Hotstar has released a trailer for Vinod Kapri’s much-anticipated documentary on migrant workers who travelled for days to get home during coronavirus lockdown. The theme, 1232 KMs, focuses on seven migrant workers as they embark on their journey. Gulzar and Vishal Bhardwaj have teamed up to include their music in the film.

Kapri accompanied construction workers from Delhi to Bihar to witness the tragedy. He also reported that immigrant workers told him they had “no money”. The migrant workers said that if they had to die they would rather die on the road or in their respective villages.

The Theme of the Show

Kapri’s film – 1232 KMs will talk about the horrible tragedy, the origins of immigrants, and the unexpected kindness of strangers. After the announcement of the closure in India, immigrant workers were placed in the middle of unemployment due to the closure of businesses, and homeowners. Many decide to go home by street, often walking for hours.

Alternatively, the series was created by Vinod Kapri and is about immigrants and their struggles during the closure; this story focuses on immigrants from Bihar and will show how they travelled all 1232 KMs long from Delhi to Bihar during the closure.

The documentary trailer was released a few days back on the official Hotstar app and it was just a surprise, the trailer began to trend on social media and became a city talk shortly after its release. The song from the series “Marange Wahi Jakar” is so awesome and touching that it became viral and many of us understand it. Vinod Kapri is known for his amazing films like Pihu and his award-winning documentary series ‘Can’t Take This Shit Anymore’ in 2014.

Migrant Workers

Migrant Workers

1232 KMs shows the journey of seven migrant workers who were left with no provision for travel, food, and shelter during the closure and had to travel by bicycle from Ghaziabad to Saharsa, Bihar. The reader mentions the problems of immigrant workers as they are seen in trouble on the roads, highways, and borders of the State.

Vinod Kapri’s journey of immigrant workers will be documented in Hindi and English literature. The books will be published in April and May respectively. After the film released on March 24, the Indian government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ordered a nationwide 21-day jail term.

Earlier, sharing BTS photos of his trip, a journalist reported in a tweet: “I have just completed a difficult and unforgettable journey in my life that started in Ghaziabad to Saharsa, Bihar and covered a distance of 1232 KMs with seven migrant workers, cycling to reach their villages.”

The epidemic was the worst thing that could happen to humanity, especially to immigrants, workers, and even the poorest families. We can’t imagine where they went during the lock and COVID, Hotstar’s special documentary is about their story and the pain they went through.

The Global Response

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood and acclaimed chef Vikas Khanna responded to Vinod Kapri’s 1232 KMs documentary film, highlighting the work of migrant workers during nationwide incarceration last year. Commenting on the struggle of the migrant workers during the closing period and the Capri documentary film highlighting the same, he said: “It was very difficult for me to see the migrant workers who were forced to face such difficult times.

We must acknowledge the power of the will of all those who have faced such conditions and took that long journey from house to house. Vinod Kapri did an amazing job with the 1232 KMs and captured the voyage of seven immigrant workers. Also, kudos to Disney + Hotstar VIP for bringing the real story straight to the audience.

Many people do not understand how difficult it is to close a job for immigrant workers – people whose lives depend on daily wages. As the world plunged into a quagmire, they took over the workforce, which meant losing food and a place of refuge for them.

During this time they were struggling, the world again saw acts of kindness to those who did their best to help the needy. Vinod Kapri’s ‘1232 KMs’ has already taken these struggles and more stories of human kindness very well. It was certainly an issue that needed to be settled.

I hope that this will be a milestone in the work of Vinod Kapri and the documentary series will be a great success, this series is ready to be released from Hotstar in Hindi audio with English subtitles.

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