Oprah Winfrey’s Success Story (January 29th, 1954) – Motivational Story to Inspire

Oprah Winfrey’s Success Story (January 29th, 1954) – Motivational Story to Inspire

The woman is a Powerful word. Every woman is one of a kind. Every woman is embedded with Magic to inspire.

They say everyone needs to start from somewhere! The beginning to achieve your goals is now!

Oprah Winfrey is a phenomenal personality across the Globe, one of the most successful women. A true inspiration who inspires millions out there. Oprah Winfrey’s journey to becoming who she is today is equally inspirational. Readout her Journey, achievements form nothing to a global personality.

Oprah Winfrey humble beginnings

Oprah Winfrey was born in Kosciusko city of Mississippi State in the US on January 29th, 1954. Oprah’s legal name was Orpah, named after a figure from the Bible the word means “fawn”. Awkwardly for young Orpah, people struggled to pronounce her name often switching the R and P and so Orpah became Oprah.

Everything you believe is true for you” “Everything you believe is possible for you

These are the same lines she often used to hear while growing up in rural Mississippi and called as a Black girl. She struggled with all the racism. Which is still adjourning us to share the right for Equality. Oprah’s grandmother was a maid; that’s all ever she knew and expected the same from Oprah. Her grandmother’s only real expectation was with Oprah that one day she will grow up to become a fine maid who will work at white people’s home.

Oprah’s early years were spent in abject poverty. She shared her childhood with lots of people and as a child, she was raised by her Grandmother in the first six years. Oprah’s childhood was decently like any other black child in rural areas, wearing potato sacks as a dress. Her grandmother used to whip her often.

She was never allowed to have any emotions, wishes as a child. Oprah’s mother Vernita Lee was also a housemaid. Once after six-years, she visited her mother but she wasn’t allowed to enter the house because of skin colour. She used to sleep on the porch despite these hardships and the mockery that poverty brought her from her peers.

Oprah’s early rural life also planted the seed of one of her greatest passion. Her grandmother taught her to read even before she turned three. By the age of six, Oprah moved up north to Milwaukee with her mother. It was a fundamentally different environment and her mother’s parenting style was a drastic change; from that of her strict but encouraging grandmother. The ongoing poverty and an unstable family environment were challenging enough. Oprah had been the victim of psychological and sexual abuses by her extended family member.

She lived with this secret for the longest time, she was fearful of what if the secret comes out everyone is going to hate her. Being a Tv personality she thought as soon as the secret comes out she will look like a Shameful personality.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey reveals her traumatic experience of rape, In 2012 she confessed about her experience of constant episodes of sexual molestation. It turned out as the greatest relief for her, as she mentioned people who loved her! Loved her anyway.

We often hide, don’t confess the darkest part of our lives thinking people will judge us. We try to bury our trauma within ourselves. By doing so, we make ourselves feel depressed. This shouldn’t be the case, feel free to show darkness and let it pass. At the age of 14, Oprah became pregnant prematurely giving birth to a son who died shortly. After she gave birth to a child, she never even knew how this even happened to her. At the time when that child died, her father guided her saying “this is your second chance” “this is your opportunity to seize this moment and make something of your life

Lincoln High School in Milwaukee was the school where Oprah was enrolled to continue her education. She quickly distinguished herself with her hard work and obvious intelligence. She was placed in the Upward Bound program and soon received a transfer to a prestigious High School in an affluent neighbourhood. Oprah seemed to pick up the right track.

“You are responsible for your Life – Oprah Winfrey”

She realized this at a young age with her hardship and ever since she followed the same.

She was then sent to live with her father in Nashville & this time it was for good; like her maternal grandmother. However, her father proved to be a strict but encouraging guardian. Under his influence, Oprah’s natural tendency towards performing well in school took over. She soon found herself on the honour student list excelling in extracurriculars and by the time she graduated she had secured a scholarship using her excellent oratory skills.

Oprah’s running a very successful show for decades “The Orpah show” shares that,

“It doesn’t matter where you have come from, who you are! What has happened to you? What matters is NOW, This Moment, and your willingness to see this moment for what it is accept! Forgive the past… Take the responsibility and move forward”.

Starting from the bottom local news, it was during Oprah’s final year of high school that she got her first taste of working in media after winning a beauty pageant.

Young Oprah Winfrey

Young Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey Wins The Miss Black Tennessee Beauty Pageant

She secured part-time work as a news anchor. At the age of 17, she continued to anchor at WBAL. soon she was hired at WLAC TV where she was the youngest anchor in that station’s history as well as their first black anchor.

In her short life up to this point, she had already gone from potato sacks to breaking ground for women. After graduation, Oprah moved to Baltimore’s wjz-tv in 1976, after working a lot she did face difficulties and was replaced because of her skin colour.

Sometimes you got to take a step backwards to take two steps forward she was asked to join Richard share on the talk show “people are talking” in 1978. It was Oprah’s first foray into the format and it would forever change her life.

During her time on AM Chicago show that Oprah was approached to star in the film the colour purple producer and music legend Quincy Jones had seen around the program and thought that she would be a good fit for one of his projects.

It was Oprah’s film debut. despite her relative inexperience, Winfrey turned in a star-making performance; one that earned her an Academy Award nomination for best-supporting Actress. The film was a huge success both with critics and at the box office and Oprah star power significantly increased.

The Oprah Winfrey Show signed to a record-breaking syndication deal with King World and was being broadcast across the nation and just like that Oprah Winfrey became the top daytime talk-show host in the country.

For many that’d be enough! But part of what makes Oprah Winfrey such a force to be reckoned with and the reason that her brand has continued to expand is that she refuses to stop moving.

Hence 1986 Oprah founded her own production company Harpo Inc which she used as a place to produce stories she thought were worth telling. Media empires her as successful brand-driven Personality in the history of entertainment. Everything she does, whether its;

Oprah’s Book Club.
Oprah’s Favorite Thing O magazine
The Oprah Winfrey Network

Over the years Oprah has continuously found new ways to connect with her fans and the TV.

Her remarkable success is The Oprah Winfrey Show

Watching Oprah Winfrey

Watching Oprah Winfrey

The Oprah Winfrey Show ran from 1986 to 2011 during that time the show produced four thousand five hundred and sixty-one episodes.

It also took home 47 Daytime Emmys all before the year 2000 when Oprah opted to forego submitting the series for Emmy consideration TV Guide lists it among its 50 greatest TV shows of all time. Today it remains the single highest-rated daytime talk show in the history of American television after 25 seasons on the air.

You’d think that Oprah might want to retire but instead, 2011 was the year that she found an own her very own specialty television network. It got off to a bit of a slow start but by 2015 the channel was being broadcast into an estimated eighty-one point nine million households in America.

When Oprah faces adversity she adapts, overcomes and finds a way to succeed. She opened the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for girls.

Oprah Winfrey Academy

Oprah Winfrey Academy

By 2004 she ranked among the 50 most generous Americans. While accomplishing everything she has Oprah has also managed to give back in a major way. Flash forward to 2012 and she donated an estimated 400 million dollars to at occasional programs, scholarships, museums, disaster relief, following Hurricane Katrina Oprah has been directly involved with all of the above.

The future

Over the course of her career, Oprah has changed the face of popular media becoming an empowering icon for multiple generations in the process but she’s not finished yet.

“Each of us comes to this earth with a deep potential that earns to be fulfilled with a love to be set free we all crave connection we search for common ground.”

Oprah has recently announced her intention to produce original content for Apple and continues to expand her brand with new projects while she has publicly stated that she’s disinterested in politics she remains committed to changing the world through her philanthropic efforts.

“What I know is if we do our jobs right we’re going to replace shame and we’re going to replace stigma with wisdom, with some compassion, and with honesty”

The humblest of beginnings Oprah ascended to become one of the single most influential figures in entertainment.

The list of awards and her achievements is never-ending. isn’t it how women are UNSTOPPABLE!

7 Psychological Tricks that will Allow you to Make More Sales

7 Psychological Tricks that will Allow you to Make More Sales

The psychological tricks are the drills in sales. you can use psychological tricks to push your e-commerce or Store business. These psychological tricks for sales which I’m going to share with you are I have learned from the book a “psychology of persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini. some of the notes I have prepare which everyone should know while doing the business to increase your sales.

I understand in our fast-paced life we don’t get time to Read Books. This particular book is amazing to understand the psychological aspects involved in sales. I have marked 7 Important points for you to read here from the book. These are also known as principles of persuasion. Read this article to understand these principles.

I recommend you if really want to read a good book beneficial for your business. You must give a try reading

Psychology of persuasion


Psychological Tricks - Make More Sales

Psychological Tricks – Make More Sales

This article will help you to get the perspective on how to get people to say “yes” whether you’re selling online or if you have the sales process where you talk to people directly. There are seven
main principles of persuasion:

1. Reciprocity – Psychological Tricks

What does it mean?

we as humans, if someone gives us something we feel more obligated to kind. We want to give them something back. For example, if someone does you favor then you feel more inclined to do them a
favor. This attitude is a sense of personal satisfaction and definitely strengthens the bond between two-party. Similarly, we can implement it in your online store, or in your store business is just by giving the free gift with purchase.

For instance- if someone purchases from you. let’s say for like $30 or $100 then you can consider giving them a gift or a discount according to their purchase. Give them a gift with personalized notes.

Now with the technical advancements, during the online purchase, the gift items can be easily given to them.so as soon as someone puts one item in the cart then that second item free will be
automatically added to it.

Psychological Tricks - Shopify Gift On Order

Psychological Tricks – Shopify Gift On Order (Source – Shopify)

Check out the link for installation

This way you can utilize the Reciprocity principle to increase your average for the value you can use this to increase your conversion rate.

2. Commitment and Consistency – Psychological Tricks

With this trick here, you basically provide people the opportunity to try something before they buy or you give them to use. if they get used to the product then they’re more likely to buy. It directly affects buying decisions. you might be familiar, oftentimes these new companies that are selling mattresses they have a 100-day trial so you can use a mattress for 100 days, and then if you don’t like it then you can just return it.

Now this how they psychologically trick us When the product is the item of daily use people get habitual of it. So basically one of those things like the mattress when everything is consistent they get used to using the mattress and because of the habit of using it for 100 days a very small percentage of people will actually return their product.

Psychological Tricks - Flo Mattress (Source - Flomattress.com)

Psychological Tricks – Flo Mattress (Source – Flomattress.com)

Flo Mattress | 100 Night Trial & 10 Year Warranty | Free Shipping

Another Example; Warbay Parker

This is a huge company. They have grown very massively and acquired a lot of customers. Mainly because of their Customers’ trust they have been humongous. They allow people to try frames, glasses products for four or five days. They ship products to you. You can try them out and if you don’t like them you can simply ship them back and get your money back.

So yes it’s pretty much like you have no risk, as a customer’s psychology you get inclined thinking “We can return if we didn’t like it “ automatically you can trust to select expensive items also with zero risk Factor.

This is nothing but a way towards making sales, with the power of understanding the psychology for shopping.


Psychological Tricks – Warbay Parker (Source- Warbay Parker)

Home Try-On | Warby Parker

3. Liking – Psychological Tricks

The principle of liking is simple, Display your product as per your customers. You need to understand the right direction to gain benefits from your customer. It’s the psychological fact and works in every profession. People Spend time and only be interested in buying what they like. You can easily convert the prospective Customer into a customer if they like the product. Understanding the likings of your customers is very crucial.

The fundamental principle of liking as it pertains to the psychology of buying says we are more likely to say yes to a request or products if we feel the connection to the person making it.

Well, this is the main reason why brands hire celebrities to endorses their products or services.so that all the people can transfer their love for celebrities to the products or services they are endorsing. Almost every brand follows this strategy of consumer psychological behavior.

Here understand the liking of customers simply means use relevance! Display relatable products.

For example; you sell products for 60 plus women and using a 24-year model to make your advertisement look glamorous. It will surely look glam but your brand will fail to connect with your right customers.

4. Authority – Psychological Tricks

This very strong

When your brand induces something familiar to your customers it builds an image of your brands, such as a celebrity, industry experts, or even memory can create that effect. people will believe that your brand possesses the same qualities to said familiar entity.

They have established expertise in the space, and you can reap the benefits by an associate in your brand with authoritative figures, thus inheriting your own sense of authority.

People appear hard-wired to respond to authority(or appearance of the authority). How can you use this to sell?

Expert endorsement

You don’t need to have an expert on staff to establish authority for your business, products, services. A stamp of approval from an expert in your industry could provide just the authority you need to install customer confidence and persuade browsers to buy.

Do you remember? when Oprah endorsed weight? she was the one who had the first-hand experience with the products and the result.


Psychological Tricks – Weight Watchers (Source- Daily Mail)

Weight watchers as a Brand to grow its sales created a dedicated page on its website. Showcasing her success story with the brand. It helped Weight watchers to establish their authority on the topic.

In this way, you utilized those kinds of like big celebrities to create an audience’s trust for your business. It all might not deliver results like upfront on the first day. This is not a direct return on the investment but over time as you utilize those creatives it pays for itself over the time and also the devaluation of the brand grows significantly so if you are in a position to invest into something like this into the influencer that would be relatable for your audience and would add a lot of perceived value to your products then definitely go for it.

5. Social Proof – Psychological Tricks

Social proof is connected to the principle of liking: Because we are social creatures, we tend to be biased toward things other people already like, whether we know them or not.

Anything that shows the popularity of your site, page, business, or products can be psychological triggers.

One approach to using social proof is to provide a “best Sellers” or “Most Popular” page or tag for your products.

For example: whenever we order food using apps. we check the restaurants and see what they have in best-selling. As soon as it matches our likings we click to order. This is Direct social-psychological proof to increase sales.

6. Scarcity – Psychological Tricks

Now this one, you must have experienced this! personally I experience this all the time.

The principle of scarcity is the fear of missing out on the opportunity. This principle states that people are motivated by the thought that they might miss out on an opportunity.

Psychological Tricks - Give It To Me

Psychological Tricks – Give It To Me

Publicizing scarcity is not a full proof plan to do however, you need to give your audience adequate information how to act on the opportunity so that they don’t miss the chance.

You need to be very smart and precise while using this psychological trick. but no wonders this trick works like magic and we often get influence by this No? You don’t Trust me recall your first thought when you see “ Sale Ending Soon”

7. Unity or Community – Psychological Tricks

This is the seventh principle behind the psychology of selling from Robert Cialdini’s Pre-suasion.

The principle of unity is based on the idea of shared identities .your business and your customers may have shared ideas or values, but unity takes it a step further to identities or groups. identities are based upon those commonalities.

When you pertain the unity principle, you are identifying with the groups. Patagonia is a prime example of a brand that has done this. They not only identify themselves as lovers of the outdoors but activists who are fighting to preserve the outdoor. It gives the brand this kind of perception that this brands actually stands for something. There are other people who are also standing for something same so it connects you with other people and gives you that sense of community of unity.

Psychological Tricks - Patagonia

Psychological Tricks – Patagonia (Source – Forbes)

After 44 Years Patagonia Released Its First Commercial & It’s Not About Clothing

This is very powerful! because if community influence something is good for the community. Then it persuades it is good for you as well. Customers are most likely to stick to certain things.

Building a community of unity about the brand or your business gives psychological triggers to people in the same community to use or try the same products. This has encouraged groups of customers who share that identity to have a fierce loyalty to the brand.

Psychological Triggers - Psychological Tricks

Psychological Triggers – Psychological Tricks

I hope these psychological triggers will definitely help to grow your sales, to increase your conversion rates and your average of the values.

“The idea of potential loss plays a large role in human decision making. In fact, people seem to be more motivated by the thought of losing something than by the thought of gaining something of equal value.”
― Robert B. Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

Hashtags For Instagram in 2020

Hashtags For Instagram in 2020

Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Hashtag and Hashtags For Instagram!

Some videos on Instagram get so many likes and apart from a good picture one of the repeating things you will see is “Hashtags”. You should never underrate the importance of the simple Instagram hashtag.

Hashtags play an imperative role in multiplying our Instagram reach. You can use these hashtags for more likes and following on Instagram. The maximum hashtags you can use for a Post are 30 Hashtags. I recommend you use a minimum of 11 hashtags for each post. Don’t use hashtags inside your captions. Use hashtags at the bottom followed by hashtags. Accurate use of hashtags on Instagram can also help you gain followers on Instagram like magic.

Hashtags for Instagram

Hashtags for Instagram

Why Hashtags are important for Instagram?

The reality can be seen that “hashtags” are the secret sauce to success. The chief ingredient for your content to reach the masses. Instagram organizes posts pictures and videos around the specific theme that are similar. When we try to search for anything on Instagram we have only two options,

  1. Search the profile to reach what you looking for.
  2. Use the hashtag to explore; hence we can say that Instagram does have very limited search capabilities as a platform.

Hashtags are simply a way of bracketing discussions, conversations and photos of anything that you can post on a social network. Hashtags works on an algorithm. When we’re discussing a topic, usually there is a word or two that describes that topic the best. Those are the crucks of the content and it is also a keyword that clarifies the essence of your content.

There are a lot of people out there talking about the same things that we talk about online when we’re sharing things on Instagram. How do we filter or choose what we want to see on Instagram? The answer is simple, A search using hashtags. It directly shows you all the posts using the exact or similar hashtags. We can see the results majorly in two ways.

  1. Top posts using the same hashtags
  2. Recants posts using the same hashtags

The one sole way to reach people is only that somebody is going to find you if, they were told to reach you. But if you are using hashtags, it extends your ability to reach people. One of the elite ways to get found on Instagram and procure maximum eyeballs to your content is to make the right use of hashtags, which will allow you to be visible in various searches of your target audience. This definitely gets more people to find your content.

Using hashtags is also important because when we list our interests, our business description, etc. we usually try to keep that short and easy to read. But you can’t list every single interest, every single product, service, or offer.

Hence you can use the particular hashtag there in those descriptions, so when you are holding discussions and using a hashtag, you are injecting your thought or your photo/video you post it into a feed which opens up the opportunity to be seen by a lot of other people who have those same conversations. It is a way to broaden your reach using hashtags which are also used as keywords. Avoid overusing them but using it definitely helps.

Using hashtags allows new people to connect with you and you to connect with new people.

Here is the list of 10 Most Popular hashtags on Instagram for you to use and reach the masses.

Must Give a Try!

      1. #love Hashtags For Instagram: It is the most used hashtag on Instagram with 1.9 billion posts. #Love is the most used hashtag as you can mention or use this hashtag with your maximum posts without hesitation. other hashtags with maximum reach can be also used like





      2. #instagood Hashtags For Instagram: instagood is an extensively used hashtag. I recommend using on your every post. It is not that you should only be using it on your very best photos. #instagood also signifies that the user feels good about the post he/she sharing. It actually originated with an Instagram account named “instagood” which has all lively posts and interactions. #instagood is the 2nd most popular hashtag on Instagram with 1.2 billion posts. Other hashtags you can go for is:
        Hashtags for Instagram

        Hashtags for Instagram


        #insta #instadaily


      3. #fashion Hashtags For Instagram: Progressively Instagram users are enthused to buy clothing or to sell over social media. The social network is ascertaining itself as a rock-hard bet for fashion led brands. There are influencer and influencer marketing experts, liberating Instagram wherein fashion is one of the most common yet popular hashtags among fashion lovers as well as among brands. Using this hashtag is a straight away exposure to the right audience but you can also use other hashtags like


        #fashionstyle #fashioninsta


      4. #photooftheday Hashtags For Instagram & #photo Hashtags For Instagram: Businesses on Instagram (If you are new to the Instagram business account and want to learn Smart and easy way to grow your business click here ) can use this hashtag to inform followers that they intend to use the platform every day, attracting a dedicated readership. This hashtag has been used on Instagram 845 million times. 
      5. #beautiful Hashtags For Instagram: Here is a tag that can be used in a wide array of contents, ranging from nature animals, foods to fashion, travel, and photography all you need to do is just use #beautiful and use the next hashtag related to your content. For examples:






        #beautiful is the 6th most popular hashtag with 692 million posts.

      6. #art Hashtags For Instagram: when it’s done right, Instagram is a huge asset to your art business and for artists around the world. But starting a successful Instagram account is not easy for artists or the art business. It takes months to create the buzz. Certainly, it is most important for you to use the right hashtags. Hashtags wield fascinating powers, but to control these powers you need to use the correct hashtags. art is a very popular hashtag with 706 million posts. Try hashtags like

        Hashtags for Instagram

        Hashtags for Instagram




      7. #photography Hashtags For Instagram: Initially Instagram initiated as a photo-sharing platform. Instagram has made it pretty affluent for budding photographers to begin creating a portfolio. Indeed Instagram is a wing for photographers to make their work reach and fly everywhere.

        However, it can be difficult for yourself to stand out amid millions of pictures uploaded daily. Hashtagging can really help you boost your presence on Instagram and the photography world. It can surely get you noticed. Being used in 646 million posts, photography is one of the most popular hashtags used on Instagram. other than photography people also use:


        Hashtags for Instagram



      8. #happy Hashtags For Instagram: Happy is one of the trending Hashtag on Instagram with more than 600 million posts, it is one of the must use hashtags while posting. #happy is a way for you to share that happy, positive vibe with your audience. Related hashtags:



      9. #picoftheday Hashtags For Instagram: This hashtag is popular among widespread users. You can use this tag to let your followers know what you love doing more frequently. If you post every day, you should consider using picoftheday for your audience to know about your everyday updates. #picoftheday takes its spot in the top 10 trending Hashtags with 602 million posts. You can also try:



      10. #cute Hashtags For Instagram: Cute might sound like a plain word, but this is one of the most influential hashtags on Instagram. This is the most popular hashtag with 592 million posts. Also, you can use this hashtag by adding up your content’s keyword for example:




Hashtags for Instagram

Hashtags for Instagram

I hope this article helps you to understand why Hashtags For Instagram are important. Go ahead to use top 10 hashtags for your Instagram account.

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Here’s Everything Important you want to know about Event Management before Starting Your Career in 2020

Here’s Everything Important you want to know about Event Management before Starting Your Career in 2020

Event Management is a promising industry to be in; you need to clearly understand the scope in this field before you make a decision and pull the trigger but, let your worries take a backseat because we are here to assist you in your decision making we know you are too excited to learn about event management but hold that thought for a moment we will come back to that in a while but let us first set the right context for you. Every year, every month, every day, hundreds of events happen in the world around us, countless events in the form of

  • Weddings
  • Fashion shows
  • Music concerts
  • Corporate meetings
  • Digital conferences
  • Social gatherings
  • Political rallies
  • Award shows & etc

take place most of these events even today are unorganized as in they are not managed or executed by professionals owing to many factors like lack of even available companies professionals budget issues etc. but the rise in income levels our awareness having given away to more organized events these events are more organized professionally and executed to perfection now the question is who is responsible for making this event successful and grand the answer is event management professionals who are experts in Event Management, which leads us to the next question

What is Event Management?



In simple words, Event Management is the process of planning, designing, organizing, and executing
events. These events can be of various sizes types and scales. Event Management is analogous to directing a show because you have to take charge during the event and control every element of the event to make sure that the event concludes up successfully. In Event Management one needs to keep these aspects in mind that the client requirements work on timelines and deadlines. Selecting the right venue managing, different vendors, obtaining different permissions arranging other logistics Human Resource Management finalizing, speakers anchors and many more and the most important part is that one needs to work keeping the budget in mind yes that’s the most important aspect and above all an event manager must be street smart since you never know what part of the plan might go wrong so presence of mind is must in the industry blindly never hurts guys so is Event Management just a scale or is it even a not we call it both because even management is all about creating mesmerizing events that make a beautiful experience for everyone does Event Management sound exciting to you we hope it does. Check out a lot more in-depth about the Event Industry.

Description of the field of Event Management

Event Management Description

Event Management Description

Events managers and event planners are responsible for running, organizing, and planning all these events that you can think about all the Large scale events or small scale events the different types of events they could plan are any other event that needs someone to organize and coordinate to ensure that Everything runs the day of the event smoothly.

Other core responsibilities of the role could be meet with clients and understand their needs before coming up with ideas create proposals for events, developing advertisement ensuring all safety and health regulations staying on a budget, also making sure that all runs smoothly on the day of the event they oversee the removal of the event and the clearance of the venue, and also they have to research for some opportunities with new clients to create recent events, new business.

It is also fair to say that this career depends a lot on our networking and making contacts, knowing
the right people and Impacting client’s minds in such a way, every time they’re thinking about making an event or running something, they call you first, so maybe it could be even fair to say that this runs a lot on reputation and previous experiences working with you. If people have already done with you and they are recommending you to others, this is important. Hence knowing different people and learning a lot of people is important in this job.

Entry Qualifications for Event Management

Recently, an Event Management company seeks a bachelor’s degree. Usually, they ask for a bachelor’s degree in Hotel or catering management in marketing or business. These degrees aren’t a must but add a plus for you. Again, if you want to shift your career after completing these degrees, Event Management companies would welcome you with open arms.

Event Management Qualification

Event Management Qualification

Event Management companies have been going more towards a candidate with a degree because they prefer someone with training or education in some of these fields or at least one of them.

An added option could be getting a certificate in event planning. You can consider Event Management courses is focused on education and training about the event field, particularly. Various institutes and colleges provide placements; hence if you are looking forward to learning and start your career? You can begin with enrolling yourself.

I am sharing a list of Event Management Institute’s checkout.

The job in this industry in this field is more about you knowing the industry and knowing how to be organized and get some skills needed for working as an Events Manager. Sometimes employers are more interested in your skills and your personal qualities than just in your certificates or bachelor’s degree to be an Events Manager or planner. You can also be specialized in a particular field, e.g., Wedding planner.

The lifestyle of the Events Managers

We have to say that they work Extra Hours! They have performed more apart from the job they do during the week in the normal office hours. They also have to attend the events and make sure that Everything runs smoothly. The lifestyle of an Event manager is NO FIXED Hours. They have to work on events that are on late nights or late evenings, can be on the weekends.

Lifestyle of the Events Managers

The lifestyle of the Events Managers

For example, if you want to go to the wedding field. Clients always prefer weekends so that their attendees can attend their big day. If you and your event manager plan weddings. So another thing that you should know is that you are not going to work on one event. You’re probably going to be working and juggling different events and the preparation of an organization of these events and are overlapping. This is an everyday thing in the life of an event manager. They are working on multiple projects at the same time.

The other interesting thing about the Event Management field is where these Event managers work well; it’s like anything else. It’s not a fixed thing usually, event planners and event managers they tend to be around a lot. They’re not just improved on their desk and just working at their desk all the time. They probably have to meet clients, meet suppliers, do some presentation, and go around to meet other people. Coordinate stuff with them so you could expect that it’s not the typical desk job.

You also have to consider travelling if you are in an industry or field or a branch of Event Management or event planning that requires you to travel.

Let’s know about Money.

For a bit, I know that salaries are something that people consider a lot in the moment of choosing
the right career for them. Because let’s be honest, everyone wants to make a decent amount of money, at least. Still, the truth is that I cannot just tell you how much you’re can earn and how much these people earn because it depends so much on the city, the years of experience in the industry, the position that they’re working website from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and indeed salaries to understand the minimum and maximum salaries you can earn. To earn good salaries, some of the factors are important like,

  • You should have good communication skills to communicate well with clients and negotiate well with suppliers.
  • You should have the ability to coordinate with teams because sometimes you’re working on different projects or in different locations. It’s also really important to have strong organizational skills to complete all the small and big tasks for every event.
  • Event Managers’ skills are also really important to be empathic, positive, proactive, and energetic.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website, the projected percentage change in employment from 2018 to 2028 is 7%; this means that this is faster than the average scale. An increasing remote working trend also comes with expanding demand for meetings and conferences that bring everyone together. Although online communication is very important nowadays, face-to-face interaction is still a key factor in human interaction. People with experience in the hospitality industry or virtual meeting software and social media outlets should also have a really good advantage in the Event Management industry.

Events Managers Salaries

Events Managers Salaries

This industry includes multiple entry points in this field. It is also a really popular profession experiencing rapid growth. It has many global opportunities. The cool thing is that it has almost the same amount of females and males working in the industry.

Event Management Crew

Event Management Crew

Overall it is a really good field, and it’s fun to be part of this industry. Suppose you are an easy-going person who likes to explore the network and can work with fixed hours. This is The Event Management industry for you.

A Peek in History About Event Management upto 2020

A Peek in History About Event Management upto 2020

Events, the fancy word and we hear this word more often than we ever thought, In the early 90s the term “Event Management” was a Greek word for all us but we can’t say this anymore. Event Management, Events are now the word we all are familiar with. The literal meaning of the word Events is “Happenings”, and if we dig into it this is what it is! all our important ceremonies, parties, etc is nothing but the events of our life or we becoming the part of such events. Managing the “happenings” is nothing but Event management. What do events do? Be it a party, a meeting, or a promotional event, connect us with each other. It’s the gatherings of people who associate us with each other. Now with the technical enhancements, the Mode of these gatherings has changed drastically. We can trace the origin of Events since long ago! and it was always a part of our society. Which is still developing its ways and means of hosting or planning these events.

When some gathering involves large Numbers of people, specifications to host that events are challenging and not an easy cup of tea. We need other helping hands to do it for us. Then the “Experts” & “ Expertise” come in the Picture who know everything to pull those specifications and can manage a large number of people.

Let’s us see how it all actually started,

This brief history of event management Comparing then & Now.

The Progression of Event Management

The ancient events and gatherings we conducted to encourage peace and friendship between different tribes and races. The first ever event planner was Cleopatra.

Cleopatra’s Event Management

Cleopatra’s Event Management

She hosted elaborated over the top assemblies or reunions in pursuit of lovers. Cleopatra planned her entry in one of the assemblies by coasting down the Nile River on a decorative boat filled with candles, perfume and flower only to impress Mark Anthony(all our hassle to make an entry in weddings starts from here). Cleopatra’s events wouldn’t have had been manageable without her servants and free labor. Mode of Communication were very few back then. Messages and invitations were hand-delivered and it would take weeks or months to deliver them.

Extravagant Events and parties were experienced by the Medieval French Royalty. Rich aristocratic women were given the charge of event management to throw Parties and plan assemblies. The most renowned was Madame Pompadour, the mistress to King Louis XV of France and Marie Antoine. The gatherings were generally with lavish costumes and popular upscale musicians of the day.

With the Industrial Revolution, the demand for meetings and events developed and it magnified beyond assemblies for the rich and royal. The industrialization has given a strong and boasted economy which increased manufacturing and businesses on a large scale. Gathering people to launch products, discuss or create awareness became a necessity. It became compulsory for Individuals to set up meetings and events in a way to collaborate and develop their businesses. People made more money and reputation, which meant that they could lay out more on hosting events. This expansion also created the need for individuals to maintain their brand reputation. The enlargement of transportation and public facilities provided choices to upsurge the number of events and meetings. The modern day modes of transport like trains and buses helped people travel to and from events This development opened the doors for everyone to be part of gatherings and events on large scale. No longer assemblies, events, or gatherings were only for wealthy & Royal people.

The launch of mobile phones and the internet brought a massive change in event planning. It totally eases the process of communication, earlier what it used to take months or weeks to convey the invitation or message now can happen at any point of the day from anywhere in the world. Anybody can create, find, register, and can document an event by using these devices.

Then vs Now


Then: Prior to the 1990s and 2000s, event organizers were forced to manage registration processes in writing and all the important documents or invitations were physically mailed. It used to take days to reach the proper place and the chances were very high for the documents or invitations to be lost during transit.

Now: Documents or invitation can be emailed by just a few clicks instantly and registration forms, feedbacks can be filled out online.

Location Search

Then: When we had no internet, attendees had to go searching the exact location of the event venue on a physical map. It was a very tedious task and sometimes painful as there were no real time updates or travel time tracker.

Now: We simply need to type an address or the name of the venue where we are supposed to go into Google Maps to easily receive turn by turn directions. Reaching the venue is much easier. We can even obtain a new route if we get mislaid or made a wrong turn. Reaching to events is much simpler and easy. No wonder why and how events attract a large number of audiences.


Then: Earlier, If you wished to see who all would be attending the event. You’d have to place a telephone call to check with your friends or ask them in person. Also there were times we had no clue about the Number attendees going to be until unless they acutely come and meet. Imagine you send invitations to 10,000 people and Attendees turned only 1000. What a waste!

Now: Via social media and event organization websites or etc, we can estimate Expected attendees virtually; who is interested in or attending an event. This has made it much easy and effective to plan accordingly.

Advertising and Finding Events

Then: Life without the internet, we used to only come to know about an Event Via flyers, posters, and word-of-mouth. The awareness generated about an event was Limited and Reach was restricted.

Now: People can quest for events as per their interest utilizing websites, different digital platforms, and listing of events on Goggle. We can simply type in our location and a list of events appear in seconds and honestly we may not have even know if these events existed!

The most significant shift technology has presented is the accessibility for an individual or arrangement to have more control over event management. Digital tools and websites allow people to build online advertisements for events with user-friendly formats that are polished and look professional, these are very easy to Understand. Ticket sales and registration can manage in one spot. In the fast-paced world of the internet, we all struggle with limitation of time Wherein we all want easy reach and maximum Output.

It is interesting to know we think event management is a product of the Modern world but history shows a completely different story. Do you know all the meetings during World Wars was well planned and was managed by a group of experts! Even the Olympics and other classic Events had the Group of experts doing their jobs.

Event Management Now

Event Management Now

Event Manager is a Real Job since forever.

3,000 Years of Great Business History

The business history is ever reshaping and some elementary changes are happening in businesses around the world. The organizations that forecast and adapt to these overwhelming shifts will hold the best possible probability to succeed in this era.

So what really will the new age organizations look like?

Let’s take a look going back 3,000 years in history and take a quick sneak peek in the history of the business. To understand the change like a place over time, let’s remind ourselves by going to the eighth century BC in India. The first organizations were called shreni. They were the first businesses that could autonomously enter into business contracts or own property, and it also meant they could sue and be sued.

Sometimes certain things in business would never change. By 960 AD, China’s Song dynasty saw the arrival of gunpowder, printing presses, the first paper money, and one of the first partnerships and joint-stock companies that look like our own modern-day capital structures.

Things were growing exponentially. At the beginning of 1500 AD, firms that were supported by the government, like the Dutch East India Company and British East India Company, started developing global trading giants, floating stocks and bonds on new exchanges as their goods sailed around the world. Tea trade, their biggest money-making product alone, had powered reshaping of the world map.

Almost in the 1790s, the Industrial Revolution was underway. With all that tea to brew, the firms like Wedgwood had identified different ways to standardize processes once done by hand. The transition was evident in various aspects of the business. The artisans who were making one whole teapot at a time had moved their focus on making parts of it.

The companies made the pot, and it was not just 1 individual’s job. Lots and lots of banks were created. For the branding and promotion that they had to market them into an emerging strain of customers.

The companies were altered continuously with a brand new age emerging about every 50 decades. With positions of midsize supervisors growing nearly as fast as the monitors themselves.

From the year 1870, as these ancient superhighways reduced the costs of moving products and information, there were new kinds of businesses, founder-led trusts, emerged, spawning monopolies in numerous businesses the flourishing had a bit breaking. With trusts outlawed from the 1920s, these founder-led companies were replaced by professionally managed businesses, owned by retail investors and operated by strong executives.

Management became a real career. And from the 1960s, these supervisors were conducting a rapidly expanding world of sprawling conglomerates.

With the chaos of the 1970s came a fresh way of thinking. New thoughts were welcomed, people believed that bell-bottoms pants style looked really great. But they also wished to unlock the value trapped in businesses by making certain managers and investors share the very same vision & interests.

Additionally, it made a focus on short term gains that remain an issue, which brings us to this date. But, if you are an executive now, you do not need numbers to inform you that a new generation is starting again since you are feeling it.

Nobody can say for sure. However, at Bainwe think some trends are apparent. Technology enables businesses to reach scale and keep customer familiarity.

Power of controlling the business will shift from specialist supervisors to the specialists who deliver to all those clients. The business owns only those resources critical to their assignment and relies on outside ecosystems to deal with the rest. Investors will not only invest in businesses, and they will also invest in jobs. And each business will have two motors, the one that forces the current profits, and also the one which is going to create the gains of tomorrow. It’s the dawn of a new age.

Is the business prepared to be a company of their future?

India Unlock 5.0 Guidelines – List of things Permitted

India Unlock 5.0 Guidelines – List of things Permitted

Unlock 5.0 is here! As the fight against Covid-19 continues, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) announces Unlock 5.0 guidelines to be implemented in the nation starting October 1, 2020.

Unlock 5.0 brings many relaxations as compared to the previous Unlock 4. This will ease the everyday life of Indian citizens. There are many new things which are opening up in this unlock process and few still restricted. Here is the list of things which are allowed, followed by things which will still take time to resume.

However, the activities permitted are only outside the contamination zone.

These new set of guidelines under Unlock 5.0 have been developed basis the feedback and in consultation with the states & UTs.

The list of activities permitted during Unlock 5.0 in non-contaminant zones are:

  1. Cinemas/theatres/multiplexes will be allowed to resume service with only 50% seating capacity, for which the SOP will be issued by the Information & Broadcasting Ministry.
  2. Swimming pools used for training of sportspersons to re-open from 15th October for which the SOP will be issued by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports (MoYA&S)
  3. Business to Business Expos receives permission to open from 15th October. The SOP for this will be provided by the Department of Commerce
  4. Entertainment parks and similar places will be permitted to re-open by following the SOP that will be issued by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW)
  5. Online/distance learning to continue as a preferred mode of teaching and will be encouraged
  6. For the re-opening of Schools/colleges/coaching institutes, the State & UT Governments will be given the flexibility to decide after 15th October 2020 in a graded manner
  7. The decision should be taken in consultation with the respective schools’ management, based on their assessment of the situation, and subject to the following condition
  8. Students may attend school only with the written consent of parents. Attendance must not be made mandatory and should depend entirely on parental consent.
  9. The State Government/UTs will have to prepare their own SOP for health and safety precautions to reopen Schools/Colleges based on the SOP to be issued by Department of School Education and Literacy (DoSEL), Ministry of Education, Government of India, keeping local needs in view
  10. Schools which choose to open/ allowed to open will have to mandatorily follow the SOP issued by Education departments of State Governments/UTs
  11. Social/ academic/ sports/ entertainment/ cultural/ religious/ political functions and other gatherings had already received the permission with a ceiling limit of 100 persons, in non-contaminant zones from 21st September.
  12. In Unlock 5, the States/UTs have been given the flexibility to allow gatherings beyond the previous limit of 100 persons outside the contaminant zones after 15th October 2020
  13. The conditions to be followed for a larger gathering are:
    1. Maximum of 50% of hall seating capacity will be allowed in a closed space. A ceiling limit of only 200 persons is allowed for such a gathering. 
    2. All mandatory protocols need to be followed like wearing of face masks, maintaining social distance, having a provision of thermal scanner onsite, and use of sanitizer
    3. In open spaces, keeping the ground size/ space in mind, the audience capacity needs to be defined. Mandatory wearing of Face masks, keeping a thermal scanner and use of sanitizer 
  14. To maintain safety and to ensure such gatherings where the virus doesn’t spread, the States/UT government will issue a detailed SOP to regulate such events.
  15. No restrictions on Interstate / Intrastate travel, for goods and people. It doesn’t require any documents or special permissions
  16. International air travel is allowed only if the MHA permits

Lockdown shall continue till 31st October in the Containment zones. Containment zones need to be demarcated by District level authorities. Only essential activities will be allowed in the Containment Zone, strict measures will be enforced in the Containment zones.

The MHA urges vulnerable persons like the person above 65 years of age, pregnant women, and children below 10 years of age to stay at home and avoid going out for any non-essential requirements.

While some businesses are yet affected due to the lockdown; with these new relaxations, few businesses will be relieved. They can now start generating revenue and create more employment. 

The Maharashtra Government has not completely implemented the relaxations of Unlock 5.0 in the state. Public gatherings, schools, theatres will still have to wait till 31st October in Maharashtra for further update.

India Unlock 5.0 Guidelines - List of things Permitted

India Unlock 5.0 Guidelines – List of things Permitted

The hope for a complete unlock still banks on an effective cure to COVID-19. Until then, take benefits of the Unlock 5 guidelines and Stay Safe.

Instagram DM – Smart and Easy way to Grow your Business

Instagram DM – Smart and Easy way to Grow your Business

Instagram is a great platform when it comes to selling your products. No! I am not asking you to download any tools to do so. You are already using this feature of Instagram but not to the fullest. Utilizing this ( Instagram DM ) feature will grow your business and can give you results like Magic. You must be wondering, like how? Isn’t it! Instagram is just a platform to share pictures, selfies, and sharing your coffee videos.

My friend, you are underestimating the potential Instagram holds. According to the Instagram business website, 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram. Entrepreneurs are making sales from Instagram. Suppose you are a complete beginner to Instagram and want to know how to promote your business on Instagram. I’m going to tell you how to use Instagram’s basic features to increase your online visibility and generate more business, more leads, and hopefully make more money — not convinced? Check out this article.

Sell your products and services using Instagram’s Direct messages, also called as the “DMs.” The Instagram DM

Instagram DM

Instagram DM

We often forget to leverage DMs simply put; it is Instagram’s private messaging feature; this allows you to connect with prospective customers or clients virtually. So, if you want to connect and sell your products or services with someone virtually, this is a direct reach for your offerings. Did you know? There are six forms (approach) of direct messages which you can use.

  1. Text Message
  2. Pictures from your camera roll
  3. You can Snap the picture to send in their way
  4. Video from camera roll
  5. Create a group Chat and maintain it in one thread
  6. Newest of all the types of DMs are voice notes

How do you use these wonderful types of DMs to sell your products and services on Instagram? Well, Instagram DMs help your business to grow in five main ways.

Awareness, Leads, Sales, Brand loyalty, and connections.


How can we make our presence felt on the huge Instagram platform? The tip for this one is to go onto your ‘Explore‘ page, look at the content that Instagram has organized for you. Generally, this is created with interactions based on your activity. When you see the stories and posts related to your business, it can be a people you want to collaborate with or people you wish to sell your products or services.

Go ahead and view those stories; if they seem like a great person to connect with, reply to their story or post. That’s how you get connected to someone new through DM. Now you have a DM thread with a new person who’s just discovered you.


Generating Leads is a tough task; people hardly give you their time or attention. Especially when it is up there on an Instagram story or feed, they’ll move to the next story! Phew, I know how it feels. Well, my best tip is to DM the people who are commenting on your posts. Take up a notch. A person commenting on the post of your product or services can also be interested in buying it! Who knows?

Instagram DM Leads

Instagram DM Leads

  • Why not send a DM to that person who took the time to comment on a private message?
  • You can thank them for commenting,
  • This will create a DM thread between the two of you. It can be a lead for you.

Another simple way to create a lead using your DM is “Run an Instagram Story Poll.” Give your audience options to pick. So, depending on their answer to your poll, you can start a DM thread with them and ask them more questions about why they picked that option as their answer. This is nothing but just a way to create a conversation to understand their needs, demand, what they are looking for, etc. This is a direct opportunity to answer them with your Products or services. Once you generate leads using DMs, the next comes in the picture is Sales.


Selling needs lots of patience and time. One way to get through this is “Never Give up.” Push your products or services softly to your leads. Send them the number of links in the direct messages. Once they know you and your brand, they can’t ignore you. Do not forget to put that one link in your bio. Push your link in stories; if you have many followers’ chances are high for them to check out your offerings.

Instagram DM Sales

Instagram DM Sales

Let’s be more realistic; most of the business owners don’t have many followers. Hence, I suggest; the best way is to send your offerings’ Link via DM to your followers. The link can consist of a call booking link, page link, checkout link, etc. Anything that can convert the lead into sales.


We should provide good customer support services to maintain the loyalty of our clients or customers. The customer support service generally works over the emails, phone calls, or in person. How do we build loyalty over Instagram? Isn’t it new from the regular norms! But I challenge you; you will impress your clients or customers by building loyalty on Instagram by offering private customer support in a direct message thread.

Instagram DM Loyalty

Instagram DM Loyalty

With a simple tactic, “Close friend” filtering feature on Instagram. Add your valuable client or costumers in this feature to share different stories, offers, etc. for them. This gives the feeling of being treated special, different from others; they feel more considerate and valued. There you go; by doing this, they feel closer to your brand, and sustaining them is easy.


Lastly, connections. We already make connections by exchanging DMs with them. Do not forget to create DM threads with peers in your industry. Instagram is the world’s number one social media platform, and people love to spend more time on Instagram compared to other social media platforms. They are active in to reply DMs, don’t lose this opportunity. Build and maintain a connection with industry peers. Create a group of peers in your industry into one group thread. Such groups can discuss business, upcoming trends, good partnership deals, etc. this can help you grow your business and understand the industry better.

Instagram DM Connections

Instagram DM Connections

Think about Utilizing your Instagram DM in such a way to position yourself as a thought leader and a great connector in your industry. I bet this is the easiest way to grow your business on Instagram.


How to Deal with Office Politics Right Way in 2020

How to Deal with Office Politics Right Way in 2020

We all Face Office Politics at some point in our career. We agree, or we don’t, but it does exist in the system. Office politics is something that comes our way invariably; no matter which position you hold. Every problem has a solution; I bring you the solutions to deal with it. Why it is important to deal with office politics? the answer is simple; it shouldn’t hamper your growth, work-life balance, or peace of mind.

Well, is there away? How do you think? There is some magic mantra to deal with Office politics. Let’s go ahead and discover if there is any magic key to solve office politics.

Okay, what is the first thing you think you should know when you get into an organization?

How Political your Workplace is ?

There is hardly a way to know about politics at your workplace before joining the organization. It would help if you stepped into your office first and with the time you spend, you’ll experience/encounter the office politics. It is difficult to claim existing politics when the environment is very new, or you’ve just joined. It would help if you observed all around right, so spend your time observing the office environment.

Sometimes with the pressure of being a new joinee, it is possible that the existing colleagues may not gel immediately with you, and you may make wrong judgments. There are high chances for the failure of your first impression of others on day one. Give yourself and others time! Before coming to any conclusion. Gradually with time, you will understand how much your work is affected by office politics. Analyze the work ethics, the criteria on your workplace functions.

Analyze the Organization Chart

Analyze your organization’s chart to know which person is up in the hierarchy and what kind of people are they or what is their relationship with their seniors? What is the relationship with their juniors? How your colleagues or your co-mates gel with your seniors or other associates? What is it that is going on around? Answers to all of this can come only through observation and analyzing the organizational chart.

Analyse the Hierarchy Organization Chart

Analyse the Hierarchy Organization Chart

Everything won’t be overtly visible to you at first but with time try to find your place in the organization. Most importantly focus on your work, everything else is secondary.

Understand the Informal Network

If you must survive the office politics, word of caution!!! There is no way out. You will have to understand the existing informal Network. Make sure any informal network doesn’t hamper your work or your performance. Use your interpersonal skills to bond with your teammates. Keep a positive approach. While doing so, you directly eliminate the chances of being part in any office politics. Always say what you mean and reflect the same with your actions.

Understand the Informal Network

Understand the Informal Network

We can’t deny the fact that your relationship with your colleagues also plays a particularly important role in your growth in your organization. For example, your colleague is aware of the efforts you put in to achieve your goals, the amount of hard work you put into pulling that assignment will always pick you up in his/her team.

Always reflect your passion in your work; this is the only way to avoid being part of any politics and grow positively. Understanding the informal Network will make you aware of what you need to talk to which person so that whatever you speak is not kind of manipulated and carried forward in the wrong spirit.

Build Connections

Building connections works a lot. This real kind describes the corporate sector the best. They say “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer” well that is true. This works like your success mantra in office politics. Being prepared with upcoming questions or responsibility make you feel less pressured.

Always a better way to deal with office politics is having appropriate connections with your teammates so the work atmosphere is a lot more positive and you can focus on your work easily. Do not forget to look for warning signs. Well, all of this makes it sound as if you’ve not entered the office to work or only to observe but being mindful of your environment helps you mentally.


Stop Playing Start Working

Stop Playing Start Working

I am sure there must be some reason for you to read this article. I understand office politics is not healthy and affects the work environment. It affects your productivity and damages you mentally. The game-changer for this Politics is nothing but your work Performance. Prove yourself time and again with your performance. Gradually office politics, underestimating colleagues lose their space with the confidence you bring on the table. Be conscious about the environment but don’t let it affect you. Increase your productivity focus to grow rest all is secondary.

Check out our article. Increase Your Productivity with these easy tips in 2020.